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run time 1 hour

Years ago JJ mummified Cherry and put her on top of a table and tickled her like crazy. It made her pretty freaking miserable. It has been eating at Cherry for a long time now. She finally says to JJ that in order to remain friends that Cherry is going to need to do something similar to Cherry. JJ reluctantly agrees. Cherry saran wraps JJ with hands to the side, puts a ballgag in her mouth, uses nipple suckers on her nipples  ***Those nipple suckers remained on the entire time! Best ones out there!!!*** Then she puts rubberbands on her breasts. Some black tape starts to go on and JJ gets out of her open toe heels. Her body is wrapped in black tape. Her mouth gets stuffed, a hood with her eyes left open goes on and her ponytail is pulled out. Black tape goes over her face and head and over her saran wrapped breasts creating quite the exaggerated profile. JJ playfully walks quickly and hops while standing before being helped onto the coffee table which she is taped to and tied onto. Her nude colored big toes are bound with rubberbands and Cherry adds some white rope. Cherry tickles JJ’s barefeet a little and leaves her there bound to the coffee table.

The clip this clip eludes to is Tickle Torture and Tape

She definitely suffered more

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run time over 33 minutes

Dahlia and her curves that don’t stop struggle hogcuffed and ballgaged on the sofa until I enter and decide to get her all tied up with pink rope. Once she is boxtied and crotch roped the pink ballgag comes out and a pair of satin panties go in her mouth, clear tape seals them in. Next I put a bright pink stocking over her body and tie it off at the bottom. She rolls around for a bit before I remove it. I hogtied her, I tie her pantyhose clad toes, I put a silver stocking over her head to match her blouse. Next stretchy pink fabric goes over her gagged mouth and eyes. She is stuck on her belly so after some time I roll her over for another view.  A little bit of her coming undone at the end is shown.

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run time 15 minutes bondage, few minutes of chatting after that

We begin with Natalie in satin and pantyhose while harness gagged and elbow tied being led around in the hot Florida sun  (3 minutes and 30 seconds) by a crotch rope with her elbows together. Next she is brought inside the home drooling through that pretty harness gag. She gets hogtied on a coffee table with breast bondage. The harness gag comes off and panties go into her pretty mouth and vetwrap goes around her head. Her pantyhose clad toes are tied with a cute little toe ring on underneath. A stocking cap goes over head. Once that is all complete I roll her onto her side.

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run time 17 minutes

A well dressed Payton sits on the sofa with her arms spread in a fiddle and her ankles in a metal spreader bar. Her cop friend puts a ballgag in her mouth and then she soon slips to the floor where the spreader bar is connected to the fiddle with more cuffs. She is pretty vulnerable now. Her heels are removed and then after some time she is let out enough to flip over where she is put into a hogcuffing of some sort. A flesh colored nylon hood is placed over her face and the little ballgag goes back on over that and the stocking cap is tied to her big toes. Her cop friend says that she got a call to go to a very nearby domestic dispute and she tells Payton not to panic, she will be back for her in a little white. After some time we cut to Payton talking about what it was like to be left like that.

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full clip, run time almost 28 minutes

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struggling, gag change, hogtie only

Young cutie Candace begins struggling on the bed spread with heels on wearing a little ballgag for a few minutes before I come in and stand her up to add more rope. She is quiet and not very reactive. I remove her little pink dress and she stands in pantyhose and little panties. I tape up her breasts and then tie her off laying on the bed before I remove the gag and stuff her mouth and put vetwrap around her face. Next she gets hogtied and her toes and feet are tied. She lays in misery on the bed in that hogtie.

At the end in the full clip I ask her some questions and try to engage with her. When I’m tying her I feel like she is 100 percent here against her will. That is the vibe I get. lol-ish

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over 22 minutes

Bondage loving beauty Jayda Blayze struggles sensually in her bikini and sheer cover up pants with an enormous ballgag. She writhes around in delight for a while, even pulling her pants down for a glimpse of her perfect bottom before I come and release her from being hogcuffed. She makes her way still bound down into the boat cabin and gets tied on a chair in the most uncomfortable way. Her legs go up over the arms of the chair with her toes tied down. Her wrists go from being simply attached to the chair to being pulled back into a strappado with elbows bound. An absolutely enormous silk scarf is stuffed into her mouth to help her forget about the uncomfortable bondage position she is in. Her face is wrapped with an entire roll of vetwrap and then later purple fabric is used to pull her head back. Momentarily her nipple clamps are tied off to her toes until she asks soo sweetly to please remove them, which I do. The very end does show that scarf coming out of her mouth.

especially for my dear friend Jochen

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run time is over an hour

A new resale shop just opened and Red Diamond comes in to do some shopping but since the shop keeper excuses herself into the back room Red sees it as a free shopping spree for herself. She puts on some garter belts and a bra and even tries to steal a coat. There are cameras however and the womans lets call him security guard stops Red from leaving. He punishes her with a few metal things in the basement and then makes her sit in a cell for a bit before bringing her back up to the shop keeper who has some ideas of her own. She has her change into a white outfit and shiny pantyhose and sky high heels. She brings her back over to the office area after releasing her collar from a metal rack. She gets a huge ballgag, a spiderweb tie, is told to walk and put herself on display before being sat down in the chair and tied with her legs spread and skirt removed. Her mouth is stuffed with two pairs of panties and her head wrapped with vetwrap, squashing her face and making her miserable. She struggles before the woman removes the gag and stuffs her mouth again and wraps it with purple tape. She gets to the floor and is frogtied and hogtied with her shiny toes tied. A stocking goes over her head. Who knows what will happen to this selfish thief next.

Back to some footage from my last trip to Spain before the world shut down

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run time 25 minutes

Muriel is straitjacketed in the dungeon, lifted up high onto her toes with the crotch strap of the posey digging in after I remove her little slippers and hit her with them. Then she is hogtied with rope while still wearing the straitjacket. Her long socks become leg warmers and her toes are tied. She struggles sensually enjoying the sensations.

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run time 34 minutes

Lovely lady Rachel Adams agrees to be tied in a reverse prayer, ballgagged and tickled and then she gets her mouth stuffed and wrapped tightly with vetwrap and electrical tape. She gets tickled and then a blindfold, nose hook and more tickling before being left to struggle.

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run time 29 minutes

Rachel Adams is viewing a house for sale with a realtor who offers her some tea. Then she is hogcuffed and ballgagged in a peculiar way. She struggles about on the floor realizing she can not get free. After some time the woman lets her up, but Rachel’s ordeal is not over yet. She is tied up with hands cuffed in front. A thigh high and a pair of panties are stuffed in her mouth and her head is wrapped with clear wrap. She is toe tied on the bed with ropes around her upper body. The woman leaves her alone and she finds the key and anxiously makes her escape.