This was a custom for Cherry

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run time over 38 minutes

Cherry gives us her million dollar smile as saran wrap goes around her body. After that has been on display for a bit she gets all taped up before appearing on the table. She has already been ballgagged and her feet are tickled with my stiletto nails but we aren’t done yet. Her big toes and little toes get tied down to the table and her mouth gets stuffed with my panties. I take my heels off and tickle her with the pointy heel. Vetwrap goes around her head, after a bit her entire head is covered in duct tape as well with just her ponytail sticking out while I go at her feet. She can’t see what is happening as uncontrollable muffled laughter comes from her totally covered up head. It may not seem like it but there was a lot of pressure on her neck not being able to rest it on the table. When she let her head down it cut off her breathing and strained her neck even more than holding her head up, an added predicament. At the very end I slide a pillow under her chest and put the scissors on her back and walk away.

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