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run time 1 hour

Years ago JJ mummified Cherry and put her on top of a table and tickled her like crazy. It made her pretty freaking miserable. It has been eating at Cherry for a long time now. She finally says to JJ that in order to remain friends that Cherry is going to need to do something similar to Cherry. JJ reluctantly agrees. Cherry saran wraps JJ with hands to the side, puts a ballgag in her mouth, uses nipple suckers on her nipples¬† ***Those nipple suckers remained on the entire time! Best ones out there!!!*** Then she puts rubberbands on her breasts. Some black tape starts to go on and JJ gets out of her open toe heels. Her body is wrapped in black tape. Her mouth gets stuffed, a hood with her eyes left open goes on and her ponytail is pulled out. Black tape goes over her face and head and over her saran wrapped breasts creating quite the exaggerated profile. JJ playfully walks quickly and hops while standing before being helped onto the coffee table which she is taped to and tied onto. Her nude colored big toes are bound with rubberbands and Cherry adds some white rope. Cherry tickles JJ’s barefeet a little and leaves her there bound to the coffee table.

The clip this clip eludes to is Tickle Torture and Tape

She definitely suffered more


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run time 28 minutes

Lilith Lewd is a willing victim in little panties, pantyhose and a bra. She gets saran wrapped before being taped up. First a ballgag, then a wooden gag. Her neck is tied off to the ceiling so she won’t fall in her heels. Once taped up she struggles while standing and then her mouth is stuffed with a scarf and sealed in with tape. She is helped to the floor where she gets hogtaped with her stocking clad feet out and her head mummified as well.