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making plans to get Calisa back for another visit

This custom buyer said it was his favorite ever, despite the obvious camera issues

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run time almost 35 minutes

Calisa Bliss and JJ enter the room. Calisa wants to be all tied up. JJ removes Calisa’s open toed shoes and Calisa relaxes her feet on the coffee table. JJ gags herself with a big red ballgag and then gags Calisa with a big yellow harness gag. Calisa gets her big toes tied up over her white slouch socks. Calisa is elbow tied with a chest harness. JJ puts her socks all over Calisa and plays with Calisa’s feet and is left to struggle on the sofa with her feet on display. Calisa is then left to struggle (3.5 minutes-ish). When she comes back JJ regags herself with a sock and clear packing tape. She removes Calisa’s gag so that she can stuff a big sock in her mouth. Calisa gets her head wrapped with clear packing tape. Calisa gets to the floor and is soon hogtied. JJ puts her socked feet all over Calisa and rubs Calisa’s socked feet all over her face and then Calisa is left to struggle (over 7 minutes of struggling).

I know I’ll get emails about this not being on C4S. Ill edit out all of the stuff they don’t allow over Christmas. I don’t have any time to be on the computer for a few days…

Another clip that isn’t lovely from when I had all of the settings wrong. What you see in these photos is what you get. Calisa did a great job and the client liked the clip a lot too.  Tony is a hogcuffed bad guy for a bit, if that bothers you please just fast forward. IF it really bothers you send me an email and I’ll chop that part out. I’m curious about whether it really bothers some types of people.


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run time 58 minutes

Calisa Bliss is a beautiful rookie cop. She thinks she can hang with the big strong guys. She gets this really bad guy cuffed up, not knowing that his female companion is hiding nearby and going to catch her off guard. She leaves him cuffed to make a phone call and his lady friend comes in and removes his cuffs but he pretends to still be bound when Officer Bliss returns. Calisa is taken down by the two. The bad guys get to work tying up the pretty cop, elbows and all. The cutie has a  lot of fight in her but she is still in a big bind. Her mouth is stuffed with a yellow bandana and black tape is used to seal it in. They need to get her out of there before anyone comes so they subdue her to take her away.

She is tied to a chair at the new place, breasts bound, nipple clamped, 3 hankys stuffed in her mouth and vetwrap wrapped around her head. She is also wearing a very strict posture collar. Then they use the hitachi on her and she nearly knocks the chair over. What will they do with the pretty young cop???

This was a clever custom for Jayda and Calisa and it worked out very well, aside from the fact that I shot it with an iphone pro max plus in default camera settings and Adobe hated it. Sigh.  I struggled to even make it looks this good. That problem has since been fixed at least.


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run time almost 50 minutes

Calisa Bliss and Jayda Blayze are looking spectacular in high end stockings and heels. Calisa touches on Jayda while Jayda gets tied up with a big ring gag in her mouth. Calisa gets a rope gag and she said it may have been a first for her. The two are tied in strappados shoulder to shoulder for a bit before they are re-arranged so that the more Jayda moves the tighter the crotch rope digs into Calisa. I make it worse by pulling off their heels after some time. They are truly stuck on their tiptoes.

That adventure ends but they aren’t done yet. They get hogtied knee to knee and then their gags are tied off to one another. Jayda is now in a harness gag.  They have to focus more on breathing and can’t move around much. I know this part was hard on Calisa mentally, she would much rather put on a struggling show for us then to be stuck being still. After a while I remove the rope so their gags are no longer attached and they are simply hogtied next to each other. The end.

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run time 26 minutes and 25 seconds

Calisa and Jayda hit it off many moons ago at a shoot and they were reunited on this day. Someone was kind enough to sponsor this sexy costume clip of them. It was not me. I’m not that nice, lol

This was my first time shooting the very lovely and talented Calisa Bliss and yes there will be more traditional style shoots of her posted here. AND Jayda Blayze is back to shooting again! I hope to get them back before the holidays…

See some sexy BIG ballgag kisses, huge scarves in their mouths with cleaves, a little caressing, lots of hitachi humping and a little bit of bondage and some outtakes that weren’t taken out 😉  Enjoy!