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run time over 21 minutes

Lillith was the star employee, until she wasn’t. She drank too much on an empty stomach, acted Lewd and humiliated her bosses. She lost their company hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new contract. They aren’t the most rational people so they decide to punish the petite cutie in a good old fashioned way as she tries to plead with them that she has a lot of money saved and can pay them back if they just let her go…

Lillth is ballgagged, balltied, mouth stuffed with a scarf, head wrapped with duct tape and later with electrical tape. She eventually gets crotch roped and hogtied and left there for some bad people to have their way with her.

My first time shooting Dee Williams, this was my only clip but I hope to shoot her again in April

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run time 27 minutes

JJ and her girlfriend Adara have a busty beauty (Dee Williams) hogcuffed outdoors. She is well gagged so no one can hear her yell for help. After some time the two approach and stand her up and walk her into the house still cuffed and gagged. Once indoors JJ gets to work tying her up but her slutty girlfriend is more into groping the pretty girl than helping to get her tied up. Her elbows are bound, her huge gag is removed and another goes in, panties with clear tape. Her big tits are tied and she is put onto the floor and tied into a little ball. Adara does secure her gag with loads of black tape but at this point JJ has had enough of Adara and decides to hogcuff her next to Dee. She pretends it is a sexy little game, but it isn’t- JJ is totally annoyed. To make things worse on her Adara is nipple clamped. Now both pretty blonds are totally helpless on the floor…

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run time 13 minutes

Story by Jim Hunter, not a member here but want to own this clip it is also available a the Hunters Lair clips4sale store (but not mine)

Buxom JJ is all excited to finally get a chance to get dressed up and go out with her man, the Hunter. Wearing a skin tight red dress he bought her and a new pair of red stiletto heels she walks into the living room and poses. But her excitement is mellowed when she sees him sitting on the sofa watching sports. The Hunter is a degenerate gambler, always going out to play card and gamble on the horses or sports. JJ isn’t going to let him get away with it tonight, he promised that if she got all dolled up he would take her out. she sits on the sofa and tells him to turn off the TV and take her out. But he tells her that there is a change in plans, he is going to watch the game and his bookie is coming over. JJ looks confused then he explains that he is in big debt to the bookies and he needs to win the bet on this game or he is going to have to take extreme measures. He tells her that his bookie has been lusting after her big tits for months and has made an offer that he will wipe out all his gambling debt in exchange for JJ. JJ jumps up and pulls his arms, he must be joking and it is time to go out. But the Hunter pulls her back on the sofa and pulls her arms behind her back.  JJ demands he stop as she feels rope wrap around her upper arms and her elbows slam together behind her back. He cinches her elbows tightly together then grabs her ankles then crosses and ties them tightly together.  JJ struggles in the ropes as he then pulls her big tits out of her skin tight dress. She screams and curses at the Hunter as he wraps rope around her chest, framing her big tits in rope. Then to her dismay he begins to bind her tits with more ropes. The ropes bite deep into the soft flesh around the base of her tits. Her tits swell and bulge as he binds them in a brutally tight tourniquet of ropes. He tells her that his bookie loves her tits and he wants to display them properly.   JJ protests as her breasts swell up like to ripe melons. The Hunter pulls out a big red ball gag and jams it between her teeth. He finishes by binding her wrists and knees tightly togethter. JJ stuggles and kicks at him with her bound stiletto heels. He deflects her kick and then ties another rope around both of her tightly bound swollen tits and ties them tightly together. Then he runs a rope between her tightly bound tits and runs the rope between her bound knees. JJ’s swollen tits are tied to her knees then he moves her to the floor.  JJ can barely move as he lays on the sofa and continues to watch the game. At half time he gets up and goes into the other room to call his bookie,  JJ tries to crawl away but each time she stretches out her leg she pulls and stretches her bound tits. Each inch she crawls punishes her brutally bound tits. The Hunter returns and tell her that unfortunately for her he has lost his bet and his bookie is coming over to collect. He makes her crawl back over to the sofa then tells her not to move and leaves her struggling helplessly in the cruelly tight ropes choking on her ballgag.

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run time 19 minutes

JJ is supposed to be on a work trip but she stayed home sick. A neighbor (Whitney Morgan) decides to steal her wallet but is caught, tied up, gagged with pieces of her own shirt and toe tied!!

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run time over 21 minutes

A couple has taken a sleazy looking pretty woman (Fayth on Fire) in a shiny mini dress and pantyhose.  They bring her into the room with a pillowcase on her head. They figure she is a druggy and incapable of putting up a good fight but they had it all wrong. She wriggles and thrusts and curses and bucks and tries to get the two off of her but it doesn’t work. Her foot is stabbed with her heel, her nipples are clamped with painful clamps, her elbows are bound in the worst place, the multilayered gag makes her miserable. Basically she is rendered hopeless and helpless, in a balltie and tethered off to the sofa just in case… she waits for what will happen next.

3rd update of the week

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run time 18 minutes

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short clip, mostly gag scenes & struggling

4 minuted and 25 seconds

Ashley is banging away on her drums and making her neighbor absolutely lose her mind. She comes into the loft space and grabs her and starts to tie her up. She puts a big red ballgag in her mouth and keeps adding rope to her. Her huge boobs are barely contained by the bralette she is wearing. The neighbor pulls her tits out and ties them up tightly with rope- doing her a favor and offering her some support of course….Her mouth is stuffed with an American flag do-rag and lots of vetwrap. Oh now the scrawny little thing has a nice double chin. She is eventually rendered entirely helpless when  the woman puts her into a balltie and then decides to use the rest of the roll of the wrap used to keep that bandana in her loud mouth. The woman feels a lot better there and leaves to attack her day. Finally a friend comes to find her and decides to have a little fun with the helpless damsel.

1st update of the week

This was a custom video for Dixie

Just a heads up: This was filmed by Dixie’s fiance who has been shooting adult content for 20 years but he has a veryyyy different shooting style than us

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run time 20 minutes

JJ is in her living room and it gets smokey. Suddenly a woman appears holding a wine glass. She looks like a Flapper from the 20s. She claims she is from 1922 and went into a phone booth to powder her nose and suddenly appeared here. JJ decides to restrain her until her cop hubby appears. She hopes someone is playing an elaborate hoax on her but that sure doesn’t seem to be the case. JJ gets her restrained and puts a big ballgag in her mouth and waits for her husband to come home as she struggles. He isn’t understanding of the situation. He accuses her of cheating on him. He takes the gag out of the time travelers mouth and asks her where she came from and she tells him the same thing. He’s not pleased, he grabs rope and ties JJ up. He decides to stuff the girls mouth with panties and wrap her head. Then he does the same thing for his wife. Then they all wait for another cop friend of his to come with a finger print kit to find out who this woman really is…..

1st update of the week

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run time 29 minutes

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run time 8 minutes

Dakkota and Tony met on fetlife, neither of their long term spouses enjoy bondage. Dakkota is all done up and dressed in beautiful lingerie (just figures dot com) and enjoying a lovely time in bondage when the wife invades wearing a cream leather suit with a gun and forces him to keep tying up the beautiful blond. He does as he’s told, and then she forces him to tie her up too…She knows they need to spice up their relationship and she is more than willing to try out bondage. First a ballgag with chin strap, then a pair of panties with microfoam and and a hogtie. Dakkotas knotted cleave gag has been removed and her mouth is stuffed and her head is wrapped with microfoam as well. She gets a balltie, but really all she wants is to escape this ridiculous situation….

2nd update of the week

4/1  3:44pm EST  The full clip should be the correct one now

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run time 32 minutes

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7 minutes

Sarah looks stunning struggling with a head cage, hottbonds skirt and armbinder and spreader bar on before I come in and add nipple clamps. She squeels as I tie them to her head cage. Then like magic she is in a harness gag with red leather straps being added to her body. Then I have her walk over to the couch doing some spins so we can see her little figure before she sits down. She gets more straps, she gets a big pair of lace undies. I think the size psyched her out… I wrap her head with vetwrap and clingly black tape but she wants it out quickly, no problem now she is left with a cleave of vetwrap. I want to put her in a little ball but I’m a little out of it  because of the gag issue. I tie her into a little ball including a piece of rope around her head. She decides to be a brat and make a mess of it all including pulling off the rope around her mouth. Fine, I’ll just put those wet panties on her pretty little face, pull those nipple clamps off and leave her there.

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run time over 15 minutes

JJ’s stepkid Riley is a real loser. She just can’t stay out of trouble and she happens to be dressed in white stockings and a mini skirt midwinter for no good reason. JJ and Riley’s dad have just bought a big eye sore of a home in town and they  plan to spend a lot renovating it making everyone in the neighborhood happy, raising property values. They own a few companies and are having a party on the gutted first floor. JJ has Riley tied up in a bedroom upstairs so she doesn’t get in the way and humiliate them. JJ is hoping to get a grant to fix up a building of theirs on the main road and hoping that buying the eye sore home and fixing it up will help get them get the grant for their business. She doesn’t want anyone to know about the messed up step daughter. She doesn’t think that will help them get the grant or rub elbows with the right people. The problem is Riley keeps making noise, so JJ has to keep leaving the party to try to quiet the girl down. She stuffs satin panties in her mouth, she wraps her head with tons of saran wrap. She has her hanging in some form of ancient Chinese torture (strappado) but she still won’t simmer down. Eventually Riley gets out of the strappado but is caught before she can make it down the stairs. She is sat back down in the closet. Black tape is added to the saran wrap to be sure that she can’t spit those panties out of her mouth. She is tied in a little ball in the closet, but she keeps slamming her heels on the wood floor so they are finally removed.  Riley slides down to the floor and struggles about trying to call for help and get out of her binds but no luck she is just stuck in the closet until the step-monster decides to let her out…

*There is probably a minute or so of us chatting at the end included in that 15 minutes, this was actually shot last night.