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run time 15 minutes bondage, few minutes of chatting after that

We begin with Natalie in satin and pantyhose while harness gagged and elbow tied being led around in the hot Florida sun  (3 minutes and 30 seconds) by a crotch rope with her elbows together. Next she is brought inside the home drooling through that pretty harness gag. She gets hogtied on a coffee table with breast bondage. The harness gag comes off and panties go into her pretty mouth and vetwrap goes around her head. Her pantyhose clad toes are tied with a cute little toe ring on underneath. A stocking cap goes over head. Once that is all complete I roll her onto her side.

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run time about 30 minutes

JJ and Simone are criminals. JJ turns on her friend and escorts her to a restraint chair in another room. She is strapped in and gagged in bare feet to assure that she won’t escape. After some time a man comes in and tells her he will set her free but he lies and takes her to JJ who gets to work tying her tiny curvy body up. Her elbows are bound, her legs are frogtied and cleave gagged and struggles on the bed. She is still moving too much and her gag is not effective enough so she is hogtied and clear tape is used to keep the stuffing in her mouth and then the stretchy fabric goes over that. What will happen to her next.

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run time over 32 minutes

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gags & struggling, run time over 12 minutes

I shot 3 other clips of AJ Marion during her visit but I figured I would start with the getting to know you clip. I ask her some questions as I get her tied up and ballgagged. She walks around tied and shows off her body. She straddles the chair in a chicken wing and I remove the ball and stuff her mouth with a scarf and wrap her head in vetwrap. She struggles quietly in a chicken wing straddling the chair. It is time for that to be over so I remove her gag. After a 3 year bondage hiatus her arms are bothering her so I start over with a more simple elbows tied hogtie, after she re-stuffs her mouth with the scarf I removed and another one. I wrap her head with gray electrical tape and then get her hogtied on the couch and add a sticky ace bandage over the tape. She struggles on the couch for a while before I show her removing the gag.

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34 minutes

Ophelia is the new wife of JJs exhusband. JJ is still not willing to let go. Ophelia is ready for a Red dress party, a limo is due to pick her up at home. JJ knows this from the social media posts which she quietly stalks so she decides to take her place. The limo is picking her up and taking her there to meet her hubby. When we begin leggy Ophelia is already tied standing with a ballgag in her mouth. JJ comes in and cuts off her panties, ties a scarf over the ballgag, ties her arms up much tighter. Once seated the gag is removed and her own panties go in. Loads of vetwrap goes on, then packing tape. Ophelia is helped to the floor with her crossed ankles and then hogtied. JJ leaves her there to catch the limo in her place and heads off to win her ex back.

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full clip over 40 minutes

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much less tying over 20 minutes

I just found some before Corona footage. Here I am outdoors in Spain at sunset and bondage loving Mario gets to work tying me up very, very tightly. I like hosiery and he likes bare feet so my feet are out of the pantyhose. It is a win, win in my eyes! My elbows are welded together. My thighs are so so tight so I can’t bend back more. A tight cleave goes on. He ties some ropes off above so I can no longer wriggle around in the hogtie. Some footage at the end coming undone.

This clip made possible by the good man over at  supertightbondage

2nd update of the week

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run time 32 minutes, including 2 minutes of the gag coming off

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run time 9 minutes and 30 seconds

The owner of the business is away on business. Her office help is there by herself. She seems to have forgotten that there are cameras everywhere and twice when JJ looked at the live feed Rose (Illustrious Rogue) was breaking the rules. One day she had the nerve to smoke pot at her desk, another day she was drinking booze right out of a bottle. The day JJ comes back Rose is dressed professionally and she doesn’t seem to have any taboo substances around. JJ reminds her of the cameras and tells her that she has to suffer the consequences. She stands up for a spanking. She is forced to count. She has on shiny pantyhose and she seems to have forgotten her panties. Next she is taken to the basement where she is told to ballgag herself and she is tied up. She is forced to walk around tied up her heels, more ropes are added to her lean strong frame, then her gag is changed to a cleave gag and she is left struggling in a chair with nipple clamps on. Then she is helped to the floor where she struggles before her mouth is stuffed with an orange cloth and vetwrap is wrapped around her head. She is hogtied so her chest is off  the ground. She struggles for a bit before the boss comes back and adds a bunch of black tape. Then she is left alone to remember not to break the rules…

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run time 20 minutes and 40 seconds

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run time 10 minutes

At Boundcon I saw Paulli walking around a few times with his slave Elecktra VanZunlt. She was always beautifully bound, which made me envious. Then Paulli flatters me and says he loves my bondage and that I can take a huge ballgag. I don’t know, this kind of flattery always overwhelms me- especially coming from people that are better riggers than I am! I asked Paulli if he would be kind enough to tie me up the following day and he said yes! He also reserved one of the stages for a suspension and told me Tony could tape it for me. This made me so happy.  Stages are not my favorite but it is easier being tied on stage than doing the tying and it has gotten a little easier over the years because of Boundcon but my heart still races and it is hard to speak clearly. I was slightly worried because I hadn’t been suspended in well over a year! Elecktra took photos that I’ll post here soon. So off he goes tying me up on the stage, chicken wing tie and a suspension and my giant red ballgag. He makes a few adjustments to the position and lets me down. It was fun and his first time tying me! I think it went well. I know it is nerve racking tying a new person tightly, and on a stage and after a couple long convention days! I loved it. They wanted me to tie Elecktra but with all of the ties I had been in that weekend, my head was not in the right place. Next time!

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run time over 11 minutes

We just got back from a trip to Europe. This was live at the Venus Fair in Berlin. Venus is typically geared towards vanilla pornography however they have a fetish area as well. I was in the fetish area and nominated for Best Fetish Performer award! Awesome right? A 37 year old all natural, “plus sized” woman that doesn’t do anything nude. Anyway I didn’t win, Cobie from Australia won and it couldn’t have gone to a greater girl. She is flat out adorable and looks good in the nude ;). So back to the clip. When it starts I am in a chicken wing with a large open mouth gag. I start to walk around. Some people stop for images and Tony follows with the camera. I leave the fetish area and go into the main lobby/ hall and then venture into one of the side rooms momentarily but I don’t really venture down those aisles. They had a lot of people and filming would have been hard. At one point a man approaches and grabs the nipple clamp, when I signal that it isn’t ok he is apologetic. At one point one of the pornstars a tall very slender black girl I had never met approaches and starts to lick all the drool off of my chest and neck! I ask Tony to remove the clamps because and continue back to towards the booth and pose with a few people. Then a newscaster for the event came up. Tony asked if I wanted my gag out but the reporter said it would be much funnier if I tried to talk gagged. Agreed. One of the questions he asked me is what what one of the most embarrassing sex situations that have ever happened. I just laughed not knowing what to say and I couldn’t think of anything anyway….He seemed super disappointed in my response, lol.  People are much more well mannered there than lets say the AVNS in Vegas. Well that was my experience anyway. We chose to do this walk early on Friday when most people were at work. The fair gets sooooo busy during the evening it is really overwhelming for an introvert like me. This was tolerable and much easier to film.


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run time 15 minutes

Caroline is relaxing when a woman pops up from behind the couch and chokes her out. When she comes to she knows immediately that this woman is her lovers wife who happens to be nuts. She is tied and teased and groped. The woman lets Caroline know that she would have been happy to introduce other women to their relationship but he insisted on cheating instead. Caroline’s arms are pulled close together and pulled up high. Her body is not meant to do such things but the woman doesn’t care. Her mouth is stuffed with the scarf from her own neck and her head wrapped tightly with vetwrap as a cleave distorting her cute face. She is eventually hogtied and left completely helpless on the ground, layers of white tape wrapped around her head…She can’t do anything aside from moan in distress hoping that someone will come to her aid.