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run time about 30 minutes

JJ and Simone are criminals. JJ turns on her friend and escorts her to a restraint chair in another room. She is strapped in and gagged in bare feet to assure that she won’t escape. After some time a man comes in and tells her he will set her free but he lies and takes her to JJ who gets to work tying her tiny curvy body up. Her elbows are bound, her legs are frogtied and cleave gagged and struggles on the bed. She is still moving too much and her gag is not effective enough so she is hogtied and clear tape is used to keep the stuffing in her mouth and then the stretchy fabric goes over that. What will happen to her next.

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run time over 16 minutes

JJ sits down on her bed when a woman in a fishnet mask and catsuit enters with a gun. She tells the woman that she doesn’t have any money or jewels. She just ties people up for a living…The intruder (Rachel) knows exactly who she is. Rachel wants to learn how to tie because she can’t make ends meet. She figures with a disguise, a weapon and armed with how to tie she can make plenty of money as a burglar. JJ can’t believe what she is hearing but she nervously tries to explain the basics even showing the woman a basic larks head on her own hands which are still yielding a gun. The intruder gets to work tying JJ up as she explains how to do it. JJ gives her a lot of helpful information. She will not be able to untie herself if she is left alone. She is hogtied on her bed and the intruder grabs the famed huge ballgag and puts it in JJs mouth. She leaves her there for a few minutes before returning satisfied that JJ won’t be able to escape. She then puts the other fishnet stocking over her face and as JJ begs to be released the intruder pats her gently on the head and tells her that someday she will understand…JJ struggles hogtied and hooded on the bed for a while before the scene cuts to a few days later. JJ brings her mail in and opens a large envelope with a newspaper clipping about a famed heiress being bound, gagged and robbed of her money and jewels by a masked woman. There was also a thank you card and a stunning diamond ring and bracelet.