Thanks for thinking of Born To Be Bound for your custom video!

I had many, many life issues 2016-fall of 2017. I did post the 3 promised clips on the website but I stopped doing customs and sessions and I stopped checking my email here all together. Tony handled support emails but that was about it. Fall of 2017 I started checking emails again, but all of the emails I missed were put into an archive account which I have NOT checked. If you sent me emails during that year I was MIA from emails please feel free to resend them. I apologize to everyone I let down.

My (JJ) first love is bondage, both giving and receiving but I am somewhat open to making other types of custom videos as well, within my comfort level.

New October 2016 I am adding the content of men, couples,  crossdressers & t-girls I have here as bonus content here. You can find it under BTBB men. You can also buy those clips individually at clips4sale at The Plush Playhouse   and you can order customs of me tying men, couples, crossdressers etc

What I need from you to make your custom come to life:

Details! Once you give me the details like location idea, people you’d like in it, clothing type, gag, tie and so forth I will give you a price. I don’t charge per minute like many models/ producers do. I can’t give you the exact length it will be ahead of time although feel free to send me ideally how long you would like the clip to be so I have a good idea on how things should play out. Generally speaking my clips are lengthy and no one complains about them being too short. I need all the information and then I will give you a price and timeline. Some customs are easy to accomplish,  fit the theme of this website and they don’t take long to set up and or shoot. Those customs will be less money. My customs are priced extremely reasonably I’m told. We don’t really have the time or skill set (lol) to memorize scripts and most of us aren’t real actors (obviously). It goes much more smoothly when you give us the story line, attitudes you’d like to see portrayed,key phrases and words you like but as far as memorizing scripts, I don’t offer that. If you have a script you’d like memorized this is not the right site to fulfill your custom fantasy.  That being said please don’t be shy, we all have that thing that really gets us going, no matter how obscure that may me (within my comfort level) I am very happy to bring that to life for you. Please realize that once I quote you a price if you request additional things that you had forgotten to mention the price may change.

I am possibly the worst emailer in  the industry right now. I run another business and I am remodeling a 1940s home and most importantly I’m battling a chronic illness.  I am extremely overwhelmed and scatterbrained so emails here often get put on the back burner for way too long. Please don’t get too frustrated…I have been making clips since 2008. I can be trusted, I am not going anywhere. I am just slow and forgetful (sadly tho that is improving as I get better). That being said feel free to resend your emails!! I won’t be offended. I often need gentle reminders but please don’t be nasty. Angry words will not get you anywhere with me personally.

I do reserve the right to post the custom but I try to give you some solo time with it…. We will also give you a personal hello and thank you message that will be sent in another link that will not be posted on borntobebound.   I am currently exporting my clips as high quality mp4s (which can be downloaded or streamed) but I can export it in some other format if you would prefer at no additional charge. I will send you a private link to download the clip from this website and it will be available for you to download/ stream from there for 60 days. I got into the bondage business after the days of DVDs and I am no longer making them. I just send the high quality digital downloads. I’m sorry for that inconvenience.

I do need to receive payment in full before we start work on your custom video these days and for your convenience there are a variety of ways to get me those funds.

Email:  jj@ borntobebound. com with your details

Please title your email as CUSTOM