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run time 50 minutes

Three women are private investigators working against each other 2 on 1. They have all been attending a wedding before this  situation and are dressed up.  A solo JJ runs into one of the enemies Zoey Ziptie, who is looking radiant in a red dress, heels and red leather coat. After being frisked Zoey is handcuffed behind the back. JJ lets her guard down though and Zoey’s partner Emily Addams also dressed in a shimmery cocktail dress and little black leather bolero jacket is looking fabulous grabs the weapon. Now JJ finds herself cuffed in front and being searched by the two young women.  Her ankles are cuffed up and they play with her a bit and embarrass her showing off her copper satin panties. They bring her to another room and get her cuffed up differently, then they put her in a police restraint chair. Unfortunately for the Zoey and Emily JJ is able to get out of the chair while they are away. She grabs the weapon they left behind and pretends to still be restrained in the chair. She gets Emily into the restraint chair and pulls out a hitachi wand and uses it on her over her pretty satin panties. Emily is caught next and put in the chair and Zoey is put into a 4 limb spreader bar on the ground. Now Emily gets the hitachi wand used on her, plus her mouth stuffed and wrapped with tape. Zoey gets her mouth stuffed and head wrapped with tape as well. JJ goes back and forth with the wand with both girls and then gets out of there…. Zoey and Emily work hard to escape their binds and do so, but it is too late. JJ is long gone.

This was a clever custom for Jayda and Calisa and it worked out very well, aside from the fact that I shot it with an iphone pro max plus in default camera settings and Adobe hated it. Sigh.  I struggled to even make it looks this good. That problem has since been fixed at least.


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run time almost 50 minutes

Calisa Bliss and Jayda Blayze are looking spectacular in high end stockings and heels. Calisa touches on Jayda while Jayda gets tied up with a big ring gag in her mouth. Calisa gets a rope gag and she said it may have been a first for her. The two are tied in strappados shoulder to shoulder for a bit before they are re-arranged so that the more Jayda moves the tighter the crotch rope digs into Calisa. I make it worse by pulling off their heels after some time. They are truly stuck on their tiptoes.

That adventure ends but they aren’t done yet. They get hogtied knee to knee and then their gags are tied off to one another. Jayda is now in a harness gag.  They have to focus more on breathing and can’t move around much. I know this part was hard on Calisa mentally, she would much rather put on a struggling show for us then to be stuck being still. After a while I remove the rope so their gags are no longer attached and they are simply hogtied next to each other. The end.

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run time almost 40 minutes

Dakkota is having the worst day ever and has gotten into trouble with two men that claim to be cops (clip soon to be on gotcuffs if it is not now). They are done with her for a while and leave her for their lady friend JJ. JJ has Dakkota change into an outfit more to her liking. She uses layers of vetwrap and then tape to secure the womans upper body. She cleave gags her with a bandana and then vetwrap. She has her pace around in her new outfit and high heels. She sits her down on the couch and then frogtapes her so she is helpless. She removes the gag, stuffs her mouth and then puts tape on her face before adding a harness muzzle gag. She struggles on the ground and then she takes that gag off and stuffs her mouth with a scarf and wraps her face in more tape and then puts a stocking cap on her face and hogtapes her with a nylon hood on her head. She rolls around helplessly on the floor before JJ asks her which cop she would like to come back to continue her punishment…

2nd update of the week

garter belt and stockings from just figures of course

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run time 35 minutes total

Constance thinks a woman that works as a bank teller with her is up to no good. She has a pricey car and expensive handbags and seems to lead a life of luxury despite not making a great living.  She decides to sneak around the womans place but she is caught! Guess what? The woman is a domme who likes working as a bank teller because she gets to meet wealthy secretly submissive men. She decides to have a little fun with her coworker, tying her up groping her, spanking her, making her walk around all tied up, even putting a stocking over her head (she panicked and needed it off in real life). Finally the little snoop is left tightly hogtied and very quiet on the floor…

* This was the first time her hands have ever gone numb in bondage ever…lucky girl, mine go dead more often than not, so she got pretty quiet and nervous and that is probably why she couldn’t take the stocking cap (commentary at the end)