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29 minutes and 40 seconds

Detective Izzie is armed with a drawing of a woman that has been taking girls. She knocks on the suspects door who has changed her identity a bit with bleached out hair and glasses. The woman assures her that she is the wrong woman but Izzie isn’t so sure. She cuffs JJ and leaves to call it in. JJ has a key in her biker shorts and takes it out and escapes but pretends to be cuffed. Before you know it Izzie is hogcuffed on the floor. After a bit she is let out enough to walk to the basement where she gets tied to a chair. Izzie gets a harness gag, then a panty gag which makes it difficult for her to breathe and then she gets an ashtray gag  and JJ lights up a smoke and enjoys some of it before leaving Detective Izzie down there to wonder what will happen next.

many thanks to clowntokito for the drawing!

many thanks to Frank for the heels Izzie is wearing

and I am NOT a cigarette smoker and this one is actually a CBD cigarette


This was a custom for Rachel

3rd update of the week

both versions should be correct now

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full, run time over 22 minutes

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gag scene & struggling scenes  run time 6 minutes and 30 seconds


Rachel is led in tied at the wrists. She balances in heels while being tied up. She gets a ballgag with chin strap and is tied on the couch in a semi balltie, then she is hogtied on the floor. Her gag was changed to panties and tight vetwrap, later an orange scarf added over the top of that.

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run time 18 minutes and 30 seconds

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gag scene & struggling only 5 minutes and 30 seconds


 She was working alone and about to close up when a man (Steve Villa) walked into the place. He accosted her and made her come out from behind the bar. Using rope, he tied her up. To keep her quiet, he stuffed and taped a gag in her mouth. He he left her to check out the safe. She made an attempt to get away by getting up and starting to hop away. Before she could get too far, the man returned and grabbed her. This time he was going to make sure she stayed put. Using more rope, he tied her down to a chair and crotch roped her. She wasn’t wearing panties under her fishnet pantyhose. Then he pulled her big tits out of her top and bra. Finally after taking what he came for, the man made his get away, leaving her helpless and humiliated tied to the chair.

1st update of the week

This was a custom video. Interested in one?

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run time over 16 minutes

JJ sits down on her bed when a woman in a fishnet mask and catsuit enters with a gun. She tells the woman that she doesn’t have any money or jewels. She just ties people up for a living…The intruder (Rachel) knows exactly who she is. Rachel wants to learn how to tie because she can’t make ends meet. She figures with a disguise, a weapon and armed with how to tie she can make plenty of money as a burglar. JJ can’t believe what she is hearing but she nervously tries to explain the basics even showing the woman a basic larks head on her own hands which are still yielding a gun. The intruder gets to work tying JJ up as she explains how to do it. JJ gives her a lot of helpful information. She will not be able to untie herself if she is left alone. She is hogtied on her bed and the intruder grabs the famed huge ballgag and puts it in JJs mouth. She leaves her there for a few minutes before returning satisfied that JJ won’t be able to escape. She then puts the other fishnet stocking over her face and as JJ begs to be released the intruder pats her gently on the head and tells her that someday she will understand…JJ struggles hogtied and hooded on the bed for a while before the scene cuts to a few days later. JJ brings her mail in and opens a large envelope with a newspaper clipping about a famed heiress being bound, gagged and robbed of her money and jewels by a masked woman. There was also a thank you card and a stunning diamond ring and bracelet.

1st update of the week

This was a custom video for Dixie

Just a heads up: This was filmed by Dixie’s fiance who has been shooting adult content for 20 years but he has a veryyyy different shooting style than us

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run time 20 minutes

JJ is in her living room and it gets smokey. Suddenly a woman appears holding a wine glass. She looks like a Flapper from the 20s. She claims she is from 1922 and went into a phone booth to powder her nose and suddenly appeared here. JJ decides to restrain her until her cop hubby appears. She hopes someone is playing an elaborate hoax on her but that sure doesn’t seem to be the case. JJ gets her restrained and puts a big ballgag in her mouth and waits for her husband to come home as she struggles. He isn’t understanding of the situation. He accuses her of cheating on him. He takes the gag out of the time travelers mouth and asks her where she came from and she tells him the same thing. He’s not pleased, he grabs rope and ties JJ up. He decides to stuff the girls mouth with panties and wrap her head. Then he does the same thing for his wife. Then they all wait for another cop friend of his to come with a finger print kit to find out who this woman really is…..


This was a custom for Rachel, interested in one?

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run time 39 minutes

Pretty little Rachel models her fishnets. She gets ziptied with hands in front. She has to stay in it for a while so I give her a task- scoot around and pick up the ends of the zipties I cut. I move her around occasionally. She is pretty uncomfortable. I can tell she is frustrated because she is used to seemingly much more difficult positions but she can not get comfortable. At one point I ask her which one she would like removed, then she tries to slide the rest down her body. It works once I cut another, but she still can’t escape, not even with scissors in front of her so she is rescued, then I make her stretch out for me.

2nd update of the week

This was a custom video. It was my first time wrestling and her first time ziptieing someone

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run time 21 minutes

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run time 8 minutes

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run time 13 minutes

Sarah Brooke is visiting JJ. JJ had told her that she could borrow whatever she wanted to wear out to the bar that night knowing that Sarah was way smaller than she was. She didn’t think that it would be an issue. Sarah comes in with JJ’s first pair of Louboutins. Heels she bought instead of buying a pricey dress. JJ doesn’t like the idea of someone else wearing her prized heels. Sarah reminds her and says they should wrestle for it. This seems ridiculous since JJ has at least 50 lbs on the girl.  Than she remembers Sarah has been wrestling in clips and taking lessons and she sees the definition in her shoulders. They agree that the loser has to be tied up and gagged and since Sarah can’t tie zipties seem fair enough. They wrestle a few times. Sarah wins all of them! Sarah puts the very privy heels on and JJ waits for the zipties. Wrists, ankles, calves, thighs, elbows, a chest harness and finally a hogtie. Of course the big red ballgag has been applied too. Sarah is beaming. She is very proud of winning the wrestle matches against a stronger woman and then successfully restraining the woman that has tortured her in numerous clips. She decides to leave JJ there for the night while she goes out wearing he fav heels.

This was a custom clip, interested in one?  jj at

3rd and last update of the week

This clip is currently uploading 3:15am- I am heading to bed. Fingers crossed that it loads correctly, if not I’ll fix it later

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run time 35 minutes

Rachel is asleep in her room when she hears someone in her house. She pulls a gun from under her pillow and takes charge of the situation. She grabs the womans bag which is full of rope and things. She ties the burglar to a chair with the things found in the bag. The woman explains that she has just come from the casino, gambled away her wedding ring and maxed out her cards. She said she was desperate and begged the homeowner to let he go. She did not. Once she is tied to the chair she grabs a ballgag from that bag and shoves it in her mouth. First the woman tries to explain that her husband is kinky and that bag was not specifically to rob her but it doesn’t matter. Once the robber is secured to the floor she decides to change into some other clothes before calling the cops. The robber takes this time to wriggle free from the ropes after some time and to grab the gun on the nightstand. When Rachel appears she is in fishnets, tall pumps, and a black leather like dress, apparently wanting to look her best for the cops. She doesn’t realize JJ is only pretending to be tied and has the gun behind her back…She pulls it on Rachel and makes her stand next to the post where she is tethered by the neck. She is gagged with the same black ballgag and many zipties are added to her legs before her hands are put into a reverse prayer position. Eventually that gag is removed, panties stuffed in her mouth and vetwrap wrapped around her head. She is helped to the ground where she struggles around a bit before being hogtied with another ziptie and a ziptie is added to her gag. She is stuck there helplessly while the woman robs her. When she comes back she decides to tighten up that ziptie strap just a little more to make the hogtie even a bit more uncomfortable. Then she bids the pretty homeowner goodbye.