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29 minutes and 40 seconds

Detective Izzie is armed with a drawing of a woman that has been taking girls. She knocks on the suspects door who has changed her identity a bit with bleached out hair and glasses. The woman assures her that she is the wrong woman but Izzie isn’t so sure. She cuffs JJ and leaves to call it in. JJ has a key in her biker shorts and takes it out and escapes but pretends to be cuffed. Before you know it Izzie is hogcuffed on the floor. After a bit she is let out enough to walk to the basement where she gets tied to a chair. Izzie gets a harness gag, then a panty gag which makes it difficult for her to breathe and then she gets an ashtray gag  and JJ lights up a smoke and enjoys some of it before leaving Detective Izzie down there to wonder what will happen next.

many thanks to clowntokito for the drawing!

many thanks to Frank for the heels Izzie is wearing

and I am NOT a cigarette smoker and this one is actually a CBD cigarette


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32 minutes and 50 seconds

Izzie wearing satin, silk and stockings crawls onto her bed and enjoys a big pile of scarves for a bit before her girlfriend comes in to join her for some Valentines Day fun. She is tied spread to the bed with a scarf in her mouth and two over her mouth. She is wearing sheer panties and a garter belt. JJ tapes a vibrator on her and after some time a man enters and grabs JJ and starts to tie her to the post. JJ thinks that Izzie perhaps sent a man over to join them and isn’t happy about it, but that isn’t the case. The guy stuffs an enormous scarf in her mouth and wraps her head with tape. Then he blindfolds her and leaves them both to rob the place ruining their girl time.