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Soooo what a membership here at borntobebound gets you is downloadable and streaming clips and photosets of all kinds of girls in all sorts of bondage. I post 3 unique clips here per week in hopes that everyone interested in this kind of material sees some value in the site. You get 700+ bondage videos and photosets for the price of 3 bondage clips on clips4sale! The site opened in 2011 with 50+ clips and I’ve been adding a minimum of 3 per week since that time. My content is NEVER rotated. It is always available to you. My site updates are unique clips and not just partial or to be continued teaser clips. My clips were being exported in high quality wmv format until April of 2014 when I started to make mp4s so the content could be streamed and not just downloaded. If you stumble across an old wmv on the site that you’d like to stream please let me know and I’ll re-export it as an mp4, just send your username/ password to so I know you are actually a member and please be patient…

The site is mostly geared toward people that appreciate women in hosiery, heels, dresses, satin blouses, tight sweaters and secretary attire with real gags and real bondage being the theme- rope, tape, metal, leather etc. You will find very little nudity, bare legs, casual clothes, vibrators or strappon clips on this site although I do occasionally post custom clips featuring those things that have been financially sponsored by fans that are not into heels/ hosiery etc. Think you might be interested in a custom? Check out the Custom section at the top of the page.

Feel free to send me scenario ideas, gag ideas, tie ideas etc. I may just use them.

To find content on a favorite model you should be able to type her name into the search area on the right, though it has been brought to my attention that sometimes that does not work so if you are looking for a specific clip you believe should be here feel free to write me and ask about it. I’ll try to locate it.

Thank you for your support, without members I could never do this. It isn’t a cheap venture to run this kind of site at a time when people prefer to view stolen adult content instead of paying for it  (yes it really is stealing each time you view one of my clips someplace for free). I appreciate the honest folks, you guys make it possible to continue to produce this kind of unique content and make me see a little good in mankind. Those of us that run these niche adult sites already face adversity from our old friends, family and most of society in general. We don’t need the additional stress of like minded individuals making life harder by stealing from us-

If membership sites make you uneasy you can purchase my clips at but this site is a much, much better value!!

October of 2016

More than anything I get emails from people asking if I tie up men, couples, cross-dressers, t-girls. The answer is yes although I don’t have a ton of sharable videos of those things.  Because of all of the interest I decided to post the content I do have here for free, at one time I was going to make another site but many other issues prevented that from happening. You must click on BTBB men to view that content. It will not appear on the main page. I’ll be adding old clips as I find them but please do not join the site thinking that area will be updated on a regular basis. Please consider those clips bonus material. If that changes down the road  I’ll announce it. Those clips can also be purchased individually at either or

Enjoy and thanks for your support!