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run time 40 minutes

Ophelia and JJ are police officers in a tiny town and they are a little bored. They decide to have some fun.. Ophelia frisks JJ and then puts her in the restraint chair. The high heels make it easy to get a leg out and then before you know it JJ has entirely escaped. Next she is hogcuffed by Ophelia and a little ballgag is put in her mouth, she is thrown a key and escapes. It is Ophelia’s turn next and JJ won’t go so easy. She frisks Ophelia, she demonstrates that she could really take advantage of her if she wanted to. She straps her into the chair and grabs a magic wand and uses it on Ophelia. Next she is cuffed in a spreader bar and cuffs and even more vulnerable and JJ used the wand on her even more and then hands Ophelia the wand to have some fun by herself.

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run time 50 minutes

Three women are private investigators working against each other 2 on 1. They have all been attending a wedding before this  situation and are dressed up.  A solo JJ runs into one of the enemies Zoey Ziptie, who is looking radiant in a red dress, heels and red leather coat. After being frisked Zoey is handcuffed behind the back. JJ lets her guard down though and Zoey’s partner Emily Addams also dressed in a shimmery cocktail dress and little black leather bolero jacket is looking fabulous grabs the weapon. Now JJ finds herself cuffed in front and being searched by the two young women.  Her ankles are cuffed up and they play with her a bit and embarrass her showing off her copper satin panties. They bring her to another room and get her cuffed up differently, then they put her in a police restraint chair. Unfortunately for the Zoey and Emily JJ is able to get out of the chair while they are away. She grabs the weapon they left behind and pretends to still be restrained in the chair. She gets Emily into the restraint chair and pulls out a hitachi wand and uses it on her over her pretty satin panties. Emily is caught next and put in the chair and Zoey is put into a 4 limb spreader bar on the ground. Now Emily gets the hitachi wand used on her, plus her mouth stuffed and wrapped with tape. Zoey gets her mouth stuffed and head wrapped with tape as well. JJ goes back and forth with the wand with both girls and then gets out of there…. Zoey and Emily work hard to escape their binds and do so, but it is too late. JJ is long gone.

I know I’ll get emails about this not being on C4S. Ill edit out all of the stuff they don’t allow over Christmas. I don’t have any time to be on the computer for a few days…

Another clip that isn’t lovely from when I had all of the settings wrong. What you see in these photos is what you get. Calisa did a great job and the client liked the clip a lot too.  Tony is a hogcuffed bad guy for a bit, if that bothers you please just fast forward. IF it really bothers you send me an email and I’ll chop that part out. I’m curious about whether it really bothers some types of people.


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run time 58 minutes

Calisa Bliss is a beautiful rookie cop. She thinks she can hang with the big strong guys. She gets this really bad guy cuffed up, not knowing that his female companion is hiding nearby and going to catch her off guard. She leaves him cuffed to make a phone call and his lady friend comes in and removes his cuffs but he pretends to still be bound when Officer Bliss returns. Calisa is taken down by the two. The bad guys get to work tying up the pretty cop, elbows and all. The cutie has a  lot of fight in her but she is still in a big bind. Her mouth is stuffed with a yellow bandana and black tape is used to seal it in. They need to get her out of there before anyone comes so they subdue her to take her away.

She is tied to a chair at the new place, breasts bound, nipple clamped, 3 hankys stuffed in her mouth and vetwrap wrapped around her head. She is also wearing a very strict posture collar. Then they use the hitachi on her and she nearly knocks the chair over. What will they do with the pretty young cop???

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run time 26 minutes and 25 seconds

Calisa and Jayda hit it off many moons ago at a shoot and they were reunited on this day. Someone was kind enough to sponsor this sexy costume clip of them. It was not me. I’m not that nice, lol

This was my first time shooting the very lovely and talented Calisa Bliss and yes there will be more traditional style shoots of her posted here. AND Jayda Blayze is back to shooting again! I hope to get them back before the holidays…

See some sexy BIG ballgag kisses, huge scarves in their mouths with cleaves, a little caressing, lots of hitachi humping and a little bit of bondage and some outtakes that weren’t taken out 😉  Enjoy!

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run time 30 minutes

Adara has become my real life friend and right hand woman. She lives 4hrs away but she stays up here days at a time. She has been helping me scrape paint, clean sludge, paint and move things around at the new house. She has seen me cry and heard me bitch more than anyone else this year. I’m letting her pick a spare bedroom color because she is around so often. A few weeks back after the webcam clip we weren’t sure if we would make another clip or unwind with some drinks because it was late. She suggested we do chat roulette online and record it since the computer was already set up for it.  I had never done this before. We had to go through about 30 people to start out with someone that didn’t have his penis out already and someone that actually had a microphone. We found a nice vanilla guy from Belgium and that is when the clip begins. He was being polite in a bathrobe with just his upper body showing at first- you guys never see him. He didn’t know much if anything about bondage but we start to play around and flirt with him and each other. I ask him to guess her bra color, if she has nipple rings etc. I tie her up, ballgag her and spank her. He makes requests most of which we do not do. I gag her with panties and tape and pull her chest down to her crossed legs. She starts to complain about some kind of pain so I ungag her and take off the ropes that were bothering her. She ends up with her pantyhose and panties off and in her mouth. She shakes her booty at the camera and gropes me a little. He requests that she put something into her tight butthole and we don’t give him that but she puts the ball from the ballgag in her vagina which may have been my idea and oops her vagina swallowed it up…She gets a neck rope and the hitachi for a bit in hopes of pushing it out, lol and then the clip ends. After the credits we show her getting the ball out with tongs, lol. There was a lot of laughter and it was really fun. This one was more for me than you guys I’d say and no it wasn’t exactly a responsible clip to make however we had a sober Tony as a chaperone/ camera man and he had no complaints recording it with the real camera! I don’t think the guy we were talking to knew there was a man around recording 😉