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This is a gotcuffs style custom that I thought some of you might enjoy.

This is the entire clip/ no jail outfit


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run time over 24 minutes

JJ Plush crashed her car and did some damage. She decided to leave it there and walk home to deal with it later. Not too long after that an officer, Lilith Lewd appears and places her under arrest for leaving for scene. She is handcuffed and even leg shackled over her Hunter boots. The officer leaves her there for a bit and she paces around, picks up her phone and waits to be ushered off.

At the station she removes all of her jewelry and gets finger printed. After the finger printing she gets a waist chain and lock box in front. She is taken to another gross little cell to wait and she does.

This was a gotcuffs style custom shot a while ago. I am the go to person for handling them and I don’t need to appear in them for me to set them up for Tony and the other model. I am often very bad at emails… Please be patient. Consider these gotcuff style clips bonus content since it doesn’t really fit the site theme. I know some of you enjoy both ūüôā

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run time 43 minutes and 48 seconds

Kendra and JJ are getting ten years for the same crime but not going to be able to hang out together in prison. They come in cuffed behind the back with leg irons chained to one another. They are searched and Kendra is stripped search on film ( JJ is not ). They both get long white socks and Kendra gets white cotton panties for under her black and whites and JJ gets boxers and a tank. They sit together on the bench white chained together and then are taken to another room where they pull their socks up over their pants. Next they are hogcuffed on the floor together and their shoes come off. When the guard returns he lets them sit up and they put their shoes on and are taken away.

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run time over 27 minutes

JJ comes home from work to find her roommate Ophelia sitting on the couch. Ophelia asks JJ if she has heard all of the talk about this new Barbie movie and asked if she had seen it. JJ said nope, but she loved tying up her Barbies when she was younger. She then told Ophelia that she would make a perfect Barbie doll. Ophelia agreed to get dolled up and become a tied up Barbie.

JJ snaps her fingers and the two are suddenly in a very Barbie like room with Ophelia in a pink teddy and nude thigh highs. Another snap of the fingers and Ophelia is wearing a pink ballgag, pink cuffs and that little pleather thing that connects all of the cuffs as well as a pink collar putting her in a comfy hogtie. Ophelia looks lovely but she needs more bondage. JJ appears with one pink rope and wraps her elbows with it (5 minute mark). She uses some pink tape around her arms as well and some pink stretchy fabric to go over that little ballgag. Ophelia rolls around in bondage and then with a snap of the fingers she is now on the daybed, (11 minutes mark) wearing a pink satin dress, purple satin panties,  pink crotchless tights, the big pink lips gag and some pink handcuffs and ankle shackles. She wriggles around in that for a bit before another snap of the fingers. She appears standing tall in colorful heals and a purple ballgag (14 minute mark). JJ begins to tie her up in pink hemp rope, elbows together. Then some pink tape goes on. Her mouth is stuffed with a mostly pink silk scarf (almost 18 minutes), purple vetwrap is added, then some pink vetwrap and she is hogtied on the little bed. After a little while her heels are removed and she continues to mmmmph about as JJs beautiful elbow bound Barbie.

This is clearly a style video but I thought some of you might enjoy it here. No worries I’m posting another bondage clip shortly.

This was a custom. I’m now shooting gotcuffs customs as a cop or a criminal in case you are interested

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run time over 33 minutes

 JJ is an escort who has been stealing her clients wallets and using their credit cards. A cop, Officer Cherry Busom comes to arrest her. She is cuffed and leg ironed, photos taken, she changes into under clothes for a bit and then an orange jumpsuit with a waist chain and lock box.

2nd update of the week

This was a custom video

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run time 51 minutes  (full clip)

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run time 24 minutes (stops before the jail scene)

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run time  27 minutes ( all the jail scene)

Gigi and JJ are old friends that haven’t seen each other in years and years. JJ has grown a bit and is no longer into drinking and drugging and sleeping around and Gigi hasn’t changed much and plans to live it up with her dear friend. They greet one another and before JJ can explain that she has cleaned up her act and her new boyfriend is a DEA agent, Gigi breaks out a little cocaine for old times sake. Well the boyfriend comes in and is disgusted by this. He’s not cutting Gigi any breaks. He cuffs her, loads her in the back on the police cruiser and takes her to jail. JJ comes along and Gigi curses her out, feeling completely betrayed. Once at the station she is cuffed to the wall while her cell is prepared.¬† Then she is taken into the cell but she paces around and yells for help. The cop isn’t so on the up and up after all. He comes in and puts tons of rope down here legs, he ties up her elbows, stuffs her mouth and wraps her head with plenty of duct tape. He sends in his girl who he is clearly breaking up with. She has been cuffed and ballgagged with a huge ballgag and then she is hogcuffed and left suffering on the dirty floor and unable to help her friend who is clearly in a lot of pain…..