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run time 22 minutes

Izzie is out of luck and finds herself in a latex catsuit strapped to a chair with her lady bits exposed and a leather gag on. She struggles until a woman returns and takes her gag out only to replace it with a pair of panties with microfoam wrapped around her head to keep them sealed in. She is left to struggles on the floor but quickly frees herself and spits out the gag. She tries to make an escape and is caught. Next she finds herself naked in a bolero armbinder with a hood and ballgag on, until the ballgag comes out and dildo goes into her mouth. She is left alone for a bit and then we see her in a tiny American flag bikini standing against a wall with an OTM wrap gag. Her wrists and ankles are bound and she is placed in a cage where she waits to see what her fate will be and it won’t be good.

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