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run time 51 minutes

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part 1, all 3 girls bound

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part 2, Je and Jayda tied

It is promotion time again so boss guy ties up all 3 women, Je C, Jayda Blayze and JJ Plush. Their mouths are stuffed and heads wrapped with tape. They are the hogtied on the floor and then they struggle hard to free themselves. JJ escapes first and haphazardly reties what the girls have loosened up while removing her tape gag. After struggling with their ankles tied together they surrender and now have to be retied as a punishment. Their elbows are bound, more tape goes around their gags and finally they get stocking caps over their heads. JJ goes to get boss man to re-confirm her win.

This clip idea came from Cesar who is kind enough to run all of the BTBB fan social media accounts for me, since I am not so good at promoting myself, to put it mildly. It was really fun to shoot!

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run time 30 minutes

JJ and Ophelia are both equally qualified for a big promotion so the only way to settle it is to see who can escape from rope bondage faster…Both women are tied in a similar fashion, first with red ballgags. They struggle while seated on a couch to check out their bindings and then they are both gagged with silk scarves and clear tape. Then they are hogtied. They are left to escape as quickly as possible. JJ manages to get out faster but tries to prevent Ophelia from getting anywhere at all…. so a competitive but friendly little game ensues, with the older more seasoned woman winning the promotion 😉

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over 32 minutes, almost all struggling

A man has a business suit clad woman all tied up, he stuffs her mouth and leaves her to struggle before returning to add more rope and make the gag tighter. After a while he comes back again to hogtie her. She eventually spits the gag out again and starts yelling so he decides to do something a bit more drastic, a stuffing gag with tape. He also tapes her up, basic at first and then into a little ball. She struggles about and finally breaks some of the tape but she can’t get herself all the way out.

bad guy Frank ILRB

My first time with Nyxon in 7 years!!

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almost 38 minutes

Old friends Nyxon and JJ haven’t been talking much, Nyxon is delighted when JJ invites her to come chat in her office. JJ tells Nyxon she is newly engaged but the man suddenly tells her he is so into bondage and gags and she could really use some practice. Eager to please Nyxon volunteers her body and mouth… but JJs man isn’t really interested in being tied up. She believes Nyxon stole from her and she wants to punish her. Nyxon gets a ballgag and blue stretchy material.  Nyxon gets some fabric and blue vetwrap and blue tape as a cleave. Nyxon is given some water and then an enormous silk scarf in her mouth, then vetwrap and a sticky ace bandage. That one makes it nearly impossible to breathe so a piece of a tank top and a hanky goes in, more pink vetwrap and then black tape. Her elbows have also been tied together but due to the mouth hell she doesn’t even notice. JJ gets her to talk in the gags and pretends to be very caring and apologetic Next an orange rag, lots of microfoam, some struggling and a hogtie on the floor with a stocking cap and black tape. Then JJ gags herself with lots of fabric, microfoam and a stocking cape and black tape while Nyxon struggles. JJ soon removes her gag and says she is going to lunch and leaving her there to think about being such a thief, tells her this has all been a set up….. At the beginning of the ordeal JJ texted her man about how proud she was for punishing Nyxon for stealing. He knows she wasn’t the thief….HE borrowed that money to buy her engagement room so he rushes over to apologize to Nyxon and rescue her from her bindings.

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run time over 46 minutes

JJs little brother was dating Izzie, they had a bad breakup and now $3500 is missing from brother Jamie’s bank account. JJ decides to invite Izzie over for a girls night but she plans to get to the bottom of this missing money. Before Izzie knows what is happening she is tied up with her pantyhose clad feet out and different things and wraps are being stuffed into her mouth and wrapped around her head. JJ demands for her to admit that she took the cash but she refuses to admit it. She claims she loves him and wants to get back with him. More punishment and humiliation finally ending with her hogtied on the floor with a stocking cap over her head. At that point JJ gets a text from her brother saying that the bank made a mistake and his account has been credited.

He has no idea what big siss has done to the love of his life, oops, she meant well…

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walking in heels, getting chained up run time over 5 minutes

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in chains and then hogcuffed run time 8 minutes

I needed some promo photos for the upcoming Boundcon and my ex was in town and took them. I decided we should make a quick clip in the corset which was very very tight. I am indeed out of practice. This is just kind of real life between two now awkward people together. I am wearing the purple leg irons and hand cuffs he had personalized for me on our first real date even.  I have my feet up on the desk, walk out from behind it. Tony removes my lock box and I thread the chain out and then I walk to the desk, slide on oh so gracefully and then I gets hogcuffed which is usually very easy but the corset was digging into my right hip bone so badly I had hip pain for days, lol. I communicate through the ballgag answering some bondage questions he had for me during the clip as well.

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run time 4o minutes

This was a custom, interested?  jj at borntobebound

Wealthy lady Adara Jordin has hired a female companion for the evening. The pair don’t hit it off real well, Adara making demands the lady of the night doesn’t want to do with a bitchy attitude. Adara has a kink aside from pantyhose clad feet, she likes keeping women subdued which she does over and over while taping her  to the chair and gagging her with a white ball and watching her struggle. Then she wants to see her squirm all over the floor so she partly ties and partly tapes her there. She stuffs her mouth with panties and wraps vetwrap over them, later she adds more duct tape to coordinate with the tape on her elbows and ankles. After a few more subdue-ings she decides to leave her there. JJ makes her way over to a chair with scissors but know matter what she can’t cut herself out of this mess…