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Sorry I’m not “shoot ready” I was unaware that I was even shooting on this particular day. Part 2 of this clip includes her boyfriend getting caught and sloppily tied up with her. It will be posted on the men in bondage area of this site within the next few days.


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run time 17 minutes and 34 seconds

A cute young woman finds herself ballgagged and tied at the wrists for trespassing at a womans rental cabins up north. She is led to a chair where more ropes are applied to her and her feet are tied to the sides of the chair. Her braids are tied, the ballgag is removed and her mouth is stuffed and her head is wrapped with vetwrap.  She struggles wide eyed and unable to free herself.

Next she is shown tied on the floor upstairs, braids tied off to the sides of bunk beds, ballgag back in her mouth. Soon her boyfriend will find her this way (not shown in this clip but it will be available on the men in bondage portion of this site soon).

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run time 49 minutes and 20 seconds

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some struggling in each tie

Dakkota, the blond wife of a rival mobster,  is ushered into a room by two thugs that tie her spread eagle while she is standing in heels, a mini skirt, satin blouse and pantyhose. The man takes off and the woman fires hurtful words at Dakkota while she suffers. Eventually she is led out of the room and then shown on a boat, stripped down to her bra and panties. She is tied up and hogtied with her mouth stuffed and a tight cleave in her mouth. The man starts up the boat and off they go… Next Dakkota is shown with a hood over her head being walked into a cinder block room. The hood comes off and she is told to change her bra and panties. A blue set goes on and the used green panty soon go into her mouth and tight tape is wrapped around her head.  Her arms are tied to the chair and her barefeet are tied off to the sides.  She has been crotch roped and there is absolutely no way she can escape. The woman turns down the lights and peeks at her through an observation window and leaves her there wondering what her fate will be.

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 run time 43 minutes

Bratty beauty Je C finds herself in a harness gag in a pup cage struggling around in open toed heels and a catsuit. JJ approaches and has her get out. She gets spankings leaning over the couch and spankings over the knee. Then she gets a pretty nasty cleave gag and a very basic but very tight hogtie. Then she appears tied in an unusual way to a swivel office chair with her legs spread and hands tied to the arms. Her hands are wrapped in saran wrap and duct taped. She gets a panty gag and clear tape for a while and struggles around. Then a hitachi comes out and she is teased with it before her face gets saran wrapped and taped up so she just can’t see what is going to happen. The hitachi comes back into play and is held in place with ropes that happen to already be in place.

Welcome the lovely Carissa Dumond to Borntobebound

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run time over 35 minutes

A criminal (JJ Plush) approaches a house in the middle of nowhere and is met by the homeowner (Carissa Dumond)  who is quickly over powered and finds herself tied up in a chair. A few minutes later she is hopeful  that an officer is coming to her rescue, but the officer (Cherry Busom) is met with the same fate as the homeowner. The criminal pulls the officers clothes off so that when she makes a run for it she won’t be as obvious. The officer is tied in her underwear next to the homeowner, both of them gagged and mmphing in their predicament.

Before the criminal takes off in the officers clothing she decides to hogtie them both on the floor, removing the homeowners Keds and tying the officers long braided ponytail between her teeth.

A custom video for Nyxon and I, posted earlier to Nyxons Bondage Files

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56 minutes

Nyxon is working alone at her office when she grabs what she thinks is her cell phone & checks her messages. She realizes that she accidentally grabbed her roommate JJ’s phone when she left the house, but continues to read the messages anyway. She sees one that says something about JJ making sure that she doesn’t forget to sever ties with her roommate Nyxon so that she can have a better option on future business deals that require extreme secrecy. At that very instant, JJ’s boss arrives & catches Nyxon on JJ’s phone. Not wanting to take any chances, the boss tells her to put the phone down, place a chair in front of the desk & have a seat. Not wanting any trouble, Nyxon does as she as told but assures JJ’s boss that she really didn’t see anything on the phone & that it was a total accident that she even had it in the first place. The boss ties Nyxon nice & tightly to the chair & places a cleave gag in her mouth. As soon as he’s finished with the gag, he leaves. A few minutes later, JJ walks in & sees Nyxon all tied up. She walks over & pulls down her gag & Nyxon tells her everything that just happened. JJ puts Nyxon’s gag back in her mouth & tells her that it’s best just to do what she’s told. Then JJ’s boss comes back & tells JJ to sit in a chair. He ties her the exact same way as Nyxon & also places a cleave gag in her mouth. He then leaves again, telling them that he has to take care of some business. Both Nyxon & JJ struggle as hard as they can & end up moving their chairs closer together. JJ manages to get herself untied & tells Nyxon that she’s going to go see what’s going on.

The second scene starts out with JJ Plush hogtied & struggling on the floor while Nyxon is marched into the room by JJ’s boss. He has her get down next to JJ & proceeds to put her into a tight hogtie. He cleave gags both women, and then leaves them there to struggle. Both Nyxon & JJ struggle hard, furiously trying to get out of their binds. The struggle to get themselves back to back & JJ helps Nyxon loosen her knots. Finally, Nyxon gets herself free & leaves JJ, telling her to let this be a lesson not to get involved with the wrong kind of people.

The final scene starts out with Nyxon ungagged & tied to a chair. As she’s struggling, JJ is marched into the room by her boss & sat down in a chair facing Nyxon. The boss ties up JJ onscreen & then places cleave gags into each of the girls’ mouths. He leaves them there to struggle. What will happen next?

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run time 44 minutes and 36 seconds

Jayda is in big trouble with an authority figure at her school. She is waken from bed, ballgagged, wrists tied and taken to an office where she undresses from her satin pajamas and gets into her uniform complete with tie. She is tied to a wooden chair, a vibrator places between her legs and her ballag is changed to a harness gag. Sadly for the authority figure the big boss on campus comes in and decides to punish her for taking liberties with the student. He ties her up on her desk, stuffs her mouth with a scarf and eventually blindfolds her and the student before leaving them there.

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29 minutes and 40 seconds

Detective Izzie is armed with a drawing of a woman that has been taking girls. She knocks on the suspects door who has changed her identity a bit with bleached out hair and glasses. The woman assures her that she is the wrong woman but Izzie isn’t so sure. She cuffs JJ and leaves to call it in. JJ has a key in her biker shorts and takes it out and escapes but pretends to be cuffed. Before you know it Izzie is hogcuffed on the floor. After a bit she is let out enough to walk to the basement where she gets tied to a chair. Izzie gets a harness gag, then a panty gag which makes it difficult for her to breathe and then she gets an ashtray gag  and JJ lights up a smoke and enjoys some of it before leaving Detective Izzie down there to wonder what will happen next.

many thanks to clowntokito for the drawing!

many thanks to Frank for the heels Izzie is wearing

and I am NOT a cigarette smoker and this one is actually a CBD cigarette


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48 minutes

Cherry is a newbie secretary at JJs Escape Room, a special place where stressed out people can come and get tied up and choose to attempt to escape or just enjoy their time off from real life. Cherry suggests being hogcuffed and trying to escape. During that time the first girl of the day appears, Rachel Adams and JJ gets to work tying the business lady up while Cherry escapes. Cherry enjoyed it and wanted more and Rachel didn’t mind so Cherry strips from her clothes down to a girdle and cuban stockings. She is tied in a chair and Rachel in a sort of reverse prayer hogtie on the couch but Rachels confused boyfriend followed and comes in. He is a bit jealous that she went to service for this to happen and he wants to prove that he knows the ropes so he gets to work tying the business owner up. Eventually JJ and Rachel are hogtied with their mouth stuffed and wrapped and Cherry remains bound in the chair, not the way these three ladies thought the day would go.

This was a custom for Rachel

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run time 23 minutes

All natural beauty Rachel Adams is stripped down, lubed up tied to a chair with speaker wire. She gags herself with the panties she removes from her body and her elbows and toes are tied as the woman caresses her body and tells her how jealous she is of her all natural good looks. She says she is going sell her off and use the money for some plastic surgery…

Sorry for late updates, here is a 3 for 1


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full clip, run time 49 minutes

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chair scene

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spread eagle scene

A small time girl from a religious family wants to live her life with a woman and she is venturing out to meet someone from the internet for the first time. She doesn’t know what she is getting herself into with a sweet talking but mad woman that does all kinds of unmentionable things to the well dressed pretty girl. A little making out which she was longing for is met with some bondage and down time….she didn’t want either. She is tied to a chair and ballgagged with hands overhead in a way that arms aren’t meant to be for long. The  nightmare continues with nipple clamps and more down time. After a while the mad woman decides to take Ms Adara Jordin back to her pretty home to rob her blind while messing with her and threats of selling her off to men for money. She is spread on the bed with her skirt up and pantyhose out still ballgagged when the scene begins. She fights to free herself but just tightens the bindings. More time out and a pair of pretty blue panties that match her sparkling eyes go right into her mouth, duct tape seals it in. Next it is out time again and the woman unties her legs and tapes her into a froggy position and lets her struggle freely before another lights out session and a hogtaping. She is definitely helpless and wondering what will happen to her next… All she can do is hope that someone comes to her door, hears her cries and breaks down the door.