making plans to get Calisa back for another visit

This custom buyer said it was his favorite ever, despite the obvious camera issues

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run time almost 35 minutes

Calisa Bliss and JJ enter the room. Calisa wants to be all tied up. JJ removes Calisa’s open toed shoes and Calisa relaxes her feet on the coffee table. JJ gags herself with a big red ballgag and then gags Calisa with a big yellow harness gag. Calisa gets her big toes tied up over her white slouch socks. Calisa is elbow tied with a chest harness. JJ puts her socks all over Calisa and plays with Calisa’s feet and is left to struggle on the sofa with her feet on display. Calisa is then left to struggle (3.5 minutes-ish). When she comes back JJ regags herself with a sock and clear packing tape. She removes Calisa’s gag so that she can stuff a big sock in her mouth. Calisa gets her head wrapped with clear packing tape. Calisa gets to the floor and is soon hogtied. JJ puts her socked feet all over Calisa and rubs Calisa’s socked feet all over her face and then Calisa is left to struggle (over 7 minutes of struggling).

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