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The custom client loved this clip and has ordered more since then



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run time over 40 minutes

Lilith Lewd shows up to model some bridal lingerie. She undresses and redresses with a pantyhose layer under her shiny panties and under her stockings. She puts on sheer gloves and poses for some photos standing and while sitting on the desk. Next she is shown in a different room being tied up. Once tied up with pantyhose used as a cleave gag she poses on the couch and shows off her outfit and bondage from every position. She is doing a great job so the woman offers her another job, put knocks her out first….this time Lilith is spread eagle on the bed with a microfoam gag on and her stocking feet on display.

making plans to get Calisa back for another visit

This custom buyer said it was his favorite ever, despite the obvious camera issues

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run time almost 35 minutes

Calisa Bliss and JJ enter the room. Calisa wants to be all tied up. JJ removes Calisa’s open toed shoes and Calisa relaxes her feet on the coffee table. JJ gags herself with a big red ballgag and then gags Calisa with a big yellow harness gag. Calisa gets her big toes tied up over her white slouch socks. Calisa is elbow tied with a chest harness. JJ puts her socks all over Calisa and plays with Calisa’s feet and is left to struggle on the sofa with her feet on display. Calisa is then left to struggle (3.5 minutes-ish). When she comes back JJ regags herself with a sock and clear packing tape. She removes Calisa’s gag so that she can stuff a big sock in her mouth. Calisa gets her head wrapped with clear packing tape. Calisa gets to the floor and is soon hogtied. JJ puts her socked feet all over Calisa and rubs Calisa’s socked feet all over her face and then Calisa is left to struggle (over 7 minutes of struggling).

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run time 40 minutes

Three well dressed women have just robbed a bank. They are celebrating the win when two of them ( JJ and Emily Addams) turn against the other ( Zoey Ziptie). Zoey gets boxtied, frogtied and harness gagged. Then she gets blindfolded with a scarf.  Next JJ turns on Emily in the same fashion and she gets boxtied, ballgagged and her legs tied up. She is also blindfolded. Unfortunately she doesn’t get to celebrate for long because the master mind man (Tony) behind it all comes in and turns on JJ. He elbow ties her, stuffs her mouth and wraps her head with tape. He hogties JJ, then Emily and then Zoey. Then he blindfolds JJ and leaves them all hogtied, gagged and blindfolded on the floor and takes off with the cash.

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 run time over 27 minutes

Jayda walks into her office and removes her blazer. Shortly thereafter an angry older woman (her lovers wife) comes in and starts berating her and tying her up. She puts a huge open mouth ring gag in her mouth, and binds her elbows together. She is tied and gagged and hopes the madness will end there but the woman is not even close to being done yet. She removes Jayda’s scarf and wipes up the saliva from the open mouth gag and stuffs it into her mouth and wraps her head with black vetwrap before helping her to the floor and tightly hogtying her and wrapping microfoam around her head. She is left to struggle for a while before the woman brings in her helper, Dan. to They remove the stuffing gag so he can get a good look at her pretty face and then the open mouth gag is put back in before they take her away.

and I’m wearing a wig 😉

This was a custom for Simone

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51 minutes and 30 seconds

Simone is confronted in her home and winds up tied to a chair with her dress used as a blindfold with only tiny panties and a bra on. The woman ungags her and explains that she is being held until her rich daddy pays up. Her mouth is stuffed with a foam ball and strips of duct tape are used to hold it in. More ropes are added and she struggles in the chair until she is moved off of it. She strips off her bra and panties and gets tied cross legged with her arms pulled back in a strappado after making the call to daddy to get help. The gag comes out and a yellow bondage goes in with white stretchy fabric wrapped around and around her head. After that situation the gag is removed, two balls go in her mouth with more tape used to seal them in. She is hogtied in the nude on the floor. Will daddy ever come to the rescue?



from Tony/ girlfriendbound

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14 minutes

Terra gets arrested in a small town and instead of jail time, the judge gives her the option of getting put into hard bondage and then she will be let go and not have a record.  Terra doesn’t understand how they can do this, but it beats jail time so she agrees.

2nd update of the week

This was a custom video, interested in one?

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run  time 31 minute

A very snobby realtor walks into a home that is still very much being remodeled. It is nowhere near finished. She is the highest selling realtor in the area. The owners of the business have promised never to send her to unfinished properties. She doesn’t want to deal with her clothes getting dirty, any construction fellas she may come across or to get some kind of horrible allergies. She is bitching on the phone when  her potential client arrives. She is immediately nasty to him, a real bitch. She is very angry about being in an unfinished house and she wasn’t smart with this guy. She didn’t ask to see what he was approved for. It turns out he wasn’t approved for anything. He had seen her name on the side of the bus and benches as the top selling Realtor in the area and he was going to the arrogant woman blind, after humiliating him a bit. He makes her give a tied up tour of the home, which she has never even visited. She insists that he can just take what he wants and let her go. She promises not to sell a he then ties her sitting in a chair and puts a big gag in her loud mouth. He leaves her there to steal all the tools and things left in the house. She gets up and tries to hop away, but she can not get anywhere. He finds her, changes her gag to a bandana and leather panel gag. Then he hogties the woman on the filthy basement floor and leaves her there.

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run time over 11 minutes

We just got back from a trip to Europe. This was live at the Venus Fair in Berlin. Venus is typically geared towards vanilla pornography however they have a fetish area as well. I was in the fetish area and nominated for Best Fetish Performer award! Awesome right? A 37 year old all natural, “plus sized” woman that doesn’t do anything nude. Anyway I didn’t win, Cobie from Australia won and it couldn’t have gone to a greater girl. She is flat out adorable and looks good in the nude ;). So back to the clip. When it starts I am in a chicken wing with a large open mouth gag. I start to walk around. Some people stop for images and Tony follows with the camera. I leave the fetish area and go into the main lobby/ hall and then venture into one of the side rooms momentarily but I don’t really venture down those aisles. They had a lot of people and filming would have been hard. At one point a man approaches and grabs the nipple clamp, when I signal that it isn’t ok he is apologetic. At one point one of the pornstars a tall very slender black girl I had never met approaches and starts to lick all the drool off of my chest and neck! I ask Tony to remove the clamps because and continue back to towards the booth and pose with a few people. Then a newscaster for the event came up. Tony asked if I wanted my gag out but the reporter said it would be much funnier if I tried to talk gagged. Agreed. One of the questions he asked me is what what one of the most embarrassing sex situations that have ever happened. I just laughed not knowing what to say and I couldn’t think of anything anyway….He seemed super disappointed in my response, lol.  People are much more well mannered there than lets say the AVNS in Vegas. Well that was my experience anyway. We chose to do this walk early on Friday when most people were at work. The fair gets sooooo busy during the evening it is really overwhelming for an introvert like me. This was tolerable and much easier to film.


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run time over 27 minutes

Sonya (Freshie Juice) gets a quick footrub and spankings over her girdle before getting tied up very tightly. First she is ballgagged, then she gets a pantygag with clear tape and later white tape over that. She is eventually left in a very tight hogtie. Outtake at the end of a fun (lol) gag fail.

This was a custom clip for Simone, since it fit so well with the theme of the site- wardrobe and storyline so the client was only charged what I would have paid the model. Interested? Email

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run time 18 minutes

Poor young Simone. The 90 lb hottie just moved to a new apartment and she has been hassled so much by an older lady that she had to take out a restraining order on her. The woman still isn’t getting the hint though. She hides behind Simone’s sofa with a wet rag that puts her out. She is fondled and awakes tied up, ballgagged and helpless. She can’t believe her bad luck. She is eventually regagged with some panties found in the apartment that obviously don’t belong to Simone which upsets the crazed lady. Duct tape is wrapped around her little head. Her elbows are tied. Her perfect young tits on display. The woman demonstrates how she would bang her even. She is eventually hogtied and left to struggle before the woman comes back and cuddles up next to her pretty little captive.