Hello everyone,

In December I ventured to sunny Florida. I shot a few girls, visited with my vanillas and also visited with Gigi/ Milf Gigis Bondage Fantasies in the hospital. I sat by her bedside for two days while her husband Jim Hunter/ Hunters Lair went home to visit family. She hadn’t been off a respirator or out of bed since heart surgery in September so her quality of life was not one I’d wish on my worst enemy, however, I also believe that where there is life there is hope. I was hopeful that she would make a full recovery, however clearly the outlook was not so good.

As most of you DID bondage fans that look at social media know she recently passed away. We all have Steve Villa from GND to thank for knowing her. Before she was known to all as Gigi I met her in NYC with Steve and Elane Hershey. He met her on Fetilife. She didn’t even know me at all and she even brought me a little gift, a zebra print shopping bag for anything I might pick up in NYC. We became fast friends. I urged her to do bondage modeling since she had such a love for bondage her entire life. I’m happy to say I was the first person to tie her up for the internet on a visit to Muzzlers house many moons ago long after our first meeting in NYC. I urged her to open a site. She thrived and worked hard and everyone absolutely loved her. She took care of and mentored sooo many. She had a way of making everyone feel loved. She was a voice of reason to a lot of people and a role model to many. She was more full of life, love and energy than most people half her age (including myself). She had overcome so many health issues over the years I just assumed this was another bump in the road, but I was very wrong.

I stopped traveling when Covid hit and I live in Detroit which is nowhere near Florida so there was a time when I hadn’t seen her in person for a while. I’m so glad I went to Fetishcon last minute and we got to spend sooo much quality time together in person catching up this summer. It felt great to reconnect in person. I am one of those people that likes to nurse people when I’m well enough myself and I have no problem being around sick people so I’m glad I could be by her side in Florida. I know a lot of her friends were too upset to see her like that. Seeing how she was in December also helped to give me closure when her husband Jim Hunter told me hospice was coming in to take over. I have so many incredible memories of Gigi in all kinds of states and in all kinds of countries. I’ve had some of the best laughs in my life with her. She had this way of struggling in clips that would alwayssss make me think she really needed out of the ropes but she was a tough cookie and always doing just fine. The biggest compliment ever was when she said a clip gave her “The wet factor”. I do have unposted clips of her from Spain and her home in Florida and soo many photos of our adventures over the years. My heart really aches for Jim and her daughter.

I don’t exist much on social media and I’m terrible with emails but I’m still here doing this thing after sooo many years and I thank those of you that understand and don’t take my terrible job at emailing personally. I am so grateful for you all.

You could go over to Hunters Lair or Milf Gigis Fantasies and show him some support during this time by purchasing some of their clips. That would be very nice of you…

Much love from the very reclusive JJ

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