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The video work on this is not up to par, same time as the last clip, this should be the last of the lousy filming though it is still better than most other sites I’ve seen

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run time 43 minutes and 30 seconds

It is time for Je to do the escape challenge in the restraint chair and like everyone else she fails, though she puts on a very entertaining show and even gets her legs out and a foot out of the boot! Since she fails it is time to hogtie her. Her mouth is stuffed full and she gets vetwrap as a tight cleave. Later more vetwrap is added over the mouth and finally black vetwrap over that. Her eyes tear up and she is concentrating on breathing and totally forgets about those nipple clamps.

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Please note, The filming on this is not up to par, it has been discussed and isn’t happening anymore

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run time 40 minutes

A man has hired a woman to try on some of his metal cuffs while wearing tight shiny pants, black pantyhose and a sheer blouse. For some of the time she is wearing her Loubs. She is first cuffed in front and with leg irons and wanders around in those heels. Then she gets on the bed and struggles around after he attaches a spreader bar to her wrists and ankles. After a bit she gets up on her knees and he cuffs her behind the back and pulls her arms up and attaches them to a rope above the bed. Then she walks with hinged cuffs on the ankles and cuffed behind the back. Then the spreader bar goes in her ankles for a bit before things go slightly wrong and the irish8s won’t go on her ankles in an appropriate way. They are painfully tight and down right dangerous and there isn’t an in-between size so big ones go on the ankles and tiny ones on the wrists in front for a little bit before it all comes to an end.

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not a member here and want to own this clip buy it from Rachel Adams Fantasies


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run time 19 minutes

Rachel and JJ are working their day job, already dressed to make lots of money at their night job. A coworker brings them a bin of handcuffs and metal bondage equipment and tells them it needs to be inventoried before morning but the girls can’t help but dive into the box to have some fun together. They play around with the cuffs and take some photos and then they get themselves hogcuffed. They leave two keys on the floor and then try to get to them to release themselves but before they  can their jerk coworker comes in and see them playing with their work and grabs the keys and leaves them on the floor helpless.

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I’m not ignoring anyone intentionally. Time is just flying by too quickly with soooo many things happening that are not related to my website (sigh) so I’ve been avoiding emails. Today I am shooting Rachel Adams for the first time in a while.

Friday next week I’ll be shooting Je C and Karin Sin at a place with an awesome outdoor location.

Jayda Blayze/ previously Purple Jade may show up as well. This property also has a cool dungeon.

Next week I’ll be able to shoot customs with me ex Tony/ gotcuffs who is now here. I am feeling strong and ready to make some interesting content!!

I also hope to shoot Cherry Busom/ Lushes LaMoan and Chanelle next week or the week after.

I will probably not respond to messages today because of time issues but I will tomorrow and Sunday.





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This was a custom for Rachel

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run time almost 37 minutes

Ms Rachel Adams is in big trouble. She complies with an arresting officer looking fabulous in shiny disco jeans. She is taken to jail and put in a lock box, waist chain, tubes and tiny leg irons so she can barely shuffle her feet. After a while it is time to get her into her new uniform and take her to the bedroom (prison fantasy time). She gets strapped into the orange straitjacket very tightly in matching pants. Those same leg irons go back on her and a ballgag goes in her mouth with microfoam tape wrapped around it. Then she spends an excruciatingly long time struggling on and around that big bed in her bindings.

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to be continued in the men in bondage section of this website

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run time 11 minutes and 43 seconds

Someone very bad, Lillith ( aka JJ Plush) has her ropes wrapped around Wonder Fresh. Once her ropes touch her victims they are basically  rendered useless. Wonder  Fresh ends up tied to a chair with a big white ballgag in her mouth.

continued in the men in bondage area of this website, I know some of you don’t want to see men tied so you’ve gotta actually click on it  to see it


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Bad guy is Lew from Bound and gagged in Detroit

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21 minutes and 52 seconds

A woman is making a video for her popular unboxing youtube channel. A man that really hates her type has been stalking her and has come to put her in her place. She tries to assure him that she isn’t actually rich and that it is all an act, the car she drives online is just rented for video shoots, but the man isn’t buying it or he just doesn’t care.  She isn’t getting her way. He scares her into submission with a weapon. He binds her elbows first and then he makes her bring a chair over and tells her to sit down.  He stuffs her mouth with satin panties and wraps her head and then has her get on the floor where he hogties her.

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I have been shooting what seems like nonstop with Freshie, mostly with absolutely no help with anything so I’m a little overworked and under rested and wishing I had booked a helper. Today Eric will help, so yay. Then I got news that the someone I was extremely close to passed away.

I took some time yesterday to put my thoughts down because I had been shooting the past few days and just breaking down in tears for a few minutes here and there. I felt like I needed to get it all out so I could keep plugging along… so if anyone would like to read about that check out the message below. Some of you guys from the girdle get togethers or all the yahoo groups will remember him.

Today Freshie and I are being all done up by a pro and shooting more trade content. We will also shoot more tomorrow or Friday. Saturday I’m going to the funeral and throwing a going away get together for the people that gave me my incredible dog. They are moving to Montana. I’m overwhelmed doing that without a partner in crime to help prepare the house and Freshie also leaves town that day, plus I need to get you guys a lot of edits and plan for the customs with my ex next week.

I do have lots of content to post I promise!

I also see lots of emails to read. They aren’t lost and I’m not ignoring you.

Also I think I  have a good idea to get more interactive with you all, more on that next week when I have time to breathe.

I’m taking a walk down memory lane today. Someone I love dearly had a heart attack cutting the grass and never regained consciousness. I met him in 2007 via a girdle yahoo group that did an interview with me. He wrote and wanted to meet at a local vintage shop that I had never visited, VMale vintage. He wanted to buy me a white llpg, his favorite. He told me to bring a friend. I brought two friends, Eric Cain and Pale Goth Goddess. I met and befriended the store manager Kim that day. Kim later came to work for me when I had justfigures. She was young and lovely and not a drug user and she dropped dead 2 years ago this time of year while she was still working for me. After my physical health issues, husbands trespasses and her untimely death, I was utterly broken and threw in the towel on justfigures.  Anyway that night we also went to Mexican food. Fred quickly became like family and Pale Goth Goddess, Serene, Dixie, Crystal, Cherry Buson/ Lushes LaMoan to name a few all went to his home for girdle parties. He showered us with his girdle collection from thrift stores. In the beginning I still had my respectable career and did girdle photos and some bondage clips on the side. He was chivalrous and drove me to fetish events and burlesque shows and picked me up from my job for lunch because he worked nearby. We hit up all of the salvation army’s diving for treasures. I felt like I’d known him for lifetimes. His wife had urged him to reach out to me. He thought that she was open minded but he did not know she was a lesbian and in love with someone from work and about to leave him freeing up a good portion of his time. Much later we had that in common, both having unknowingly married charlatans that were more attracted to the same sex that had always planned on leaving. He was so thoughtful and wildly disciplined when it came to saving money and being organized. He expertly prepared for old age which he never reached but also did not want to reach because he did not want to be cared for. He wanted to do the caring.  Everyone called him frugal Fred. He wore that nickname like a badge of honor. He had a budget and planned things down to the second. I loved to get his wheels spinning and to take him away from his engineer man schedule. I would change things up on him last minute to stir the pot. He loved me for it. I met Tony /gotcuffs and he met his woman Cheryl. Girdle parties stopped happening and nights out came to a halt as life changed and we aged. Cheryl was far more accepting of me than most women in her position would be and I was happy that he had found a life partner. They seemed very well matched. Fred was there for me when I left my vanilla life and my friends and family abandoned me for it, he did not. He urged me to pursue bondage although his love was of vintage lingerie and not bondage. He always reassured me when I thought I had made a grave mistake. As far as I know he was even the first one to introduce the DID industry to electricians bundling tape. He bought a ton of it at a flea market and said this won’t ruin clothes or hurt the skin like duct tape but it has a similar look. I got countless emails asking about this tape. It was quickly used to wrap the heads of hundreds of damsels. He was always looking out for others. He was skilled at making booze which he created in a beautiful lab he made in his basement out of vintage glassware. He loved to share his creations. He was also talented at making fireworks and so good to his grown kids. He was handy, resourceful and reliable though his driving scared me and he could not figure out the door at my bank building ever in all of his years of visiting which always made me giggle. He had exquisite taste in antiques and artwork. He was a real renaissance man. He added so much to my life and taught me so much. We had countless deep and open conversations while sharing a joint in my old kitchen. He helped me move and he would have helped me move bodies. He gave me two of the most discussed things in my current home, the over the top statue in my little foyer and a carved wooden sculpture that is basically the centerpiece of my living room. A few years back I went to his 60th birthday party. I was expecting a small shin dig but his home and yard were overflowing with people from all walks of his life, the brewers club, the ski club, the club that did fireworks, his engineer friends, his family, flea market vendors. People gloated about him the way I am right now. He always said that he was so lucky to know me but I made sure to tell him that it was truly the other way around… That brilliant eccentric little man was loved by everyone that got a chance to know him. I’m a better person because he was such a good person. I’ll take all the bad Ive lived through for glimpses at genuine souls like his. We had a unique connection. I love unique connections. I’ll miss him until the day I die. RIP Fred ♥️

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This was a custom video. Tony will be back next week if anyone wants a custom like this or with him in it

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run time 31 minutes

A woman is in the cell in a huge uniform for a bit. A guard enters and searches her inappropriately. He cuffs her behind the back and puts leg irons on her. She is a teacher and in jail for a DUI. The guard keeps insisting she is in for having sex with her students which is totally untrue.
She is brought to the common area and told to put on a different two piece uniform, socks and sandals. She is then cuffed with the black box, belly chain, leg irons with connector chain and a spit mask is applied. She is taken to the prison van and driven away. Once at the new place she has to pace around and is searched yet again. Then she has to change into yet another uniform and moved to a restraint chair where she is grilled about why she is in jail. The guard won’t stop insisting that she was into her students… Then she is cuffed and put into a cell and left
there.  There are plenty of close up shots in this, I guess I just didn’t do a great job choosing preview photos.
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run time 26 minutes

Over the years people have asked me a lot of questions. Here are some of the most popular ones compiled by ILRB and Cesar who runs the BTBB fan social media accounts out of the goodness of his own heart because I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to advertising the last few years. ILRB had tied my elbows, wrists, ankles, knees prior to the camera starting and then the questions begin. I had already been tied for DID clips with friends before these questions so I was already a bit ropey dopey. This was candid and I’m nervous and a bit awkward and giggly and I make a lot of funny faces that I chose not to post in preview photos. I would probably roll my eyes at me if I were another woman or a “sober” version of myself. lol. Eric Cain also chimes in at one point and at the end of the questions Eric puts that big ballgag in my mouth and hogties me on the floor. I would be happy to do this again, feel free to send more questions to

Please tell me in details about the first time you were tied up and how you were tied and how long ago?

Before your first time tied had you ever imagined you would try it?

Do you make time for bondage in your private life away from the camera?

What’s your favorite position to be tied in and why?

What’s your favorite gag?

What’s the infatuation with vintage girdles and stockings?

Do you really enjoy Did scenarios?

What is the best part of fetish events?

What are the best and worst things about doing bondage for a living?

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