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A custom video for Nyxon and I, posted earlier to Nyxons Bondage Files

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56 minutes

Nyxon is working alone at her office when she grabs what she thinks is her cell phone & checks her messages. She realizes that she accidentally grabbed her roommate JJ’s phone when she left the house, but continues to read the messages anyway. She sees one that says something about JJ making sure that she doesn’t forget to sever ties with her roommate Nyxon so that she can have a better option on future business deals that require extreme secrecy. At that very instant, JJ’s boss arrives & catches Nyxon on JJ’s phone. Not wanting to take any chances, the boss tells her to put the phone down, place a chair in front of the desk & have a seat. Not wanting any trouble, Nyxon does as she as told but assures JJ’s boss that she really didn’t see anything on the phone & that it was a total accident that she even had it in the first place. The boss ties Nyxon nice & tightly to the chair & places a cleave gag in her mouth. As soon as he’s finished with the gag, he leaves. A few minutes later, JJ walks in & sees Nyxon all tied up. She walks over & pulls down her gag & Nyxon tells her everything that just happened. JJ puts Nyxon’s gag back in her mouth & tells her that it’s best just to do what she’s told. Then JJ’s boss comes back & tells JJ to sit in a chair. He ties her the exact same way as Nyxon & also places a cleave gag in her mouth. He then leaves again, telling them that he has to take care of some business. Both Nyxon & JJ struggle as hard as they can & end up moving their chairs closer together. JJ manages to get herself untied & tells Nyxon that she’s going to go see what’s going on.

The second scene starts out with JJ Plush hogtied & struggling on the floor while Nyxon is marched into the room by JJ’s boss. He has her get down next to JJ & proceeds to put her into a tight hogtie. He cleave gags both women, and then leaves them there to struggle. Both Nyxon & JJ struggle hard, furiously trying to get out of their binds. The struggle to get themselves back to back & JJ helps Nyxon loosen her knots. Finally, Nyxon gets herself free & leaves JJ, telling her to let this be a lesson not to get involved with the wrong kind of people.

The final scene starts out with Nyxon ungagged & tied to a chair. As she’s struggling, JJ is marched into the room by her boss & sat down in a chair facing Nyxon. The boss ties up JJ onscreen & then places cleave gags into each of the girls’ mouths. He leaves them there to struggle. What will happen next?

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run time 44 minutes and 36 seconds

Jayda is in big trouble with an authority figure at her school. She is waken from bed, ballgagged, wrists tied and taken to an office where she undresses from her satin pajamas and gets into her uniform complete with tie. She is tied to a wooden chair, a vibrator places between her legs and her ballag is changed to a harness gag. Sadly for the authority figure the big boss on campus comes in and decides to punish her for taking liberties with the student. He ties her up on her desk, stuffs her mouth with a scarf and eventually blindfolds her and the student before leaving them there.

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32 minutes and 29 seconds

Ayla looking fabulous in a panty girdle, fully fashioned stockings and strappy heels enjoys some self bondage with cuffs, a collar and ballgag (23 minutes) until I come in and put her into a fiddle which is pulled up to the post of the bed (not much of that shown). She gets a stuffing gag, head wrapped, plus her waist and ankles cuffed to the sides of the bed. Her enjoyable self bondage just got uncomfortable because that fiddle is not as comfortable as it looks. Her moans tell the tale. I finally hand her the key which she drops on the floor. Oops.

1st update of the week

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run time 38 minutes

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struggling only, coming later

College cutie Simone is trying to make some quick money going door to door trying to sell cosmetics but really they are just her own used items. She bangs on the wrong door, the woman inquiries about her age since she looks so young and Simone chirps that she is 19 and in college. Simone asks the woman dressed in PVC if she was getting ready for a costume party… Before she knows what has hit her she comes to in a tiny cage and ballgag. Eventually the woman comes in and gets her strung up with hands overhead. Her shorts are pulled off and her top is cut off. The oil she brought is used on her petite tight body to make her shiny. At one point she drools on the mad womans head and it doesn’t go very well for her. She gets spanked, nipple clamped, she gets a straight jacket with the tits cut out. She has to pace around in her heels. Her shirt is used as a gag several times. She is taped and strapped to a post for a while before finally being taped to a chair with another piece of her shirt in her mouth with plenty of tape to keep it in. She is now going to be this womans basement captive forever-


I couldn’t shoot Rachel this day so Tony was kind enough to make a bondage clip for me. If you want to buy the clip it will be available soon at and Tony’s girlfriendbound clip store

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run time 19 minutes

Rachel works for a corrupt officer and money went missing. She is the only one who knows where it would be, so she is interrogated and put into different bondage positions until she admits that she brought her boyfriend to the last drop off and he must have gone back to get it. She won’t be untied until the money is retrieved.

Find her lingerie at just figures dot com of course!

2nd update of the week

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run time over 17 minutes

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run time over 7 minutes

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run time over 10 minutes

Mizz Amanda Marie is standing with cuffs over her head, leg irons, shiny pantyhose a black leather teddy and 5″ pumps and a huge ballgag (hottbonds). She struggles around all sexy like (not like a damsel). I appear and spank her, caress her and leave her again. Shortly after that she is shown in more bondage pacing around with a huge pair or lace panties in her mouth and a leather gag ( I undo the gag and she spits out the huge pair of panties, then the scene cuts to her hogcuffed on the floor in a harness gag. She struggles hogcuffed before I connect her to the ceiling above so she can’t roll over. I rub on her a little more, stand up and poke at her in my brand new leather boots from Fernando Berlin and leave her there to struggle

2nd update of the week

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run time 19 minutes

 Scarlet is dressed in satin pjs, nylons and satin gloves. She is waiting for her young lover to come home from work. He calls and tells her he won’t be there for a while. She takes her gloves off and sits down on the bed when two women barge in. The younger woman is his girlfriend, the older woman is his sister. They aren’t happy with the 25 year old taking on a milfy cougar as a lover. They want to scare her away. They have her at gunpoint. Amanda removes her scarf and they tie Scarlet to the bed post with it. They tie her up, stuff one of her long gloves in her mouth and wrap her head in. She was spewing things like Amanda must not be a good lover, they aren’t in love they are just using one another and the women had heard enough. They leave her for a bit, slipping and sliding in satin. They come back and hogtie her, they leave her again and once they come back they notice that she has been picking at the knots so they tape up her pretty little hands.  Then they take her other glove and tie it tightly around her eyes so she can’t see anymore. They tell her once her lover comes home and finds her she needs to end it immediately…