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run time over 46 minutes

Jayda Blayze shows off her beautiful feet and then her friend enters. Her  friend checks her out and admires her pretty figure. Then her wrists and ankles are hinged cuffs. She struggles standing and on the couch in the cuffs and then she gets hogcuffed. Her friend worships her feet before changing up the bondage fun and replacing the cuffs with rope. She gets a chest harness, crotch rope and her pretty smile is replaced with a little ballgag. She gets hogtied and her friend worships her pretty feet again. Jayda struggles about until her friend returns and releases her from the hogtie so they can head upstairs together.

This was a custom for Ophelia


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run time 1 hour

Ophelia tells the woman who is interviewing her that she is VERY committed to this hospital. The woman is absolutely delighted that Ophelia is so committed. After the papers are signed it is time to get Ophelia into uniform, only it isn’t your typical hospital scrubs, it is spandex pants and a sheer top, straitjacket and ballgag. Ophelia is a bit confused but finds herself being strapped in. Now she is truly committed as a patient and not as an employee. She is strapped to a transport chair and then pushed to her new home, a bed alone in a room with microfoam tape sealing in her ballgag. She is strapped to the bed and left. Her glasses have been removed and  some time a leather blindfold is added. A few months have gone by and Ophelia has settled into her new life there. She is even turned on by the bindings.

new model to this site Tiffany. She is not into bondage so this is our only clip. See

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run time 37 minutes

JJ and Tiffany are selling high end down coats. They are stolen and 2 cops are onto them. The girls blame Tiffanys boyfriend and then point fingers at one another. They are cuffed and then hogcuffed to entertain the cops. JJ gets free from the hogcuff with a key she is thrown but the ordeal isn’t over. The cop brings out rope and ballgags and tells them to get untied and whoever gets untied first is the innocent one. JJ gets free again and even tries to help her fake friend who hollers in agony as she pulls on the rope to try to help her out. Annoyed she leaves her there to finish freeing herself.