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run time over 25 minutes

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Tony ties Rachel in her pretty dusty rose lingerie set to a rattan chair


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run time 38 minutes

Ophelia and JJ arrive early to a friends boat one fall day. He is stuck in traffic and tells them to make themselves at home. There is a lot of rope on the table. They decide to kill some time and use it. Leggy Opelia is just wearing a big blue sweater and pantyhose. The length of the sweater barely contains her femininity.. JJ gets to work tying her up and putting a while ballgag in her mouth. She struts about before sitting on the barstool where she is tied and blindfolded for a short time. Next she moves to the couch to get a leg tied up and her mouth stuffed and wrapped. She scoots down to the floor and gets her other leg wrapped up  and the she is tied into a cute little ball there on the floor. Next she gets a hogtie with legs tied separately and then finally a tighter hogtie. Their buddy reaches the boat then, but instead of untying the pretty girl JJ throws her the scissors and climbs the steps to enjoy the ride while Ophelia in her short sweater remains tied up, unless she can  cut herself out.

* I show some of the tying during each part but not all of it.

Tomorrow watch for a clip starring Cherry Busom and Lilith Lewd

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run time 19 minutes and 50 seconds

Eric Cain brings a sexy little package into the room where JJ is waiting and the two of them get to work tying her up. A scarf goes into her mouth and clearish vinyl tape seals it in. She is elbow tied, crotch roped and nipple clamped before being put in a little ball. A dog collar goes around her neck and nipple clamps are pulled up to it with rubber bands once she is hogtied. One of her high heels is placed over her face and taped on. The pair leave her there for a bit before coming back and removing the heel and hogtie rope. Then it is time to pick her up and carry her off.

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full clip, run time 28 minutes

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black tape over the gag until the end

the camera work is shakier than usual, apologies-

Mizz Amanda Marie is in the hands of two stocking cap bandits, Adara Jordin and JJ Plush. She endures a barrage of punishments and humiliation on her feet in 5″ heels and layers upon layers of gags. A nice crotch rope over her thong with red bush escaping from the sides happens. She is hogtied and water poured on her toe tied stocking feet. What will come of this curvy hogtied filthy lovely lady???

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run time 24 minutes

Rachels car broke down and her phone was dead and wouldn’t charge in a broken down car. She knocks on the closest door and unbeknownst to her a woman is in there enraged over her husbands lover that looks a lot like Rachel. The woman has been waiting for this girl to appear for a while now and she is prepared to punish her- the problem is this isn’t the girl. Rachel pleads that she isn’t Anna, the lover but it doesn’t work. JJ puts her out and then poof she is tied up a little and then more and more. Her silk scarf is used to stuff her mouth and clear tape around her head. She struggles before a crotch rope and more tape is added, struggles again and then it is time for a nice tight reverse prayer hogtie. Poor Rachel this hasn’t been her day.

1st update of the week

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full clip, run time 28 minutes

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Gigi gagged & hogtied, run time  9 minutes and 30 seconds


Gigi is after secrets and she believes she has gained access to them after hogcuffing and gagging the woman the secrets belonged to. Gigi was gloating about how dumb the woman was and how easy of a target she was, but as she was doing so she drops the handcuff key. The woman is able to get undone and goes after the woman for revenge, hopefully before she gets to the safety deposit box she was looking after.  She arrives with a weapon so Gigi doesn’t put up much of a fight. She has to gag herself with socks and then she gets tied up, pretty red nails on display. She gets more added to her gag, a snug hogtie and then for a little humiliation JJ removes her pantyhose and ties them over the womans head and off to a toe.

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run time 27 minutes

Adara didn’t escape and get that shoe out of her mouth so here we go again- she gets tied and not me.  She is tied on her back leg up towards her mouth, a heel and ballgag are attached while I finish up the tie and then a heel is taped around her head. Playfully I shove the strap in her nose to make her crazy. Her hands are taped up. She gets heels on her hands. She is pretty vulnerable and helpless there on my basement floor, nice tight crotch rope just rolling around.

late 3rd update of the week

3rd update of the week

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full clip, run time 51 minutes

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cuff strappado, run time 4 minutes and 30 seconds

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crotch rope, run time 4 minutes and 30 seconds

Tony found the green eyed cutie stealing from the porn studio she had been working at and as always she was given the choice to play a bondage game or have the cops called. She went for the bondage game. When we begin she has been strung up in a strappado in cuffs, legs spread, harness gag on. She is stuck bent over and drooling. JJ appears delighted to have someone to play with and is in a playful mood. The studio has been slow do to all of the pirated fetish content on the internet. Je C  begs for her to let her go through the gag. She tries to make deals even but JJ pulls her head back with a leg iron. Now she is even more uncomfortable. Her dress is pulled up. Her hands are used to grope the security guard. She is left to struggle. She is let down, forced to strip to her girdle and stockings and tied up. Her saliva is put all over her boobs. Her boobs are slapped, her nipples are pulled. Then she is put into a sort of strappado with a tight crotch rope. Next it is time for the gag to come off. She gets her mouth stuffed with panties and a tight tape cleave gag over it. She is forced to scoot over to the wall with a crotch rope leash. She is spanked for stealing and then put on the floor where she is hogtied and vetwrap is put over her gag. Eventually a pair of lace panties go over her head. She is left there on the basement floor to think about her crime.

footage at the end of a couple laughing outbursts. She was gag talking so much and I was guessing what she was saying, some of the guesses were far fetched and some other funny moments. There was a time she was crying from laughter, not that it was only 51F down there.

2nd update of the week

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run time 55 minutes

Amanda was working at a bar and it flooded. The owner never made the repairs but Amanda was sure the bar would still be stocked so she thought she would grab a few bottles to party with her friends. The owner was there. She had decided thatshe would become a dominatrix to make the kind of money she needed to restore the property. When she caught Amanda she told her she wouldn’t call the cops if she could practice tying her up. Amanda reluctantly agrees. She is tied up, gagged, groped, spanked, and scratched. Nipple clamps are used as a pussy chain. Her full bush coming out of her tiny panties. Then the clamps are used on her. She has been ballgagged and then tape added to that. She is forced to walk on a leash being pulled by those clamps. Her gag is changed out and her chest is pulled down to her waist on the couch. She can’t get comfortable though. The woman isn’t done with her though pink panties are added over the cleave and clear tape over that. Her toes are tied and pulled into the hogtie. Her old boss gets curious about the nipple clamps and puts them on herself, ties Amanda’s heels on and leaves her there all tied up and helpless.

third update of last week, along with the sock clip

this was a custom Dixie brought me over the summer. It was shot/ produced by Dixie’s Damsels

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run time over 11 minutes


Story by Dixie: Well this is quite the pickle I’ve gotten myself into! All tied up to a pole in just my swim cap and panties. Gagged up with ace bandage and tape and with my tits rubber band bound and clothes pins on my nipples! And worse of all, this tight rope tied right on my crotch making every little movement and struggle interesting to say the least! This is no place for an ace private dick like Dixie Malone. That’s me if you didn’t know. It all started when I was hired to track down a hot dame by the name of JJ Plush who had gone and gotten herself “missing.” Well I found her, boy did I ever. Unfortunately I managed to get myself “missing” as well in the process. Now she’s still tied up somewhere in this creepy lair and if I’m gonna be able to rescue her I’m gonna have to pull out all of the old Private Detective escape training!
Thankfully those goons got a little sloppy with the knots on the rope for my hands! Man! It’s really hard to concentrate with the rope rubbing all over my pussy! But if I need to concentrate on these knots. Finally! It’s easy sailing from here on out to get out of the rest of these ropes. I wish I had time to deal with this crotch rope too, it’s driving me wacky! But I have to find  JJ before any more of those thugs get their hands on her. I’ve got to be careful sneaking around this dump. I don’t really know exactly how many of the creeps are around or if they just left us here.
I finally find JJ, she’s all tied up and strapped to a chair in the same crazy get up as me, swim cap and all. She’s got a crazy tight crotch rope too which I’m sure is also driving her nuts but there’s still no time to deal with that, I’ve just got to concentrate on getting her mobile so we can get out of here! I’ll worry about the rest of this when I know we’re both safe. Now I just need to find our way out of here.
JJ hops along as I struggle not to loose my mind with the crotch rope increasingly making me aroused. Finally, I have JJ untie the rope for me. Finally, I can concentrate on getting us out of here. Which door is the way out? That one, come on JJ . Let’s go, don’t make me drag you! Oh, wrong door, now I see why  JJ was hesitant…we’re screwed. Comply and do as the goon says and play it cool. Panties off and in my mouth, gross. Pesky crotch rope back on, FUCK. And rubber bands back on  JJ’s huge tits. Hands up and walk back upstairs…I will get us out of here because I’m Dixie Malone.
Scene cuts to the ladies dressed and thanking you for rescuing them…