I’m not exactly caught up but 3 updates are better than none.

My editing laptop, my most favorite one I have ever owned was broken the other night, not by me.

I shot late Friday and then Saturday woke up somehow gluten poisoned and spent the day absolutely miserable on the couch. Aside from stomach misery, body aches and broken out skin I also get gut wrenching anxiety that makes it seem like the entire world is collapsing around me….I was able to open my computer at 9pm to attempt to catch up and it was broken. I was not the one that broke it….My favorite editing computer of all time, broken. My old desktop was not set up anywhere. I wallowed in self pity and slept more instead of trying to drag around computers in the shape I was in.

Today I woke up feeling healthier than yesterday though still very weak. I never catch colds or flus from sickly humans, well not since I got healthy in 2018 but my insides sure are sensitive to things I put inside of me. This morning I went to walk my dog to my favorite local spot to contemplate the meaning of the universe on a bench and I got cornered at a boat launch right on the river with 2 other dogs barking and growling at myself and my dog. We charged at them screaming as to not end up in the icy river behind me. When their owner came out and summoned them away probably after 3 minutes he didn’t ask if I was ok, I was physically sobbing and shaking. There is a leash law here and that is public property. I’m not a Karen, not one little bit but that could have been an absolute disaster.

Anyway, I need to leave the desktop. I’ll be back on the computer/ email tomorrow. I see there are some fresh emails and I appreciate them 🙂

A video of Cherry Busom mummified and tickled will appear tomorrow and hopefully something else…..

I am NOT shooting tomorrow. Simone was rescheduled for Wednesday as are solo projects with gotcuffs.

Stay warm and away from mean dogs.

Much appreciation


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