Welcome!! Thanks for considering a borntobebound membership! When I started the site in September of 2011 I had 50 video clips and some photosets up and ready to go. As a member you get ALL of the content that was here when you joined plus three NEW video updates per week! I also post bonus photosets and bonus video clips! I DO NOT rotate content. I DO NOT post partial clips as new updates. I try to post enough variety to make it worth the money for you as a member even if you just like damsel clips, or you just like consensual girl, girl bondage clips or if you just want to see me tied up. I do not shoot sexually graphic material. You will NOT see much along the lines of strapons, vibrators, fingering, blatant nudity etc. You will see a lot of women in pantyhose, garters, girdles, stockings, dresses, very high heels, pencil skirts and suits with real and effective gagging and inescapable bondage. If you are seeking something else people do not join borntobebound. IF you are interested in a custom video with myself and another model where she is more nude with vibrators, strappons etc feel free to inquire about a custom, but do not expect to see a lot of that content here.

Please Visit the Sample page and make sure you are able to download and play the video before you Join. You can also try to download the free preview clips located on many of the updates. To find them quickly go to the right hand side of the page under categories and scroll down to FREE preview clips. IF the sample and the free previews work for you then everything on the site will work for you.

You can cancel your membership at any time by visiting: https://support.ccbill.com/

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