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 run time over 27 minutes

Jayda walks into her office and removes her blazer. Shortly thereafter an angry older woman (her lovers wife) comes in and starts berating her and tying her up. She puts a huge open mouth ring gag in her mouth, and binds her elbows together. She is tied and gagged and hopes the madness will end there but the woman is not even close to being done yet. She removes Jayda’s scarf and wipes up the saliva from the open mouth gag and stuffs it into her mouth and wraps her head with black vetwrap before helping her to the floor and tightly hogtying her and wrapping microfoam around her head. She is left to struggle for a while before the woman brings in her helper, Dan. to They remove the stuffing gag so he can get a good look at her pretty face and then the open mouth gag is put back in before they take her away.

and I’m wearing a wig 😉

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run time 51 minutes

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part 1, all 3 girls bound

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part 2, Je and Jayda tied

It is promotion time again so boss guy ties up all 3 women, Je C, Jayda Blayze and JJ Plush. Their mouths are stuffed and heads wrapped with tape. They are the hogtied on the floor and then they struggle hard to free themselves. JJ escapes first and haphazardly reties what the girls have loosened up while removing her tape gag. After struggling with their ankles tied together they surrender and now have to be retied as a punishment. Their elbows are bound, more tape goes around their gags and finally they get stocking caps over their heads. JJ goes to get boss man to re-confirm her win.

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run time almost 35 minutes

Cherry and JJ are partners in crime. Cherry is always pushing boundaries. Cherry finds herself in trouble in a small town cop shop.  JJ pretending to be her attorney comes to her rescue, or so she thinks. After disarming the cop, Jayda Blayze, they get her tied up with JJs panties shoved into her pretty mouth. After some struggling in a chair they get her hogtied on the floor and decide to rob the place but then JJ turns on Cherry. She is tired of always trying to cover for her. Cherry is hogcuffed, her mouth stuffed with a bandana and they are left there together mmphing on the floor after JJ tightens up the cops hogtie so that she can’t even roll without assistance. JJ wanders off to start a new criminal life without Cherry by her side.

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run time 44 minutes and 36 seconds

Jayda is in big trouble with an authority figure at her school. She is waken from bed, ballgagged, wrists tied and taken to an office where she undresses from her satin pajamas and gets into her uniform complete with tie. She is tied to a wooden chair, a vibrator places between her legs and her ballag is changed to a harness gag. Sadly for the authority figure the big boss on campus comes in and decides to punish her for taking liberties with the student. He ties her up on her desk, stuffs her mouth with a scarf and eventually blindfolds her and the student before leaving them there.

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over 49 minutes

A creepy cop appears at Jaydas house, searches her, hogcuffs her and ballgags her on her bed with hinged cuffs. After a lot of struggling she returns to let her up but only to walk over to her living room where she will be tied up with rope, have her feet worshipped and be hogtied with rop on her living room floor.

This was a pretty unique custom!

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run time 43 minutes and 38 seconds

 JJ has always longed to be published in a major newspaper. She hasn’t had much luck in life in that regard so she decides to start writing some naughty articles in hopes of being discovered by the big guys. Jayda Blayze and Je C allow her to interview them. They think that she is going to write a story about how hard working bondage models are, but instead she throws them under the boss and talks about how they should be good girls and get so called real jobs. They aren’t happy so they come to get revenge. They tape her with clear tape, stuff her mouth with their own panties and search her house. They take her hard drive with all of her articles. They change her follow up article on them to an apology piece and email it off. They take the newspapers she was reading when they came in and tapes them to her entire body with the clear tape. They take off her gag only to stuff her mouth with newspaper! They come back in the room and make her an extra humiliating little hat only to be met by a cop friend who sees her video camera footage on his phone. He gets them cuffed with zipcuffs and helps JJ a bit before letting them up and leading them to the station for questioning.

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Full clip, run time 39 minutes

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chair & hogtie

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 JJ has escaped from prison and her corrupt cop pal is supposed to come to the rescue but her escape was discovered quickly and now everyone is looking for JJ. Cop pal Jayda yells, “Hands up” with an adorable little rookie by her side. JJ is at first confused but Jayda makes things right by turning on the rooky, Lilith Lewd. JJ gets to work tying the beautiful young girl up and gagging her with a sock and a bandage before turning on her friend which was not in the game plan but neither was the rookie tagging along… She is stripped down to bra and panties and her mouth is stuffed with a sock and she is hogtied. JJ puts on Officer Blayzes uniform and likes the feeling, she even adds the thigh high stockings. She leaves them there but the crazy criminal just can’t help herself, she returns to have more fun with them, tying them to the post, re-stuffing their mouths and wrapping their heads with duct tape and then taking off those stockings and putting them over each of their heads before disappearing.

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runt time 37 minutes

Jayda Blayze is a serious inventor and bad people are on to her to steal her thunder. She has a smoking hot body guard named Je C. They are ready to go out and have a great time but a weaponized woman comes in and ruins their day. She makes Je helpless and then has her help tie up her boss. They both get ballgagged and eventually hogtied but they are making way too much noise and moving too much so it is time for stuffing gags and tape and then they get all taped up over the rope bondage while sitting on a chair while the woman makes off with the oh so valuable papers

Very little tying show on screen, lots of struggling

Happy Saturday,  please enjoy 4 clips in one update paid for by a custom client

Thanks Willie!

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44 minutes and 30 seconds

Jayda Blayze and Lexi Warrior are competing reporters. They are investigating a woman and run into each other trespassing at her house. They decide to team up and go to her office to get her nice and tied up so they have more freedom to go through her belongings, only their rope skills are lackluster and the woman escapes from being left hogtied and gagged on her desk with relative ease and heads for home to get revenge. When the scene starts JJ is already tied and about to be gagged and then hogtied on the table. So once she escapes she wants to get revenge and to be sure that neither can escape. The scene cuts to Jayda being overpowered and then shown all tied up. She is soon gagged with the big scarf she was wearing around her neck and lots of packing tape. Her arms are tied so tightly, hugging her body and she is frogtied and struggling about on the floor. She can not escape, eventually she is dragged out of the scene. Next Lexi is shown being overpowered and then shown tied tightly to a chair. Her mouth is stuffed and her black cleave gag wrapped so tightly she tries not to cry…. After some time JJ decides to tie them back to back and they magically appear that way. They have both been harness gagged. JJ tells Jayda that Lexi was going to take the files they were looking for and run the story despite promising to work together, so now the two are enemies again and find themselves helpless together. After some time they are knocked on their sides so their hands are now available and they are all taped up so they can’t help one another escape.

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36 minutes

Je tells her step daughter Jayda that it is time for bed. The two say goodnight and Jayda goes off to her room. Mom doesn’t know that a thief with a weapon has come in, but she has….mom complies and gets all tied up and even hit in the head a few times with her own ottoman. Her scarf is removed and the thief wraps it around her face for a while and then shoves it into moms mouth which is dreadfully inappropriate. Mom has been quieted and  is unable to get up so the woman gets Jayda, the daughter. This makes mom put up and even bigger fight so she must be balltied with her fingers taped to prevent her from causing more problems. Jayda is elbow tied, her little panties that match her baby doll nightie are taken off and shoved in her mouth. A tight ace bandage cleave makes her  drool, She is tightly hogtied with her ankles crossed. The woman goes about robbing them. Jayda tries to pick at her mom Je’s knots but she just can’t get loose.

sooo much fun to shoot two real life bondage loving ladies. This was a custom and they are local and available for more 🙂