I’m shooting her A LOT coming up and I’m back in my emails and shooting customs if you’d like to see more of her


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run time 15 minutes and 25 seconds

Pin up cutie Cherry Busom gags herself with a white ballgag and then a bandana with an entire roll of vetwrap and some microfoam and then she removes it and puts on some leg irons and then satin panties rolled up in a satin scarf. She puts a stocking cap on and then wraps her mouth with thin clear stretchy tape and then she contorts herself into all kinds of positions on the desk with some handcuffs on now too.

We had a few minutes to kill today and I told her to gag and bind herself. At one point she was so close to the edge of the desk that I was terrified she was going to fall so I put a hand up. I added that at the end.

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