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run time almost 33 minutes

Rachel Adam keeps a little secret from her good friend JJ Plush. She loves to be tied up. JJ has agreed to hang out with Rachel that night but Rachel also has her dom over. JJ shows up dressed in pvc and thigh high boots and is delighted to see her  friend in skimpy fetish attire all tied up. She was hoping that Rachel would attend a fetish party downtown that night and it sure looks like she will! JJ watches Rachel get her collar attached to the bedpost. She removes her dress and the play partner gets to work tying JJ up too. They sit on the chairs and kiss and giggle before being ballgagged, gagged kissing, walking around the room bound and then finally they get hogtied on the floor next to each other, Rachel still in a reverse prayer tie and JJ with elbows bound. After a while they are let out of the hogties and Rachels dom tells her she can remain at home and clean up the messes while he takes JJ out to the fetish party.

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run time over 49 minutes

Rachel Adams was indeed borntobebound!! Watch her get all types of gags, a reverse prayer, a toe tie and a tight hogtie with chains onto the ottoman.

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48 minutes

Cherry is a newbie secretary at JJs Escape Room, a special place where stressed out people can come and get tied up and choose to attempt to escape or just enjoy their time off from real life. Cherry suggests being hogcuffed and trying to escape. During that time the first girl of the day appears, Rachel Adams and JJ gets to work tying the business lady up while Cherry escapes. Cherry enjoyed it and wanted more and Rachel didn’t mind so Cherry strips from her clothes down to a girdle and cuban stockings. She is tied in a chair and Rachel in a sort of reverse prayer hogtie on the couch but Rachels confused boyfriend followed and comes in. He is a bit jealous that she went to service for this to happen and he wants to prove that he knows the ropes so he gets to work tying the business owner up. Eventually JJ and Rachel are hogtied with their mouth stuffed and wrapped and Cherry remains bound in the chair, not the way these three ladies thought the day would go.

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run time 37 minutes

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run time 13 minutes

Cutie pie Anna has been JJs live in sugar baby lover for a long time. Even though she is treated like a little princess she is bored and looking for more attention. She is playing online with a man with cuffs when JJ comes home early and decides to punish her for being a spoiled brat. Since she is obviously so into bondage these days (rolling eyes) JJ decides to punish Anna and tie her up with speaker wire in somewhat of a reverse prayer. She is gagged with a stocking and purple pantyhose and later tape with pantyhose all of it. She gets hogtied and left to think about what the future may bring once she has to actually provide for herself.

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run time 24 minutes

Rachels car broke down and her phone was dead and wouldn’t charge in a broken down car. She knocks on the closest door and unbeknownst to her a woman is in there enraged over her husbands lover that looks a lot like Rachel. The woman has been waiting for this girl to appear for a while now and she is prepared to punish her- the problem is this isn’t the girl. Rachel pleads that she isn’t Anna, the lover but it doesn’t work. JJ puts her out and then poof she is tied up a little and then more and more. Her silk scarf is used to stuff her mouth and clear tape around her head. She struggles before a crotch rope and more tape is added, struggles again and then it is time for a nice tight reverse prayer hogtie. Poor Rachel this hasn’t been her day.

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full clip almost 14 minutes

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partial clip (less taping & talking) 4 minutes and 44 seconds

Tall busty Terra Mizu is led into the room. Her arms have been taped up some and she is wearing a huge red ballgag. She gets more tape while standing and then she is sat on the couch and her long legs are taped up. Her blouse is unbuttoned and her pretty navy blue lace bra exposed. She struggles momentarily before the gag is removed and a sock stuffed in her mouth. Tape is wrapped around her head to keep the sock in and then she gets to the floor where she is hogtaped in the reverse prayer position. Her moaning stops and she concentrates heavily on breathing and not bailing…Her yellow pants are pulled down and underneath are coordinating lace panties and crotchless pantyhose for our viewing pleasure.

I was very excited to see Terra again because I don’t have many flexible ladies around. I found an old picture of Nyxon hogtaped in a reverse prayer- it was really intense looking. Terra seemed frightened and said she hadn’t been shooting much bondage lately and wasn’t sure if she could do the reverse prayer any longer. I was super sad….she let me try this anyway and she stayed strong and made it!  She also let me try my HUGE ballgag but it could not be strapped in too tightly but hey impressive on her anyway!!

3rd update of the week

This was a custom video

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run time 45 minutes

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run time 22 minutes

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run time 22 minutes

A man comes into Rachel’s home as she relaxes on her bed. He tells her she is under arrest and he ties her up. She is confused, she says she hasn’t done anything wrong. He calls her a liar and tells her that no respectable woman would be dressed that way. He ties her up and leaves her attached to the bed able to pace around. When he returns he gags her with panties and tape, then he ties her to the bed post and leaves her there for what seems like ages….He returns and says he is taking her to the station. The scene cuts to her in a jail cell of some kind still tied up. She waits to see what will happen. The man enters with the so called judge. A woman in a sleezer outfit than she is wearing. The fake cop ties her legs up. The fake judge gets a little handsy and gags her with a huge open ring gag. She calls the cop in to hogtie the girl. He does and she has more fun with the helpless woman before leaving her there to see what will become of her.

1st update of the week

This should please the guys that were unhappy about the lack of high heels in the previous update….

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run time 19 minutes (includes 2 minutes of gag coming off)

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run time 5 minutes

Story line continued from the custom clip, The job will go to the woman that can endure this physical challenge!!  *Thanks Roberto for the beautiful black Italian heels that Rachel suffered in

Well Rachel won the strappado challenge and got the high paying (sleazy) secretary job….She is sitting on her bosses lap at the end of the day. He gives her a fancy handbag as a gift. She stands up and he spanks her very easily a couple of times. She leaves work. She walks rather awkwardly in the 6″ inch strappy heels he bought her, but her shapely legs make up for it. The scene then cuts to Rachel bound and being brought into the other womans home that didn’t get the job. It turns out she is a little nuts and desperate and since losing the bondage challenge she has been practicing getting tied up and tying people up. Rachel is ballgagged, crotch roped and told to sit. She gets more rope. She gets a big scarf stuffed in her mouth. Clear tape is wrapped around her pretty head over and over again. She is left to struggle on the sofa for a bit before she is put on her knees and tied up more. Then she is put back onto the couch where she gets puts into a hogtie, but it isn’t over yet… Duct tape is wrapped around her head. JJ is now sure that Rachel can’t get out and plans to go steal Rachel’s job even though it was pretty obvious the guy was an abusive woman hater…

This was a custom clip, interested in one?  jj at

3rd and last update of the week

This clip is currently uploading 3:15am- I am heading to bed. Fingers crossed that it loads correctly, if not I’ll fix it later

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run time 35 minutes

Rachel is asleep in her room when she hears someone in her house. She pulls a gun from under her pillow and takes charge of the situation. She grabs the womans bag which is full of rope and things. She ties the burglar to a chair with the things found in the bag. The woman explains that she has just come from the casino, gambled away her wedding ring and maxed out her cards. She said she was desperate and begged the homeowner to let he go. She did not. Once she is tied to the chair she grabs a ballgag from that bag and shoves it in her mouth. First the woman tries to explain that her husband is kinky and that bag was not specifically to rob her but it doesn’t matter. Once the robber is secured to the floor she decides to change into some other clothes before calling the cops. The robber takes this time to wriggle free from the ropes after some time and to grab the gun on the nightstand. When Rachel appears she is in fishnets, tall pumps, and a black leather like dress, apparently wanting to look her best for the cops. She doesn’t realize JJ is only pretending to be tied and has the gun behind her back…She pulls it on Rachel and makes her stand next to the post where she is tethered by the neck. She is gagged with the same black ballgag and many zipties are added to her legs before her hands are put into a reverse prayer position. Eventually that gag is removed, panties stuffed in her mouth and vetwrap wrapped around her head. She is helped to the ground where she struggles around a bit before being hogtied with another ziptie and a ziptie is added to her gag. She is stuck there helplessly while the woman robs her. When she comes back she decides to tighten up that ziptie strap just a little more to make the hogtie even a bit more uncomfortable. Then she bids the pretty homeowner goodbye.

Bonus Update:

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This should download correctly now 8/7 3:43pm

The above are sample images from this bonus photoset. Please note each of these videos are already available to watch here at borntobebound. I don’t set up lighting specifically for photos since people that pay want video clips primarily, but I do enjoy taking photos and I like to share them here and with the models…

The images are of Adara,  Sass, Wenona, Hannah Perez, Amanda Fox, Monica Jade, Rachel, Terra Mizu