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run time 29 minutes and 49 seconds

Ms Adams is hogcuffed and harness gagged on a bed. A perverted female cop is using her for some fun. After a bit the woman comes in and adds zipties and sucks on the bound womans toes and then watches her struggle for a bit. She has added a bigger ballgag, she removes the cuff that keeps her hogcuffed and has her get up and make her way down the hallway still restrained. She shows up in the living room and has to walk around more and then gets rope added to the irish 8 cuffs and zipties. She is hogtied on the floor still wearing the enormous ballgag. Will this woman ever let her go?

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29 minutes and 40 seconds

Detective Izzie is armed with a drawing of a woman that has been taking girls. She knocks on the suspects door who has changed her identity a bit with bleached out hair and glasses. The woman assures her that she is the wrong woman but Izzie isn’t so sure. She cuffs JJ and leaves to call it in. JJ has a key in her biker shorts and takes it out and escapes but pretends to be cuffed. Before you know it Izzie is hogcuffed on the floor. After a bit she is let out enough to walk to the basement where she gets tied to a chair. Izzie gets a harness gag, then a panty gag which makes it difficult for her to breathe and then she gets an ashtray gag  and JJ lights up a smoke and enjoys some of it before leaving Detective Izzie down there to wonder what will happen next.

many thanks to clowntokito for the drawing!

many thanks to Frank for the heels Izzie is wearing

and I am NOT a cigarette smoker and this one is actually a CBD cigarette


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12 minutes

Rachel Adams struggles ballgagged (by mchurt) in glamorus makeup and a hogcuff on the nightstand in cute satin pjs and striped socks. The end table is slippery and so are those pjs so JJ comes to release her from that, keeping the ankle cuffs on until she changes it to a spreader bar with cuffs. The pink ball is replaced with a silky scarf and black bondage tape. Rachels hands are cuffed to the bar and a chain is used to pull her up to the bed post arching her while she lays on the floor. Then her hair is pulled up to the bedpost as well. She is now in her happy place in this challenging hogcuff. She will sleep peacefully once she is finally let out 🙂

This was a custom video

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run time over 26 minutes

JJ zips up her raincoat and admires herself in it for a while. She is about to take Titus  (her dog who is greatly featured in this video) for a walk but gets side tracked and gags herself with some sponges and vetwrap. Then she cuffs her ankles over striped socks with hinged cuffs. She cuffs herself in front and poses in her bondage after adding packing tape to her gag. After a bit she removes the gag and bindings and takes Titus out. Upon return she is shown in a skin tight sweatsuit. She removes her socks and stuffs them into her mouth and then wraps her head with lots of tape. She zips up the hood and unzips the hood and then hogcuffs herself on the floor. After some time a man appears and zips her head up into the sweatsuit totally encasing her sock gagged face.

Bonus clip from Gotcuffs. I dressed them and thought the idea was cute

They are both available for customs

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run time over 15 minutes

Cherry is a madam and Simone is her prostitute. Since Simone was late for a gig Cherry agrees to get involved too since the man just wants to see them in some simple bondage and nothing too crazy…

This clip almost didn’t happen since she had flown out specifically to shoot with Eric and he wanted to start in a half hour. I wasn’t sure if I could get her dressed and something done worth paying for that quickly but I’m glad we made it work! I believe this was her first damsel clip….

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full clip, 20 minutes and 30 seconds

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part 1 cuffs

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part 2 tape

Ophelia is already hogcuffed wearing an enormous ballgag on the bed. A woman comes in and has her read some words on a bottle, then she finds herself standing and being taped up. Two pairs of panties go into her beautiful mouth and vetwrap gets wrapped very tightly around her face. Her arms are tightly taped and she is hogtaped on the floor with her pantyhose feet exposed. Her breathing is very labored because of the harsh gag. It ends with her being asked to read that bottle again….

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run time 29 minutes

Rachel Adams is viewing a house for sale with a realtor who offers her some tea. Then she is hogcuffed and ballgagged in a peculiar way. She struggles about on the floor realizing she can not get free. After some time the woman lets her up, but Rachel’s ordeal is not over yet. She is tied up with hands cuffed in front. A thigh high and a pair of panties are stuffed in her mouth and her head is wrapped with clear wrap. She is toe tied on the bed with ropes around her upper body. The woman leaves her alone and she finds the key and anxiously makes her escape.

This was a custom for Je

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43 minutes

Je C is arrested and taken in and cuffed up. It doesn’t end there, painfully tight hinged cuffs are placed on her ankles and she doesn’t make things easy on herself. She moves about and the cruel metal digs into her skin. She isn’t behaving herself so the twisted woman puts twine on her, hogtying her tightly with her elbows welded together and tying her toes.

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 full clip,  35 minutes

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cuffs only, 14 minutes and 53 seconds

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rope only, 17 minutes and 40 seconds

JJ is sitting on her bed, wearing a satin skirt with a satin blouse, and barefoot. She rubs her aching feet. Her kinky parole officer walks in and asks JJ how come she has not been checking in. He tells her that she will not go to jail if she does what he tells her to do. She does not want to go to jail, so she reluctantly agrees. He asks her to stand up and put her hands behind her head and spread her legs. He needs to search her. After the search, JJ gets her hands cuffed behind her back with hinged cuffs. He adds a small ballgag to her mouth. He asks JJ to lay face down on the bed, he adds a pair of hinged cuffs to her ankles and another pair from her feet to her hands. After a while he returns and removes her ankle cuffs as well as the pair that is hogcuffing her. He also removes the ballgag. While her hands are still cuffed behind her back, he tells her that after he removes her handcuffs, she will put her hands behind her head again and she agrees. He ties her hands behind her back, adds some rope to above and below her chest, and at her elbows. He adds a bigger ballgag to her mouth. He helps her to the ground and with her soles up in the air, he ties her feet together and then connects them to her hands so that she is finally hogtied. After a while he removes her ballgag and stuffs her mouth with her scarf and then uses packing tape to seal it all in. How long will he leave her like that?


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31 minutes and 30 seconds

Freshie struggles with cuffed ankles in a fiddle with a little silver ballgag. I come in and connect the fiddle to her ankle cuffs and her legs go straight up on the sofa. Next it is time for her to wear the metal contraption where all 4 limbs go in. She is vulnerable and adorable rolling around on the rug.  Then it is time to replace the starter ballgag with an enormous hard one, she drools immediately now hogcuffed with a spreader bar.  Next a blue ball and red tape go in and over her mouth. She gets hogcuffed a different way, a blue stocking goes over her head and the other one used to tie up her feet. After some struggling the fuzzy blue sweater goes right up over her head covering her entire face.

This was shot without a camera person, I tried my best which isn’t the best…..also if anyone likes sweater clips and would like to send another big fluffy one in another color that would be awesome. I’ll make you a video with me in it as a thanks. Mailing address found under Sessions & Wishlist