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run time 28 minutes

JJ catches her cutie pie employee Izzie stealing from petty cash. She decides to have some fun with her instead of calling the cops. Izzie reluctantly agrees to what ensues, stacked handcuffs, leg irons, a ballgag, a boxtie, a panty gag with a microfoam cleave, later some vetwrap and then a hogtie with her heels removed and feet table together and then more microfoam on the gag.

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34 minutes

Ophelia is the new wife of JJs exhusband. JJ is still not willing to let go. Ophelia is ready for a Red dress party, a limo is due to pick her up at home. JJ knows this from the social media posts which she quietly stalks so she decides to take her place. The limo is picking her up and taking her there to meet her hubby. When we begin leggy Ophelia is already tied standing with a ballgag in her mouth. JJ comes in and cuts off her panties, ties a scarf over the ballgag, ties her arms up much tighter. Once seated the gag is removed and her own panties go in. Loads of vetwrap goes on, then packing tape. Ophelia is helped to the floor with her crossed ankles and then hogtied. JJ leaves her there to catch the limo in her place and heads off to win her ex back.

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run time only 18 minutes

Ashley is the young receptionist at a sleazy LA photography studio. She is minding her own business at work when an angry woman comes in and starts demanding to see Tony one of the photographers. She says that Tony took topless and seductive glamour photos of her 17 year old daughter. Ashley remembers the girl and says her ID clearly stated that she was 25. Then she fired back that the daughter is obviously a slut like her mom and other digs. The woman isn’t taking it and grabs her bag of rope which she brought to restrain Tony to teach him a lesson. She begins to tie her up even at the elbows. She gags her with a white cloth and ties her to the chair, but that gag isn’t enough. She grabs a doily from the girls desk and crams that in her mouth and knots the fabric back over her face. She decides to go outside for a bit and when she comes back she unknots the cloth and just ties the doily in tightlt that way. Now her cute young face is all contorted. Now they wait for Tony.


Freshie wanted to try a challenging suspension and had only been suspended on one other occasion by Damon Pierce.

She did a beautiful job, this isn’t easy….

Tony/gotcuffs/girlfriendbound tied her up.

I’m snapping photos in the back but I thought some of you might enjoy seeing this

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run time just under 2 minutes


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run time 19 minutes, full clip

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run time 10 minutes, starts after most of the tying is done & before the “real gag”

Constance got a new job filling lingerie orders. She is a little thief though and can’t help but start stealing on her first day. She brags on the phone to a friend. She is already wearing a new sample when the owner comes in. She quickly tries to put her clothes on over the girdle but no luck, the woman is on to her scheme. Instead of calling the police she decides to have a little fun with the petite little thing. She makes her gag herself with a small ballgag. She ties her up very tightly pulling her arms up into a chicken win. She gives her a crotch rope, she lets her struggle around on her knees like the filthy little whore she is and then she stuffs her mouth with panties and wraps tape around her head, next she is hogtied, but that isn’t the end for Constance, a stocking is put over her little head. Obviously she is fired and JJ is out another office girl, but she feels much better after punishing the little thing.

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run time 30 minutes

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run time 10 minutes

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run time over 16 minutes

Sarah Brooke was caught stealing at the porn studio she was working at so of course the security guards decide to have some fun with her. She is a lot of metal bondage and a spider gag in fancy stockings and 5″ heels chained to the wall pacing around and waiting to see what will happen to her.  Then she is seated on a bench handcuffed at the wrists and ankles. She can’t get comfortable…So she is helped to the floor and told to walk all scrunched over like that. Then she is let out, told to stuff her mouth with panties and clear tape is wrapped around her head. She is all tied up, eventually hogtied and then black vetwrap added to her gag. Her heels have been removed and her toes are tied into the hogtie. She remains hogtied and helpless….

Find her hosiery and girdle at just figures dot com of course!

1st update of the week

We really did shoot this on our one year anniversary

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run time 31 minutes

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run time 8 minutes and 40 seconds

A pretty young thing appears in a sexy maid outfit to do some light cleaning for a perv that hired her. This is usual a pretty simple well paying gig. He quickly fixes her crooked stockings and asks her if she would wear leg irons and handcuffs while she was cleaning for $50 more and she agrees. She starts to attempt to clean as he bosses her around a bit. Suddenly a woman appears and the cleaning girl apologizes but the woman wanted her there cleaning. They were celebrating their wedding anniversary and they were bored with life. Well suddenly she finds herself being manhandled, gagged with a ball and tied up with stockings and pantyhose. She is horrified. Then they remove the ball and stuff her mouth with a stocking full of another stocking, another one around her head and then yet another one around her head. They make her get to the floor. She is extremely uncomfortable but manages to get up. No problem, she is tied to the bed post with a stocking around her neck and legs. She tries to get away while the couple excuses themselves. When the woman returns she puts the breast pads on the pretty young girls eyes with tape! How humiliated and now she can’t even see what is happening around her. What is happening is that the woman has gone into the pretty little maids purse and stolen most of her money. Once they’ve terrified the girl enough they are shown cutting off her blindfold and her gags. Then they pay her with the money they took from her purse. Mortified the girl runs out of the house a hot mess and rethinking her life choices!

2nd update

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over 12 minutes

(I’ll split it into 2 clips this weekend)

JJ is holding Sarah Brooke hostage. Her loser boyfriend owes her some money and isn’t coming through. Sarah is hogtied with her elbows bound in a sauna. She is ballgagged, her wrists are tied and she is left there. She struggles for a couple minutes and is able to magically release the hogtie rope and ankle rope. She gets up with her ballgag still in tact, elbows, wrists and knees bound and tries to make her escape. She sees the rope bag on the floor with a phone in it. She tries to grab it to call for help but there is a code on it of course. The woman comes back in, takes some selfies with her and then ties her up more. She is gagged with some panties and vetwrap. She is stood up, her skirt is lifted, her perfect little ass is smacked. She is forced back to the ground and hogtied on the filthy floor. More vetwrap is added to her face. She is kicked around a bit and left. The woman is sure she can’t escape, even though there is a rope within reach of her hands. They are purple and dead and won’t be able to untie any ropes.

quickie at the end of Sarah trying to remove her gag with dead hands

2nd update of the week

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run time over 20 minutes

It is is New Years Eve. JJ met a girl named Je C at a party. She was drunk and wanted to keep on partying and announced that she had a ton of money to get some blow. JJ told her she knew exactly who could help them out. She takes Je (Jay) to a secluded place. Je is spinning her noise maker and dancing around saying,  “I want some candy!”. When the guy she thinks has her candy appears they grab her and start to tie her up. She is reluctant- but she thinks this gets her lots of free shit and she wants it NOW. She doesn’t know that the two had planned on robbing a drunk girl on NYE for weeks. Her arms are bound. She gets nipple clamps (that really, really hurt) that eventually come off.  She gets a pair of panties found in her little purse stuffed in her mouth and black vetwrap around it. Were they clean panties for the walk of shame the next day? JJ never really got the answer. The duo get her all tied, leave her to struggle, come back and hogtie her and add lots of black tape to her gag. They steal her Ugg brand purse, the $700 in it and they even take her heels…Poor girl didn’t get to turn up for the night- she got all tied up instead.

*I’m officially old…I just started hearing the young ones say “turn up” in the last couple months. I can’t imagine ever really saying it, lol…..Also Je C is one of the first girls I ever got to experiment with bondage on!  Aside from her being a better actress than most of the full time traveling girls I am always just so thrilled when I get to see her.