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Hello everyone,

Sorry for the slow updates but at least I have been shooting. My ex/ gotcuffs was in town for two weeks and we went hard at working to list a property hours and hours a day. It was gut wrenching sad hard labor on properties that are in terrible states of disrepair that I’ve been left with, only to be thanked with almost two feet of dirty water flooding out the bank basement the day he was supposed to leave for his place 5 hours away. I think I’m holding it together fairly well. I am pretty used to bad luck by now. I must have been one hell of a shitty person in a previous life, lol. So my studio has drained, it took 24 hours but a nice black sludge was left behind. For whatever reason it was dirtier this time than ever. My home also flooded, first time since at least the late 80s because I pulled out heavy duty carpet and padding from then that hadn’t been flooded ever. The good news is at home it was only an inch and not filthy and nothing other than rugs got destroyed, so it could have been much worse I suppose.  Below is the water at the highest and the mess it left behind. I have no clue why they post sideways. It looks normal when I try to post it, but you get the idea…

I will get caught up on updates Monday onward when I finally have some down time. I also see lots of emails that I haven’t gotten to and many of them say customs and sessions and I’m super thankful for that especially right now. Adara as my collared cutie pie slave is always willing to make customs with me for what I consider to be a good deal. Things are not easy but my brain and body are working well enough to tackle them, unlike in years past sooo I’m thankful for that.

Boundcon in Munich is also fast approaching so get your tickets and come and give me hug. I welcome hugs for free and I’ll happily tie you up and gag you, for a price 😉

Thanks to you honest folks that join the site, buy the clips, order the customs and send the gifties. These clips don’t come to life for free. Shame on all of you that spend time stealing it and spreading it around for free…I don’t give your work out for free, may all of your spouses get addicted to drugs and bankrupt you and may all of your basements flood out above your knees. Nevermind, I doubt you guys posting my content for free have spouses. lol

Happy weekend!



Customs anyone?  I finally have a couple local camera people lined up to help. YAY! It was super helpful having my ex do camera and help me bad guy, not gonna lie. He was good with the camera and not hard on the eyes.

There will be more girls but this is the line up for now-

March 15     Nyssa Nevers

March 18      Mizz Amanda Marie

End of March, Adara Jordin is back

March 27      Rachel Adams

Raven said she was coming back

* Vegas trip happening during Viva Las Vegas in April. I’ll  be shooting there

*Boundcon Munich Germany in May

PLEASE look at the top of the page and read the customs area before writing me and asking me how much for a custom please.


Today I got the clip of Adara up, the clip of myself up and corrected the Riley link problem.

I’m so sorry I’ve been missing in action for so long but things are getting a little easier in my world and I’ll be able to be way more on top of things here.

I’m in good physical health and I’m not throwing in the towel on bondage, plus I have shot more new girls in the past few months than I have in the past few years. I just need to get the content up for you all.  In fact I just lessened my load, justfigures is closed down for the time being and the inventory is being shipped to Florida right now to be taken over by a gang of people down there. It was a difficult decision but the best for my future considering what is going on. I’ll post the details when its back up and running of course.

Many thanks to those of you that have stuck with me not getting to the 3 updates per week on time. You are helping me in very big ways, like preventing me from being homeless for instance. lol.

I am shooting Adara Jordin this Thursday the 7th at my bank building and she is looking great! My ex Tony will be here that day to hold the camera and or help with rigging if needed, we’d love to make a custom for you!

Please write me at jj at

If you are in Detroit, I’ll be at the Detroit Dirty Show Friday night February 15th please say hi!

AND I’ll be in Vegas for sure over the weekend of April 18-22 during the Viva Las Vegas pin up and Rockabilly convention and some days before or after….I’ll be looking to shoot and to session there.

Also I’ll be a guest at my favorite event on earth Boundcon in Munich Germany in May!!

That is it in a nutshell for now…

Much love in bondage,


Server transfer seems to have been a success but I could not send or receive emails from the night of the 8th until tonight the 11th. I was told that once the email was working correctly all of the messages that were sent during that time would show up, but that was an untruth. I sent many tests from my other account and my webmaster sent tests as well and nothing showed up.

Anyway good news is that it seems to be working now but if you sent a message during that time please resend it. If you sent a message before then and haven’t heard from me please be patient…

My husband/webmaster/camera man moved in with his family 350 miles from here and has no intention of returning back to me. I’ve been beside myself trying to prevent that from happening since late last year. Most of my energy was spent coping with all that emotionally which spilled over to my physical world, hence unreliable updates etc. Please no worries he will continue to run fetish sites and his own cuff site and to be my webmaster. Plus we just changed servers, which I already mentioned so some of you in exotic locations should be getting your content faster than before. It was apparently a very wise switch but if you experience glitches please email support at

Thursday (tomorrow) expect an hour long cuff update that is exporting now and another one, not sure what yet.

Also if you are interested in customs I am shooting

Mizz Amanda Marie this Saturday

Rachel very soon

Adara Jordin the week of the 25th

Dakkota the 29th

Freshie Juice around the 31st

Je C very soon

Dominica when there are custom requests for her

Simone very soon

Illustrious Rogue aka Rose very soon

*I’m not interested in using two (other) models at one time right now though. I’m frazzled and people are unreliable  and I just don’t have it in me to deal with that right now… but I will have a camera person.

Also I’ll be a guest at the smaller Boundcon in November in Munich!! I am very, very excited as I haven’t been able to attend events in a while! I’ll be handing out free hugs or free spankings (for you, not me) so please come on out. Also I will be doing domme sessions in the hotel room….

I still have the bank building for now but it is painfully hot and the idea of sessioning in there right now makes me ill. The last thing I want is a client or submissive heat stroking out on me.


Fighting the good fight for a brighter future, JJ



journal update

I had Gigi and Jim here and I wasn’t online much. The good news is that I did get clips with both Gigi and Jim and he even tied me up. It had been a while. I  had to fire my contractor while they were here. I was at my wits end so sadly I’m still showering with a pool shower hooked up to a laundry tub in the basement even tho I hired the guy Sept 27 AND the man I fired fell through the rafters and now my foyer has a big hole in the ceiling, sadly it was one of the only finished spaces in the house. I just can’t seem to win with these contractors and my patience and funds are all dried up.

Today, Monday I’ll get your third update of last week and hopefully one for this week up.  Adara is now here and we will be shooting some customs she has lined up and Tuesday I’ll be shooting a quick click of Dominica because that is all she has time for and then Anna so it is going to be a very long few days. Plus I feel like my entire future is up in the air right now and things are incredibly tense…I’m really grasping at straws here guys and happy to be a woman where we are allowed to be so honest about our feelings.

I have not been in my emails in a few days and even then I was only opening ones I knew were easy to answer I am going to try to get to a few before I fall asleep.

I hope everyone had a peaceful weekend and happy Monday.

Peace, love and bondage always-


Journal Update

Hi everyone. Many of you know I haven’t looked in my emails since fall of 2016. I haven’t been on Tumblr or said much on twitter or been on fetlife. I have been posting fairly regularly to instagram lately tho if you’d like to follow me there. The account is private but just send a request. My name there is plush1…..

Tony/ hubby/gotcuffs answers the support emails here but aside from that nothing happens. I haven’t done sessions or, done my own customs or taken requests or corresponded with fans- absolutely no one at all. At this point I’m ready but I have horrible anxiety about looking in my inbox. I know there will be some really hateful, angry messages and the idea of going so far back gives this anxious woman anxiety. So Tony archived my old messages a week ago, so when I go in there I’ll only see the most recent messages- just to not overwhelm myself.

That being said I’m ready to start customs but I’m going to have rules for now so I don’t get overhwhelmed… I’ll only be doing one girl at a time. I’m going to start with Fayth on Fire who I will be shooting the 10th and 12th of this month. She has been doing a lot of bondage and is extra tough and she switches!! So she will be available for bondage customs for this site or gotcuffs customs. When you inquire please give me some details- tie/ gag details, storyline idea, outfit wants. I will then send you a price. I don’t charge per minute or cut the clip off at a certain time. I shoot until its done and no one ever complains that my customs are too short…. I charge based on things like how long it will take overall and how hard it will be.  More about my customs, we don’t memorize lines, but we happily follow the storyline idea. I like things to flow organically. If there are key words and or key phrases that you want to hear that is no problem but we can’t memorize a script or keep cutting to look at it.  Customs can be paid via amazon giftcards emailed or Square for credit cards. 


Hi to those of you really wondering where I’ve been outside of the website-

I’ve been absent from emails and most of social media for months and months and I’ve made promises I didn’t keep here by saying I’d be in/ on them. I truly haven’t read emails in ages and I haven’t done customs (aside from ones Adara brought me) and I haven’t seen anyone for Domme sessions.  On occasion I post to instagram under Plush1 but I don’t even have the other social media sites on my new phone at this time or even my email accounts. I have been away from it all truly just working on me. *Of course Tony gets the emails sent to support.

Some of you know I had been sickly for a long time… Things got really, really bad last summer when I’d lost most of my hair, eyebrows, was hardly eating but swollen as hell, deathly pale despite going outside, covered in bruises without any beatings, open sores that left me scarred for life, horrible depression and anxiety, 25 day periods, carpal tunnel and more that I’ll leave to your imagination. I couldn’t sleep but I couldn’t do anything while I was awake either. I was falling asleep around 10am, sometimes I wouldn’t sleep for 24 hour periods despite my exhaustion. I was a shell of my former self and on my death bed with a low body core temp of 95.5 after years of way too much physical, emotional and environmental stress paired with poor nutrition and little rest basically. The discovery of the low temperature answered all of the questions about my lousy health and mental status over the last few years and pointed me in the right direction after thinking I was just doomed.

Healing has been a slow go with lots of trial and error and a few crashes after feeling confident about leading a normal life which I’ve mentioned before. I have a great doctor who is treating my whole body and not just each separate failing part of me.  I just got bloodwork back the 4th (my wedding anniversary) which of course says my thyroid is at a standstill and I’m very anemic but my cholesterol and blood sugar and those things are in good shape. I’ve been eating super clean- all organic, no American brominated gluten products, no added sugars or fake sugars, no water with flouride, no GMOs and blah, blah, blah. After the 4th new things have been added to my already ridiculous daily routine of supplements- a prescription natural thyroid pill, a lot more lugals iodine, a drinkable iron supplement from Germany, and daily B12 shots. Despite enjoying what botox injected into my 11s do for my exhausted 38 year old face I’m not into needles so giving myself daily shots is not enjoyable, but hopefully that will only last a month and give me lots of energy and help the anemia. My doctor seems to think that in two months after this adjustment period I’ll feel better than I have in the last 9 years and I should naturally drop some lbs. I waited too long to get bloodwork done, its true but I was in very bad shape emotionally and physically and I was afraid to get horrible news. I wanted to wait until I had changed my lifestyle and reached a healing plateau so that is what I did. I went for the bloodwork when my health started declining yet again but I was confident that I was much, much better than last summer/ fall.

I did go to Florida for a week and I stayed with my boy bestie Eric Cain in the woods for a few days and allowed myself a couple of days at the beach. He had a custom for me that we didn’t finish before he left Detroit for Florida for the winter. I had told him I’d come visit this winter and the buyer was ok with us shooting it months later Eric said. The custom money waiting really prodded me to get the heck out of the cold. Eric told me I seemed more full of life than I had in years and years and he knows me. He was the first to ever tie me up in 2006 and we talk almost daily even when I don’t talk to others for months and months. I did the custom which was mostly bondage and not his typical beatings and when we were done I suggested we add a second part outdoors. HA! I blew him and myself away with that one. He will edit it and whenever he gets around to that he will post it on his clips4sale site and I’ll post it here.

I was reluctant to set up shoots with hotties I didn’t know or people that would only want to see me to make money off of me because I didn’t know how I’d be feeling or what I’d be able to do and I am in no position to pay kill fees or stress myself out. My temp had dropped down dangerously low again and my body was betraying me at that time and I was going to Florida mostly to warm back up.  I did get some shoots in with people I’m friendly with and I was feeling very good there, in fact I shot at least one clip every day I was there aside from the last day. The warmth is an obvious bonus for people that run cold like me but shooting while I was away from here proved to be much easier, back here my mind races with the unfinished bullshit in this foreclosed on water house we had to buy and the problems at the bank (studio) and things to do with my other business etc, etc. So the Florida trip proved to be good for me in a lot of ways. I even got to socialize with people I assumed had forgotten me since I had been out of the loop for so long.

So anyway I’m back in Detroit trying to do the right things and happy about spring time. I’m alive and kicking and more clear headed than I have been in a very long time. I hope to rejoin social media and email world, do customs of my own and sessions some time in the near future but I’m moving at a snails pace so that I can keep moving forward, going backwards is too challenging emotionally.

As always thanks for your site memberships, clip purchases and well wishes… and to those of you that post my clips all over the place without permission shame on you. I hope karma bites you in the ass.


Journal Update

Hello all.

Last Thursday my realtor told me not to rush to empty out my condo because this man decided he wanted to do a private inspection which would be scheduled after today and the closing would be set later. I woke up from a message saying that he changed his mind and wants to close the 16th still. So this weekend I didn’t move anything out. This weekend it also snowed a TON. Now Tony and I get to stop everything we are doing and empty out a 2200 sq ft condo with basement and two car garage. There aren’t too many large pieces of furniture left and many will be donated but the basement, garage and kitchen are loaded. I almost told the lady to go screw herself but I am so tired of barely making it living paycheck to paycheck with an extra property, especially with the holidays coming. It is REALLY stressful so I feel backed into a corner. I want this cash deal to go through but I am absolutely seething. Seething. I negotiated for a bit more than he wanted to pay. There was a lot of back and forth and I wasn’t budging because I’m not going to have a fire sale just because I’m paycheck to paycheck. I was making it work, but anyway I feel like he just wanted to screw with me- make me hussle because he didn’t get his way. When he went through the place it definitely seemed like we were living there.  Sahrye and her significant other were staying there so there were wet towels hanging up and the smell of human life and not just a closed up space staged for sale. Plus my closet was bursting at the seams with model wardrobe since I shot there all summer because the bank was in such bad shape.  I get the feeling this guy is smiling over inconveniencing me so badly-

In the end it will be great to get rid of the expense and to make my new house a home.

I have not answered emails about customs. I will be ready to do them after this nightmare week- and I’ll write everyone back when I can.  I haven’t done any math but hopefully I’ll have some cash to fix some things back up at the bank (studio) and get to sessioning and to buy the makeup that I’m out of that makes me pretty and to have the ability to hire a makeup artist again from time to time. Anyway thanks for your support…..

My magical concoction of supplements, actually sleeping, ridiculous amounts of water and removing the foods and humans that were poisoning me has drastically improved my quality of life (and the lives of those that are dear to me). Hopefully I can work on my looks again soon. I have not been permitted to do any cardio. Apparently it is the number one thing aside from stress that will throw people like me into another dangerous adrenal crash. I did ok moving all that office furniture in and out…..but this week will be a good indicator as to how my body and mind are really doing- so much stress, so much physical exercise packing and moving all that stuff and furniture. If I make it through this week on my feet I’d say I’m ready for some cardio and resistance training in moderation, not so intense like what I was doing a few years back when my health started to spiral out of control.

2017 is going to be my year, which like I’ve said before just means better content for you all-

Happy Monday…..

PS I want to do a clip or two with Eric Cain (futilestruggles) before he goes off to Florida for the winter SOON… Interested in a custom with us? He is all set up to shoot a few girls at my studio with his unique way of shooting with so many cameras. You can email him since I’m not in my emails and he is. So I’m bendy for my size guys but I’m not into his type of beatings (for any amount of $) which is why I haven’t shot with my BFF in years but that little taste with  Je C got me real interested!!!

I’m sorry about the late update. If your membership expired this weekend and you want the clip of Sahrye and I that you are entitled to please write to with your old username and password and I’ll get it to you within a couple days.

So the day I was supposed to do the bulk of the shooting with Sahrye didn’t work out because my sister in law decided to have her baby a week early shortly after I announced that I would be in my emails looking for customs for her. I was supposed to be there, and I was- holding a leg and cutting the chord!!! Wow, what a beautiful life experience that was and she handled it with dignity and grace!! I’m not a mom and I’ll never be a mom but that was absolutely incredible and now I have a perfect little niece. My brother is very conservative and very into modesty so it almost killed him having me there watching such an intimate moment because of his own hang ups, but she wanted me there and maybe just maybe it will make my brother who is very against the idea that I do what I do for a living and I a little bit closer. Only time will tell. So anyway Tony picked up the slack and shot Sahrye that day until I came back and then I shot the clip of her tying me for my dear friend Jochen that I just posted and boy I look haggard….long day, but I was feeling fine despite my looks!! Anyway Sahrye decided she could get a bit more work and stay a few more days. I’ll be shooting her again Wednesday afternoon before she leaves and I will get into my emails and dig for some last minute customs. I keep saying that…I know. I know. I’m the worst.

I don’t want to be up now, which is amazing but I needed to get you guys those late updates and I plugged a space heater in and it shut my computer down just as I was about to start exporting the Anna clip and it hadn’t saved. GGGRRRRRR. Anyway I can catch up on sleep tomorrow if my body lets me which will be great

Yes, I need to login and manual add a few of you generous guys that sent me things, but I’m afraid now I’ll really mess that up- the longer I wait the more content will be there and the more time I’ll add- so it is not all bad.

In other news I just signed the papers accepting a cash offer on my condo tonight!!!! They want to close the 16th of this month and they want the keys then and I agreed to that so WOW, I have a lot more packing and moving to do FAST! It was staged for sale and I left so much that I didn’t use on a regular basis to make it look very lived in so there would be no low ball offers. So after this week there won’t be anymore clips in the red room with the wood floors. I say goodbye to the place I started my bondage career at, the home I made on my own as a single woman. I have mixed emotions. I’m glad it sold with the potential hazards from being built on a brownfield and it will be sooooo magical not paying bills there and getting some cash for the rest of the kitchen here and a real bathroom, not just a pool shower in the utility room, lol, but that place was mine all mine and very affordable and easy to manage. Tony (gotcuffs) and I were married over a year ago but it is really just now that I feel officially married- the bank and this home is ours together- not just one of ours, that is a new feeling for sure. Most women probably don’t think of combined property making them feel more married than that marriage certificate, but I’m not most women.  Good thing we like each other, lol.

This year is coming to an end, and boy am I ready for it to end. I’m thinking 2017 will be incredible for me- so many heavy weights are being lifted from my shoulders right now- most importantly getting my health back- or I mean better than it has ever been in my adult life. Knowledge is power- for me anyway….

Night night, JJ








Hi everyone,

I never got to emails and I’m sure there are those of you wanting a Sahrye clip. We will now be shooting all evening on the 1st and she is really looking forward to customs and like I said I haven’t gotten to the emails…

So I’m super duper wiped out. My body does not want to be awake now (which is a good thing) but I really wanted to get you a clip posted and of course my internet is crawling….

I for sure will be in my emails a bunch tomorrow (today now) mostly handling the Sahrye (above)  custom requests and adding anyone to the site that sent gifts or joined by way of amazon- Really, truly.  Also Amanda Marie was here earlier if anyone missed out on a custom with her because I wasn’t in my emails the good news for me is she moved back to Ohio and she would like to shoot frequently so she will be back soon and you will get your chance.

Good news I’m doing well, my brain is working better and we made some improvement on the bank (studio) basement soooo I’m almost ready to session again!!

AND….Eric  Cain was over when I was shooting Je C and he tied us both up for a damsel clip. It was just (his version) of a damsel clip and not a long drawn out torture clip but I got through it without any problems. He hasn’t tied me or Je C in AGES, now I think I’ve gotta shoot with him again before he goes to Florida for winter. I’m up for the challenge. I think….

gotta get through shooting each day this week though and then take a shoot break though-

Night night everyone.

Thanks for your support, I really truly need it.


Oh and if you are into the girdles and stockings check out just fi gures dot com – quick cyber sale happening NOW, & yes they do have your size 😉

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