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34 minutes

Ophelia is the new wife of JJs exhusband. JJ is still not willing to let go. Ophelia is ready for a Red dress party, a limo is due to pick her up at home. JJ knows this from the social media posts which she quietly stalks so she decides to take her place. The limo is picking her up and taking her there to meet her hubby. When we begin leggy Ophelia is already tied standing with a ballgag in her mouth. JJ comes in and cuts off her panties, ties a scarf over the ballgag, ties her arms up much tighter. Once seated the gag is removed and her own panties go in. Loads of vetwrap goes on, then packing tape. Ophelia is helped to the floor with her crossed ankles and then hogtied. JJ leaves her there to catch the limo in her place and heads off to win her ex back.