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Ophelia returns next month 🙂 !!! This was a custom for her and shot when I was having some camera issues but all is well now. What you see here is what you get though.

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run time 26 minutes and 30 seconds

Ophelia is sleeping in shiny black pantyhose when a catsuited burglar enters and wakes her up to tie her up. She is frogtied, ballgagged and her arms are tied up and her fingers are taped with microfoam so she can’t pick at the knots while the woman steals her belongings. The robber wraps microfoam over the ballgag and leaves here there all tied up to rob the house. Ophelia soon falls over on her side and struggles on the bed while crotch roped (struggling starts around 10 minutes in).  After a while the woman comes in and decides to take some photos of her back up on her knees. Then she takes off with Ophelia’s belongings and says that she is going to frame Ophelia for all of the robberies in town…

This was a custom for Ophelia


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run time 1 hour

Ophelia tells the woman who is interviewing her that she is VERY committed to this hospital. The woman is absolutely delighted that Ophelia is so committed. After the papers are signed it is time to get Ophelia into uniform, only it isn’t your typical hospital scrubs, it is spandex pants and a sheer top, straitjacket and ballgag. Ophelia is a bit confused but finds herself being strapped in. Now she is truly committed as a patient and not as an employee. She is strapped to a transport chair and then pushed to her new home, a bed alone in a room with microfoam tape sealing in her ballgag. She is strapped to the bed and left. Her glasses have been removed and  some time a leather blindfold is added. A few months have gone by and Ophelia has settled into her new life there. She is even turned on by the bindings.

This was a custom for Ophelia who will hopefully be returning by the end of the year

Not a member here and want to own this clip….you sure can not buy it from c4s but you can get it here  live 10/24

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run time 47 minutes and 22 seconds

JJ is absolutely obsessed with her pretty neighbor and the feeling is NOT reciprocated. Ophelia loves to surround herself with college girls and not grown ass women. JJ isn’t the most stable woman so one day she decides that she is going to have some fun with her pretty pantyhose wearing neighbor even without consent. She enters through the back and sees Ophelia reading at her kitchen table. She empties some fluid onto a cloth and then approaches Ophelia from behind…

Ophelia finds herself being taped in the chair, a ballgag goes in her mouth, nipple clamps go on. The woman puts the rag to her face a couple times and also to her own face.

Then the two appear in Ophelia’s basement and a few more rag over the face instances occur. Ophelia is taped with her legs crossed and arms overhead stretched out beautifully struggling in silky pantyhose on the day bed. Two hankies go in her mouth and pantyhose keep them in place.

Next her elbows are taped up, mouth stuffed with a silky scarf and lips sealed with tape. She is helped into the cage where JJ puts her pantyhose clad feet all over Ophelia and then she knocks Ophelia and herself back out. Ophelia gets knocked out with her own curly hair clip just for a little bit of humiliation and JJ used the rag to knock herself back out.

Where will the evening go from there?

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run time over 27 minutes

JJ comes home from work to find her roommate Ophelia sitting on the couch. Ophelia asks JJ if she has heard all of the talk about this new Barbie movie and asked if she had seen it. JJ said nope, but she loved tying up her Barbies when she was younger. She then told Ophelia that she would make a perfect Barbie doll. Ophelia agreed to get dolled up and become a tied up Barbie.

JJ snaps her fingers and the two are suddenly in a very Barbie like room with Ophelia in a pink teddy and nude thigh highs. Another snap of the fingers and Ophelia is wearing a pink ballgag, pink cuffs and that little pleather thing that connects all of the cuffs as well as a pink collar putting her in a comfy hogtie. Ophelia looks lovely but she needs more bondage. JJ appears with one pink rope and wraps her elbows with it (5 minute mark). She uses some pink tape around her arms as well and some pink stretchy fabric to go over that little ballgag. Ophelia rolls around in bondage and then with a snap of the fingers she is now on the daybed, (11 minutes mark) wearing a pink satin dress, purple satin panties,  pink crotchless tights, the big pink lips gag and some pink handcuffs and ankle shackles. She wriggles around in that for a bit before another snap of the fingers. She appears standing tall in colorful heals and a purple ballgag (14 minute mark). JJ begins to tie her up in pink hemp rope, elbows together. Then some pink tape goes on. Her mouth is stuffed with a mostly pink silk scarf (almost 18 minutes), purple vetwrap is added, then some pink vetwrap and she is hogtied on the little bed. After a little while her heels are removed and she continues to mmmmph about as JJs beautiful elbow bound Barbie.

I shot this with Cesar in mind. He runs a lot of social media for me including

@BTBBFanAccount on twitter

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run time over 25 mintues

It is time for another escape challenge. This time whoever wins gets a raise. Cherry Busom and Ophelia ballgag each other, get tied up in the chairs, wiggle in nipple clamps in chairs before getting to the ground to be hogtied. Cherry is quick to get her hands out and a wrestling match happens. The ladies lose their heels so their pantyhose toes are on display. JJ comes in to assist for a moment and then leaves them again. The two have a really fun time…


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run time 38 minutes

Ophelia and JJ arrive early to a friends boat one fall day. He is stuck in traffic and tells them to make themselves at home. There is a lot of rope on the table. They decide to kill some time and use it. Leggy Opelia is just wearing a big blue sweater and pantyhose. The length of the sweater barely contains her femininity.. JJ gets to work tying her up and putting a while ballgag in her mouth. She struts about before sitting on the barstool where she is tied and blindfolded for a short time. Next she moves to the couch to get a leg tied up and her mouth stuffed and wrapped. She scoots down to the floor and gets her other leg wrapped up  and the she is tied into a cute little ball there on the floor. Next she gets a hogtie with legs tied separately and then finally a tighter hogtie. Their buddy reaches the boat then, but instead of untying the pretty girl JJ throws her the scissors and climbs the steps to enjoy the ride while Ophelia in her short sweater remains tied up, unless she can  cut herself out.

* I show some of the tying during each part but not all of it.

Tomorrow watch for a clip starring Cherry Busom and Lilith Lewd

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run time 23 minutes

Ophelia is a willing victim and looking sensational in shiny pants, a shiny blouse and sky high heels. She is in various metal bondage like standing in a fiddle with her legs cuffed to the couch and then her wrists cuffed to her ankles, some fake plastic lips, a big white ballgag and then a cloth over all of that.

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34 minutes

Ophelia is the new wife of JJs exhusband. JJ is still not willing to let go. Ophelia is ready for a Red dress party, a limo is due to pick her up at home. JJ knows this from the social media posts which she quietly stalks so she decides to take her place. The limo is picking her up and taking her there to meet her hubby. When we begin leggy Ophelia is already tied standing with a ballgag in her mouth. JJ comes in and cuts off her panties, ties a scarf over the ballgag, ties her arms up much tighter. Once seated the gag is removed and her own panties go in. Loads of vetwrap goes on, then packing tape. Ophelia is helped to the floor with her crossed ankles and then hogtied. JJ leaves her there to catch the limo in her place and heads off to win her ex back.

This clip idea came from Cesar who is kind enough to run all of the BTBB fan social media accounts for me, since I am not so good at promoting myself, to put it mildly. It was really fun to shoot!

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run time 30 minutes

JJ and Ophelia are both equally qualified for a big promotion so the only way to settle it is to see who can escape from rope bondage faster…Both women are tied in a similar fashion, first with red ballgags. They struggle while seated on a couch to check out their bindings and then they are both gagged with silk scarves and clear tape. Then they are hogtied. They are left to escape as quickly as possible. JJ manages to get out faster but tries to prevent Ophelia from getting anywhere at all…. so a competitive but friendly little game ensues, with the older more seasoned woman winning the promotion 😉

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39 minutes

 Ophelia is arrested at work and then we cut to her in a jumpsuit and tubes. Soon she gets into a staitjacket and short leg irons. She is taken to the jailers suite where she will spend most of her time. She gets a ballgag, wraps with tight microfoam and she struggles barefoot on the bed and in front of the bed. After a while the jailer comes back in and removes her eyeglasses, leaving her there in misery…

lots and lots of struggling