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run time 24 minutes and 39 seconds

 A homeowner  with an ouchie neck and fluffy ugg boots on, (Je C) comes in and finds herself being taken down by a stranger (JJ ) who is there robbing the place. Next she wakes up in a chair, bound to it with hands to the sides and legs to the side. The woman is adding more wrap to be sure the homeowner can’t get up. A fancy napkin is stuffed in her mouth and a scarf is used to seal it in. The homeower has been wearing a black neckbrace. The burglar finds another box with a neckbrace in it and changes the black one to a white one and then puts the black one on herself. The homeowner seems feisty so the burglar wraps her hands up. The burglar robs the place and the home owner struggles hard to get out. The burglar returns, annoyed that the homeowner is trying so hard to escape so she decides to knock the chair over. Now she is still attached to the chair, face first down on the floor. She spits the napkin out but the scarf is still across her face. She pulls hard and gets her hands out and finally frees herself, humiliated and disgusted at what has just happened.


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35 minutes

Rachel Adams had been under a great deal of stress and she needed to get out of her house for a while to clear her head. Her trusted neighbor JJ thought it would be helpful for her to spend some time bound and in her care. Submissive Rachel agrees to it. She is cuffed in front and on her ankles while still in the jean skirt, tank top and platform heels she showed up in. After some time like that she is let out and escorted to a wall where she spreads her legs and puts her arms up high and is subjected to a search. She is cuffed up again and waits for JJ to return with her new outfit, orange leggings and crop top that say inmate and sky high ankle breaker clear heels. She is pushed and pulled around  by JJ  in those heels before a posture collar goes on her neck and cuffs above the knee, at the ankles around her waist, a ballgag in her mouth that can barely open with that posture collar on and a blindfold, her wrists have been cuffed in front and her biceps are bound. She is helped to the floor. Her collar is attached to her thigh cuffs and her ankles are pulled up with a chain from behind. She surrenders to the situation and remains in bondage on the floor for a while.

To be continued with a rope clip-


I know I’ll get emails about this not being on C4S. Ill edit out all of the stuff they don’t allow over Christmas. I don’t have any time to be on the computer for a few days…

Another clip that isn’t lovely from when I had all of the settings wrong. What you see in these photos is what you get. Calisa did a great job and the client liked the clip a lot too.  Tony is a hogcuffed bad guy for a bit, if that bothers you please just fast forward. IF it really bothers you send me an email and I’ll chop that part out. I’m curious about whether it really bothers some types of people.


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run time 58 minutes

Calisa Bliss is a beautiful rookie cop. She thinks she can hang with the big strong guys. She gets this really bad guy cuffed up, not knowing that his female companion is hiding nearby and going to catch her off guard. She leaves him cuffed to make a phone call and his lady friend comes in and removes his cuffs but he pretends to still be bound when Officer Bliss returns. Calisa is taken down by the two. The bad guys get to work tying up the pretty cop, elbows and all. The cutie has a  lot of fight in her but she is still in a big bind. Her mouth is stuffed with a yellow bandana and black tape is used to seal it in. They need to get her out of there before anyone comes so they subdue her to take her away.

She is tied to a chair at the new place, breasts bound, nipple clamped, 3 hankys stuffed in her mouth and vetwrap wrapped around her head. She is also wearing a very strict posture collar. Then they use the hitachi on her and she nearly knocks the chair over. What will they do with the pretty young cop???

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run time almost 33 minutes

Rachel Adam keeps a little secret from her good friend JJ Plush. She loves to be tied up. JJ has agreed to hang out with Rachel that night but Rachel also has her dom over. JJ shows up dressed in pvc and thigh high boots and is delighted to see her  friend in skimpy fetish attire all tied up. She was hoping that Rachel would attend a fetish party downtown that night and it sure looks like she will! JJ watches Rachel get her collar attached to the bedpost. She removes her dress and the play partner gets to work tying JJ up too. They sit on the chairs and kiss and giggle before being ballgagged, gagged kissing, walking around the room bound and then finally they get hogtied on the floor next to each other, Rachel still in a reverse prayer tie and JJ with elbows bound. After a while they are let out of the hogties and Rachels dom tells her she can remain at home and clean up the messes while he takes JJ out to the fetish party.


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full clip, run time 26 minutes and 55 seconds

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struggling scenes, 10 minutes

Beautiful Ophelia paces in leg irons and a gas mask in latex and then I remove the mask showing a little ballgag. The straitjacket comes off and nipple clamps go on. A strap goes on one leg frog tie style. Her mouth is stuffed with a scarf and wrapped and then she struggles on the couch before getting to the ground where the other leg is frogtied and she struggles more. Then she is hogtied with a strap and black tape goes on the gag, plus she gets  a posture collar. After some struggling I come back and blindfold her and she struggles more.

Little chat at the end, this was her first time in latex

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full clip, run time almost 36 minutes

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Rope part only

Claire and I have both been doing this a longgg time, and as far as models go she doesn’t live to far away. Years ago she shot with my ex and another producer at my studio. I was out of town. After that I spoke to a different local producer about it and said how I would love to shoot her when she comes back and he assured me she never ever would because of my face distorting gags. Hhhmm ok, I asked some model friends to poke at her about it. They never came back with any positive info, actually no info at all and I didn’t want to make them uncomfortable. Any way I finally looked up her email and reached out and poof not too much after that she appeared! When there are rumors or things need clearing up out there in the universe do yourself a favor and go straight to the source, beautiful things may come of it!

So she gets the restraint chair escape challenge and then the heels go back on, a posture collar that Big Lew made and some tight rope on her muscular and toned body. She stands for a good time while being tied so you can admire her figure in the catsuit. She gets the 2″ ballgag and then sits for her ankles to be tied crossed. Then a scarf gag, vetwrap gag and then black tape over that. I leave her with that distressed cleave look, I can’t go too easy on her….. she has been nipple clamped and now gets a hogtie while still clamped. I turn her on her side and take the clamps off getting a good reaction and she endures the hogtie. At the end she gives me the best compliment, that everything was really tight but not painful. Cool, glad we cleared the air. I can’t wait to do more with her!