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39 minutes and 35 seconds

Kendra Lynn believes she is applying to work in a hospital but instead she is signing papers to become a long term patient….She showed up professionally dressed and ready to impress. She finishes the paperwork and the other woman goes to get her a uniform which is very shiny tights, sheer white pants, a sheer white top and orange crocs. She gets dressed and then the woman outfits her with a leather waist chain and cuffs as well as leg irons. Next they appear in another room, Kendra is being pushed in a transport chair. Then a stop to have a metal fiddle applied, which is chained to the ceiling for some recreation time. She eventually kicks off her crocs and struggles more. The chain is released and another transport chair ride happens with the metal fiddle and ballgag on. Her next stop is in front of her bed, where she gets strapped into a posey straitjacket and her blond wig is removed. As a patient it doesn’t matter what color her hair is, but workers must have natural hair. Some microfoam is used to cleave gag her and a foam neckbrace is applied for protection since she was thrashing about earlier. Once strapped to the bed at the ankles a canvas hood goes over her pretty head. It is also attached to the end of the bed so she can’t sit up. Deep down she must have really known what was up when she committed herself to that place.

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run time over 46 minutes

The hogtaping starts at 29 minutes and 40 seconds

Cherry and JJ sit at the table and decide to do some self gags, sometimes with their pantyhose clad feet on the table. During the last cleave gag Cherry drools which makes JJ proclaim her the winner of the self gag game. It is very playful.

The winner gets hogtaped so JJ stuffs Cherry’s mouth and wraps her head with clear vinyl tape and then gets her taped up, even pulling the collar up on her wool sweater dress over her head for a while. Then JJ puts stocking caps on them both and gets Cherry hogtaped and watches her struggle all nice and cozy.

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run time 22 minutes and 30 seconds

Pretty blond Dahlia Lark finds herself cleave gagged with her hands taped being led into a room. She is feisty and needs a time out after being told to read the label on the amber colored bottle…. She wakes up and more tape goes on her gorgeous figure. Her mouth is stuffed and that stretchy blue fabric is pulled over her face very tightly for a while, until it is time to take that off. Next a big USA bandana goes into her mouth and then her pretty face is wrapped very tightly with tape. She gets tightly hogtaped with that huge gag in her mouth and moans in misery until one more lights out.

Some footage of her coming out of the tape. It REALLY stuck to her and she was a very good sport!!

another of the pixelated clips, my apologies. If you missed it before this is no longer happening with current content

but I have older content that is this way

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run time over 32 minutes

A sloppy and friendly little gag clip. Kendra wants to be gagged in her pantyhose. She thinks it will take the edge off….so I oblige and also gag myself and then haphazardly restrain her with bondage tape on the floor, until she gets undone and sits back in the chair to enjoy a nice cold drink.

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run time 17 minutes

A well dressed Payton sits on the sofa with her arms spread in a fiddle and her ankles in a metal spreader bar. Her cop friend puts a ballgag in her mouth and then she soon slips to the floor where the spreader bar is connected to the fiddle with more cuffs. She is pretty vulnerable now. Her heels are removed and then after some time she is let out enough to flip over where she is put into a hogcuffing of some sort. A flesh colored nylon hood is placed over her face and the little ballgag goes back on over that and the stocking cap is tied to her big toes. Her cop friend says that she got a call to go to a very nearby domestic dispute and she tells Payton not to panic, she will be back for her in a little white. After some time we cut to Payton talking about what it was like to be left like that.

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run time 44 minutes

Cherry Busom loathes her not much older step monster JJ Plush. Cherry and her daddy have always had issues but this broad isn’t going to get the money that is rightfully hers. She summons JJ over to call a truce, the dumb broad falls for it and is happy to come over and bond with the step daughter who is just a few years younger than she is. Cherry isn’t there for chit chat or making up for lost time. Cherry is determined to get JJ out of her life forever. A chloro rag comes out, some cruel shit talking, lots of duct tape bondage on a chair with a ballgag, then on the floor frogtaped with a satin scarf stuffed in her mouth and microfoam around her head. The ordeal is not over yet and JJ finds herself on a daybed taped up with Cherry’s pantyhose clad feet and a dildo in her face. More humiliation, more being knocked out and some nipple clamps. Cherry leaves JJ there and JJ frantically goes about getting out of there. She knows her life depends on it. What will happen next??

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run time 15 minutes and 25 seconds

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partial clip, starts with her her struggling on the floor, then the hogtie

Natalie Charm is a beautiful bored housewife and wants to spice up her upper middle class boring suburban life so she invites a woman over from the internet that is supposed to tie her up. Natalie does as she is told and is wearing exactly what was requested of her. Things seem to be going really well. Natalie can do the big ballgag and doesn’t complain about the tight arm bondage. The two chat and giggle and get to know one another. Her silk scarf comes off of her neck and goes right into her mouth and vetwrap is wrapped around her head. She paces around the room and then gets to the floor while she struggles for a bit before it is time for some black tape around the gag and a hogtie.  JJ then tells the leggy housewife that she shouldn’t invite strangers over from the internet and she is going to take all of her jewelry and cash and that she should be just fine until her husband makes it back home. She explains to Natalie that she is a a great person and that they could be great friends under different circumstances.

Tuesday the model that was supposed to shoot with Gotcuffs and Cherry was a no call no show, so in last minute fashion I took her over to my new little studio and we made this clip!  Heavy shadows in it and my camera needs more light but no worries new overhead lighting will go in soon. There was not a lot of planning involved in this. Now I’m back to editing customs for a bit and I’ll be shooting customs with Cherry again on Tuesday next week.

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run time 19 minutes

Cherry is a  massage therapist and she has a special client who pays her to look like a sexy secretary and wear pantyhose while she massages him. He also gets a happy ending. Cherry is prepared for him to arrive but his angry wife arrives instead. Cherry realizes that she is now at this womans mercy when she finds herself tied and gagged in a chair. The woman adds more rope to her arms, replaces the ballgag with a bandana and clear tape. She gets to the floor and squirms around more before tape goes all around her head. She is hogtied and left there. She is definitely going to need a massage after all of this!

I’m shooting her A LOT coming up and I’m back in my emails and shooting customs if you’d like to see more of her


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run time 15 minutes and 25 seconds

Pin up cutie Cherry Busom gags herself with a white ballgag and then a bandana with an entire roll of vetwrap and some microfoam and then she removes it and puts on some leg irons and then satin panties rolled up in a satin scarf. She puts a stocking cap on and then wraps her mouth with thin clear stretchy tape and then she contorts herself into all kinds of positions on the desk with some handcuffs on now too.

We had a few minutes to kill today and I told her to gag and bind herself. At one point she was so close to the edge of the desk that I was terrified she was going to fall so I put a hand up. I added that at the end.

Her first appearance on this site

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run time 14 minutes and 37 seconds

Curly haired cutie Bailey Paige is dressed to kill in a tight pink dress and sheer gray pantyhose struggles ballgagged and drooling in the chair.  I come in and add more rope and stuff her mouth with panties and wrap her head with vetwrap. She gets hogtied on the floor with her heels off and I wrap her eyes with the rest of the roll of vetwrap while she rolls around on the ground.