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run time 35 minutes

A pretty little thing in the highest waisted slippery shiny bathing suit  and shiny pantyhose removes her robe, grabs a magazine and lays down on a lounger after turning on some beneficial red light to relax under. She dozes off with the magazine only to be met with the gloved hand of a person who soon makes her go  to sleep. Her hands are tied above her head and her lean thighs are tied and her ankles are crossed and tied (not to much tying shown and all pov/ gloved hands). She quietly starts to struggle and then she is met again with the gloved hand. Her mouth is stuffed and microfoam goes around her head. The light is turned off and she quietly struggles until once again her pretty face is met with the rag.

Now she is untied and removing her gag, then the glove strikes again. Next she is shown standing in nude heels, the scarf goes back in and her head is wrapped, a crotchrope is added added and her heels are pulled off meaning she is stuck on her tippy toes. She remains struggling looking spectacular and wide eyed while standing wondering what will happen next.

The custom client loved this clip and has ordered more since then



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run time over 40 minutes

Lilith Lewd shows up to model some bridal lingerie. She undresses and redresses with a pantyhose layer under her shiny panties and under her stockings. She puts on sheer gloves and poses for some photos standing and while sitting on the desk. Next she is shown in a different room being tied up. Once tied up with pantyhose used as a cleave gag she poses on the couch and shows off her outfit and bondage from every position. She is doing a great job so the woman offers her another job, put knocks her out first….this time Lilith is spread eagle on the bed with a microfoam gag on and her stocking feet on display.

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run time over 25 minutes

Lilith Lewd is a college student who is failing a class. She gets word that the professor is into women and into BDSM. Lilith appears at their meeting dressed far more professionally than usual, even wearing pantyhose and heels. She gets to work flirting with the professor who is amused at what she is hearing. She gets to work tying up the petite student who after some time can not stop herself from exclaiming that she invited the Dean to this little meeting once she realizes that this is not going to get her a good grade. The professor doesn’t want to get in trouble over this and leaves Lilith bound on the desk to head off the Dean.

By the time the professor returns Lilith has kicked off her heels and gotten her ankle rope off and was trying to open the door. Teacher bursts in and stops her in her tracks. Next she is being hogtied on the desk with a pantyhose gag in her mouth and rope around her head and then a stocking cap over her head. The Dean won’t be showing up and our adorable Lilith will not be headed to medical school next semester.

This is a gotcuffs style custom that I thought some of you might enjoy.

This is the entire clip/ no jail outfit


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run time over 24 minutes

JJ Plush crashed her car and did some damage. She decided to leave it there and walk home to deal with it later. Not too long after that an officer, Lilith Lewd appears and places her under arrest for leaving for scene. She is handcuffed and even leg shackled over her Hunter boots. The officer leaves her there for a bit and she paces around, picks up her phone and waits to be ushered off.

At the station she removes all of her jewelry and gets finger printed. After the finger printing she gets a waist chain and lock box in front. She is taken to another gross little cell to wait and she does.


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run time 28 minutes

Lilith Lewd is a willing victim in little panties, pantyhose and a bra. She gets saran wrapped before being taped up. First a ballgag, then a wooden gag. Her neck is tied off to the ceiling so she won’t fall in her heels. Once taped up she struggles while standing and then her mouth is stuffed with a scarf and sealed in with tape. She is helped to the floor where she gets hogtaped with her stocking clad feet out and her head mummified as well.

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run time almost 34 minutes

JJ comes home early to surprise her girlfriend Cherry only to find her cozied up to Lilith. JJ pulls Cherry away for a private conversation and then the two get to work tying Lilith up. It is obvious to JJ that Cherry does not want to be doing this so she gets her turn next. Tiny Lilith gets a huge ballgag, elbows bound, a hogtie on the couch and then Cherry gets tied in the splits. Lilith then gets her mouth stuffed with a bandana and and her head wrapped with tape. Cherry gets her mouth stuffed with a scarf, tape and rope until later when black vetwrap goes around her head as well. Cherrys arms are tied over her head and Lilith makes her way over to be close to her. She is hogtied and tied off to Cherry before JJ leaves them there telling Cherry she can find a new place to live.

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run time 19 minutes and 50 seconds

Eric Cain brings a sexy little package into the room where JJ is waiting and the two of them get to work tying her up. A scarf goes into her mouth and clearish vinyl tape seals it in. She is elbow tied, crotch roped and nipple clamped before being put in a little ball. A dog collar goes around her neck and nipple clamps are pulled up to it with rubber bands once she is hogtied. One of her high heels is placed over her face and taped on. The pair leave her there for a bit before coming back and removing the heel and hogtie rope. Then it is time to pick her up and carry her off.

This was a custom and Lilith is local and available for more

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run time 29 minutes and 30 seconds

Liliths office has an interesting policy, if you are caught breaking rules you get bound up in order to not be fired. Lilith takes a seat on the floor while her boss gathers things to bind her. She gets wraps and wraps of white ropes and 2 pairs of little panties stuffed into her mouth that she found in her bosses drawer. Her mouth is wrapped with microfoam tape. She struggles on the sofa for a bit, now with her black pantyhose clad feet out and then on the floor before her boss comes and adds black microfoam vetwrap to her body and her gag to tighten up her situation a little more.

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Full clip, run time 39 minutes

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chair & hogtie

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 JJ has escaped from prison and her corrupt cop pal is supposed to come to the rescue but her escape was discovered quickly and now everyone is looking for JJ. Cop pal Jayda yells, “Hands up” with an adorable little rookie by her side. JJ is at first confused but Jayda makes things right by turning on the rooky, Lilith Lewd. JJ gets to work tying the beautiful young girl up and gagging her with a sock and a bandage before turning on her friend which was not in the game plan but neither was the rookie tagging along… She is stripped down to bra and panties and her mouth is stuffed with a sock and she is hogtied. JJ puts on Officer Blayzes uniform and likes the feeling, she even adds the thigh high stockings. She leaves them there but the crazy criminal just can’t help herself, she returns to have more fun with them, tying them to the post, re-stuffing their mouths and wrapping their heads with duct tape and then taking off those stockings and putting them over each of their heads before disappearing.