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over 22 minutes

Bondage loving beauty Jayda Blayze struggles sensually in her bikini and sheer cover up pants with an enormous ballgag. She writhes around in delight for a while, even pulling her pants down for a glimpse of her perfect bottom before I come and release her from being hogcuffed. She makes her way still bound down into the boat cabin and gets tied on a chair in the most uncomfortable way. Her legs go up over the arms of the chair with her toes tied down. Her wrists go from being simply attached to the chair to being pulled back into a strappado with elbows bound. An absolutely enormous silk scarf is stuffed into her mouth to help her forget about the uncomfortable bondage position she is in. Her face is wrapped with an entire roll of vetwrap and then later purple fabric is used to pull her head back. Momentarily her nipple clamps are tied off to her toes until she asks soo sweetly to please remove them, which I do. The very end does show that scarf coming out of her mouth.

especially for my dear friend Jochen

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run time is over an hour

A new resale shop just opened and Red Diamond comes in to do some shopping but since the shop keeper excuses herself into the back room Red sees it as a free shopping spree for herself. She puts on some garter belts and a bra and even tries to steal a coat. There are cameras however and the womans lets call him security guard stops Red from leaving. He punishes her with a few metal things in the basement and then makes her sit in a cell for a bit before bringing her back up to the shop keeper who has some ideas of her own. She has her change into a white outfit and shiny pantyhose and sky high heels. She brings her back over to the office area after releasing her collar from a metal rack. She gets a huge ballgag, a spiderweb tie, is told to walk and put herself on display before being sat down in the chair and tied with her legs spread and skirt removed. Her mouth is stuffed with two pairs of panties and her head wrapped with vetwrap, squashing her face and making her miserable. She struggles before the woman removes the gag and stuffs her mouth again and wraps it with purple tape. She gets to the floor and is frogtied and hogtied with her shiny toes tied. A stocking goes over her head. Who knows what will happen to this selfish thief next.

Back to some footage from my last trip to Spain before the world shut down

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run time 25 minutes

Muriel is straitjacketed in the dungeon, lifted up high onto her toes with the crotch strap of the posey digging in after I remove her little slippers and hit her with them. Then she is hogtied with rope while still wearing the straitjacket. Her long socks become leg warmers and her toes are tied. She struggles sensually enjoying the sensations.

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run time 34 minutes

Lovely lady Rachel Adams agrees to be tied in a reverse prayer, ballgagged and tickled and then she gets her mouth stuffed and wrapped tightly with vetwrap and electrical tape. She gets tickled and then a blindfold, nose hook and more tickling before being left to struggle.

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run time 29 minutes

Rachel Adams is viewing a house for sale with a realtor who offers her some tea. Then she is hogcuffed and ballgagged in a peculiar way. She struggles about on the floor realizing she can not get free. After some time the woman lets her up, but Rachel’s ordeal is not over yet. She is tied up with hands cuffed in front. A thigh high and a pair of panties are stuffed in her mouth and her head is wrapped with clear wrap. She is toe tied on the bed with ropes around her upper body. The woman leaves her alone and she finds the key and anxiously makes her escape.

This was a custom for Cherry

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run time over 38 minutes

Cherry gives us her million dollar smile as saran wrap goes around her body. After that has been on display for a bit she gets all taped up before appearing on the table. She has already been ballgagged and her feet are tickled with my stiletto nails but we aren’t done yet. Her big toes and little toes get tied down to the table and her mouth gets stuffed with my panties. I take my heels off and tickle her with the pointy heel. Vetwrap goes around her head, after a bit her entire head is covered in duct tape as well with just her ponytail sticking out while I go at her feet. She can’t see what is happening as uncontrollable muffled laughter comes from her totally covered up head. It may not seem like it but there was a lot of pressure on her neck not being able to rest it on the table. When she let her head down it cut off her breathing and strained her neck even more than holding her head up, an added predicament. At the very end I slide a pillow under her chest and put the scissors on her back and walk away.

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 31 minutes and 38 seconds

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none of the boring tying, she is seated when this begins

run time over 21 minutes

This was shot in 2019 and never posted. It was my first clip with long legged and lean Amie. I didn’t give her any instructions at all, I just told her it would be a getting to know you video. She was a very quiet model, no over acting and also not very reactive. I tie her up, her elbows are bound, she gets a ballgag, nipple clamps and struggles in a chair for a bit before her mouth gets stuffed and then wrapped with vetwrap and black tape. She is balltied and then hogtied and I tie her toes, put black tape around her face and smack her a bit with a cane. She signals that she needs out and once out she tells us what went wrong and says goodbye.

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run time 50 minutes

It is time for the chair challenge again. We know that heels make it so a leg can get free IF the person fights for their life so this time our subject just gets stocking feet making an escape more impossible… Once she is strapped in tightly it becomes apparent to her that she will not be able to escape no matter what, so, instead of fighting for her life she does more of a damsel shake and shimmy for her time in the chair, most likely opting to not bruise up her body in a futile struggle for freedom. Once that is over I decide to put her into a hogtie. Chanelle is new to bondage but one of her first shoots was my pal Eric Cain so she is no wimp!!! I tie her tits up, her first time ever having them tied and she doesn’t react much, good for her!! I’m very noisy about it. I also use the clamps that make most humans cry, no tears from her! She gets a tight hogtie, mouth stuffing gag with blue vetwrap and then lots of tape. She gets a crotch rope and her big toes tied. She suffers beautifully for us! I’m looking forward to doing more with her 🙂

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run time 46 minutes

Adara comes back to the wardens house after a night out partying only to find that she is gone from the chair and the messes all cleaned up…She is soon met with the same stuff and now she is the one that has lost control. She winds up on the floor with her hands cuffed behind the bed. The warden adds an enormous ballgag, tapes up her legs and chest and nipple clamps her, escaping is impossible but she tries. The gag is replaced with a smaller one, her skirt pulled off and placed over her head. Then she is taped up more into a ball. She is writhing in pain because the warden can’t reach around her well and keeps tugging on her nipple clamps making her even more miserable. Then it is time for her to rest again. JJ makes her beg for it. Then her toes are tied to her nipple clamps. Her mouth is stuffed and her head is taped back to the post. She struggles for a bit before the warden comes back for more fun with chemicals. Then it is time to remove those clamps before more fun with chemicals, some undoing of the bondage occurs. A clamp is added to her pussy and then pulled down to the tape on her ankles. Her head is still firmly attached to the post and she is still cuffed behind the back. The warden returns and removes the tape from her head and then shoves a dick on a stick in her mouth making her eye makeup run. She makes her beg for it…Then she gets to rest it all off before magically appearing in rope and being ballgagged again. She is crotch roped, spanked and told to shake her ass and then gets to rest again. Her ballgag is removed and she gets a hankerchief shoved in her mouth. Her head is wrapped with tape and she is hogtaped from there. She writhes around for a bit until the warden cuts the hogtape, removes the gag and puts it over her head. She ballgags her and ties her off to the armoire and the bed post so she can’t get away, after another little rest….

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run time over 35 minutes

Business lady Riley Jane is in big trouble when a masked woman appears and ties her up and hoods up and takes her away…She is led into a furnace room, tethered for a bit and stands waiting to see what will happen to her. She is brought out to a post, passive tits torn out of her all in one girdle and bound up with twine. Her mouth has been stuffed and she whimpers and wriggles before being taken away on a leash and led over to a table where she is boosted up there and hogtied with her toes tied. A huge pair of panties goes in her mouth, her head is wrapped, rope is added to the gag and she is hooded with a nylon hood.