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run time almost 33 minutes

Alba Zevon is a real heart breaker and a man from her youth is still obsessing over her many years later. He decides that he is going to finally make her his. He sends a woman to grab her. She brings the pretty woman in wearing a hood and she attaches her collar to a chain on the ceiling. She has her strip down to her shiny nude colored panties and thigh high stockings. Her wrists are tied and she is put into a basic strappado. JJ understands what this man sees in Alba. An enormous scarf is wadded up and put into the petite girls mouth. Tape is wrapped round and around her head. JJ starts to tie her up with rope, elbows bound, crotch roped, fingers taped up tightly with black tape. Once she is all bound up she is helped to her knees. The scarf is removed and a spider ring gag goes in. Now it is time for her to get up on her knees. She is tied off to the ceiling above and she is teetering on her knee points in utter disbelief about what is happening to her. After some time on her knees the door opens and the man that has been longing for her to be his enters and approaches her very eager to start their new life together.

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run time 49 minutes and 20 seconds

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some struggling in each tie

Dakkota, the blond wife of a rival mobster,  is ushered into a room by two thugs that tie her spread eagle while she is standing in heels, a mini skirt, satin blouse and pantyhose. The man takes off and the woman fires hurtful words at Dakkota while she suffers. Eventually she is led out of the room and then shown on a boat, stripped down to her bra and panties. She is tied up and hogtied with her mouth stuffed and a tight cleave in her mouth. The man starts up the boat and off they go… Next Dakkota is shown with a hood over her head being walked into a cinder block room. The hood comes off and she is told to change her bra and panties. A blue set goes on and the used green panty soon go into her mouth and tight tape is wrapped around her head.  Her arms are tied to the chair and her barefeet are tied off to the sides.  She has been crotch roped and there is absolutely no way she can escape. The woman turns down the lights and peeks at her through an observation window and leaves her there wondering what her fate will be.

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run time 22 minutes and 30 seconds

Pretty blond Dahlia Lark finds herself cleave gagged with her hands taped being led into a room. She is feisty and needs a time out after being told to read the label on the amber colored bottle…. She wakes up and more tape goes on her gorgeous figure. Her mouth is stuffed and that stretchy blue fabric is pulled over her face very tightly for a while, until it is time to take that off. Next a big USA bandana goes into her mouth and then her pretty face is wrapped very tightly with tape. She gets tightly hogtaped with that huge gag in her mouth and moans in misery until one more lights out.

Some footage of her coming out of the tape. It REALLY stuck to her and she was a very good sport!!

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run time 35 minutes

Pantyhose clad Izzie should have been minding her own business and not trying to bust her co-worker. She definitely messed with the wrong woman. Poor Izzie finds herself with many things in her mouth and over her mouth and taped in various positions, she even changes pantyhose. Izzie gets a stocking over the head and then her belt is used over her eyes and mouth. What will become of her.

This was a custom for Cherry. The client loved it and told me to post it to attract new customers. I sure wish I could post more photos but things are getting more and more strict.

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39 minutes and 48 seconds

and I don’t mean the domme. I mean the snooping neighbor. Cherry Busom doesn’t like people going in and out of JJs house at all hours.  She decides to take a look when she believes JJ is out of town. She is 100% wrong and the homeowner isn’t going to let her nosy neighbor get away with it. Cherry deals with a lot, including a ballgag, bondage chair and leg pulled up.  She has to suck on a dildo while taped up. She gets a scarf stuffed in her mouth with tape around it, she struggles on the bed all taped up. Then she has to remove her panties and change to a fresh pair of pantyhose. Pantyhose clad feet shoved into her pretty mouth and then her panties stuffed in her mouth and her head wrapped with tape. She is frogtaped and struggles like that before her legs get taped together and she struggles more. What will happen to the pretty woman next???

New model to this site Natalie Charm 🙂

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run time over 17 minutes

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struggling only 6 minutes

Busty and leggy lovelies Slyy and Natalie look incredible struggling in ballgags and basic hogties in satin blouses, short skirts, pantyhose and heels until I come in and snip the  hogtie rope and place them back to back, securing them to one another, stuffing their mouths and wrapping their heads with tape and then pulling their ankles up to make them slightly more uncomfortable. After a bit I return and lay them down on their sides. They struggle around tied together and then suddenly start bucking and slapping each others butts while all tied up laying their on the rug with their beautiful busts exposed.

some footage at the end of their sticky tape gags coming off

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run time over 28 minutes

Riley Jane decides to steal a bunch of JJs coats. She thinks JJ has too much stuff and won’t miss it. She doesn’t realize JJ has cameras and can see and hear her. Riley doesn’t want JJ to call the cops so she agrees to a little punishment via tape and zipties. She wears a huge ballgag and then her mouth is stuffed with panties with vetwrap and duct tape wrapped around her pretty head keeping them in. She gets her tits ziptied and clamped. Later 3 socks go into her mouth and clearish vinyl tape is used to seal it in her mouth. She gets a stocking over her head and some electrical tape around that and sits their mmmphing in misery.

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over 13 minutes

A lovely girl is hopped into the room and begins to be taped up while standing tall in heels. She has to take a seat and her ankles are bound crossed and her mouth is stuffed with a rag. Her face is taped up and now she is helpless. She wriggles and struggles and makes it to the floor where she is hogtaped from ankles to mouth. She mmmphs in misery until the woman returns and cuts the hogtaping off of her and ungags her and leaving her there still bound on the floor.

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run time almost 34 minutes

JJ comes home early to surprise her girlfriend Cherry only to find her cozied up to Lilith. JJ pulls Cherry away for a private conversation and then the two get to work tying Lilith up. It is obvious to JJ that Cherry does not want to be doing this so she gets her turn next. Tiny Lilith gets a huge ballgag, elbows bound, a hogtie on the couch and then Cherry gets tied in the splits. Lilith then gets her mouth stuffed with a bandana and and her head wrapped with tape. Cherry gets her mouth stuffed with a scarf, tape and rope until later when black vetwrap goes around her head as well. Cherrys arms are tied over her head and Lilith makes her way over to be close to her. She is hogtied and tied off to Cherry before JJ leaves them there telling Cherry she can find a new place to live.


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run time 38 minutes

Ophelia and JJ arrive early to a friends boat one fall day. He is stuck in traffic and tells them to make themselves at home. There is a lot of rope on the table. They decide to kill some time and use it. Leggy Opelia is just wearing a big blue sweater and pantyhose. The length of the sweater barely contains her femininity.. JJ gets to work tying her up and putting a while ballgag in her mouth. She struts about before sitting on the barstool where she is tied and blindfolded for a short time. Next she moves to the couch to get a leg tied up and her mouth stuffed and wrapped. She scoots down to the floor and gets her other leg wrapped up  and the she is tied into a cute little ball there on the floor. Next she gets a hogtie with legs tied separately and then finally a tighter hogtie. Their buddy reaches the boat then, but instead of untying the pretty girl JJ throws her the scissors and climbs the steps to enjoy the ride while Ophelia in her short sweater remains tied up, unless she can  cut herself out.

* I show some of the tying during each part but not all of it.

Tomorrow watch for a clip starring Cherry Busom and Lilith Lewd