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run time over 46 minutes

Jayda Blayze shows off her beautiful feet and then her friend enters. Her  friend checks her out and admires her pretty figure. Then her wrists and ankles are hinged cuffs. She struggles standing and on the couch in the cuffs and then she gets hogcuffed. Her friend worships her feet before changing up the bondage fun and replacing the cuffs with rope. She gets a chest harness, crotch rope and her pretty smile is replaced with a little ballgag. She gets hogtied and her friend worships her pretty feet again. Jayda struggles about until her friend returns and releases her from the hogtie so they can head upstairs together.

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Tony shot this video with Jayda and was kind enough to post it here for my members. It is also available at gotcuffs

This was a clever custom for Jayda and Calisa and it worked out very well, aside from the fact that I shot it with an iphone pro max plus in default camera settings and Adobe hated it. Sigh.  I struggled to even make it looks this good. That problem has since been fixed at least.


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run time almost 50 minutes

Calisa Bliss and Jayda Blayze are looking spectacular in high end stockings and heels. Calisa touches on Jayda while Jayda gets tied up with a big ring gag in her mouth. Calisa gets a rope gag and she said it may have been a first for her. The two are tied in strappados shoulder to shoulder for a bit before they are re-arranged so that the more Jayda moves the tighter the crotch rope digs into Calisa. I make it worse by pulling off their heels after some time. They are truly stuck on their tiptoes.

That adventure ends but they aren’t done yet. They get hogtied knee to knee and then their gags are tied off to one another. Jayda is now in a harness gag.  They have to focus more on breathing and can’t move around much. I know this part was hard on Calisa mentally, she would much rather put on a struggling show for us then to be stuck being still. After a while I remove the rope so their gags are no longer attached and they are simply hogtied next to each other. The end.

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run time 26 minutes and 25 seconds

Calisa and Jayda hit it off many moons ago at a shoot and they were reunited on this day. Someone was kind enough to sponsor this sexy costume clip of them. It was not me. I’m not that nice, lol

This was my first time shooting the very lovely and talented Calisa Bliss and yes there will be more traditional style shoots of her posted here. AND Jayda Blayze is back to shooting again! I hope to get them back before the holidays…

See some sexy BIG ballgag kisses, huge scarves in their mouths with cleaves, a little caressing, lots of hitachi humping and a little bit of bondage and some outtakes that weren’t taken out 😉  Enjoy!

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run time 34 minutes

A handful of women have been cuffed. The male cop leaves the rookie to deal with them. One of the women (Je) gets the bright idea to grab the rookie cops gun. They begin to get themselves uncuffed and to get her inside and up the stairs. They tie her up humiliate her. They ballgag her and eventually stuff her mouth and seal it closed. Then the group decides to turn on Je and they get her all tied up and stuff her mouth. The group of women leave cop Princess and Je mmphing on the door and trying to untie one another. Je gets her gag out and Princess gets out of her hogtie leaving Je there while she makes her way towards the stairs.

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over 22 minutes

Bondage loving beauty Jayda Blayze struggles sensually in her bikini and sheer cover up pants with an enormous ballgag. She writhes around in delight for a while, even pulling her pants down for a glimpse of her perfect bottom before I come and release her from being hogcuffed. She makes her way still bound down into the boat cabin and gets tied on a chair in the most uncomfortable way. Her legs go up over the arms of the chair with her toes tied down. Her wrists go from being simply attached to the chair to being pulled back into a strappado with elbows bound. An absolutely enormous silk scarf is stuffed into her mouth to help her forget about the uncomfortable bondage position she is in. Her face is wrapped with an entire roll of vetwrap and then later purple fabric is used to pull her head back. Momentarily her nipple clamps are tied off to her toes until she asks soo sweetly to please remove them, which I do. The very end does show that scarf coming out of her mouth.

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 run time over 27 minutes

Jayda walks into her office and removes her blazer. Shortly thereafter an angry older woman (her lovers wife) comes in and starts berating her and tying her up. She puts a huge open mouth ring gag in her mouth, and binds her elbows together. She is tied and gagged and hopes the madness will end there but the woman is not even close to being done yet. She removes Jayda’s scarf and wipes up the saliva from the open mouth gag and stuffs it into her mouth and wraps her head with black vetwrap before helping her to the floor and tightly hogtying her and wrapping microfoam around her head. She is left to struggle for a while before the woman brings in her helper, Dan. to They remove the stuffing gag so he can get a good look at her pretty face and then the open mouth gag is put back in before they take her away.

and I’m wearing a wig 😉

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run time 51 minutes

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part 1, all 3 girls bound

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part 2, Je and Jayda tied

It is promotion time again so boss guy ties up all 3 women, Je C, Jayda Blayze and JJ Plush. Their mouths are stuffed and heads wrapped with tape. They are the hogtied on the floor and then they struggle hard to free themselves. JJ escapes first and haphazardly reties what the girls have loosened up while removing her tape gag. After struggling with their ankles tied together they surrender and now have to be retied as a punishment. Their elbows are bound, more tape goes around their gags and finally they get stocking caps over their heads. JJ goes to get boss man to re-confirm her win.

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run time almost 35 minutes

Cherry and JJ are partners in crime. Cherry is always pushing boundaries. Cherry finds herself in trouble in a small town cop shop.  JJ pretending to be her attorney comes to her rescue, or so she thinks. After disarming the cop, Jayda Blayze, they get her tied up with JJs panties shoved into her pretty mouth. After some struggling in a chair they get her hogtied on the floor and decide to rob the place but then JJ turns on Cherry. She is tired of always trying to cover for her. Cherry is hogcuffed, her mouth stuffed with a bandana and they are left there together mmphing on the floor after JJ tightens up the cops hogtie so that she can’t even roll without assistance. JJ wanders off to start a new criminal life without Cherry by her side.

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run time 44 minutes and 36 seconds

Jayda is in big trouble with an authority figure at her school. She is waken from bed, ballgagged, wrists tied and taken to an office where she undresses from her satin pajamas and gets into her uniform complete with tie. She is tied to a wooden chair, a vibrator places between her legs and her ballag is changed to a harness gag. Sadly for the authority figure the big boss on campus comes in and decides to punish her for taking liberties with the student. He ties her up on her desk, stuffs her mouth with a scarf and eventually blindfolds her and the student before leaving them there.