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run time 39 minutes and 27 seconds

 Ariel Anderssen enters an office and is excited to be committed. Of course she thinks she is committed to being a nurse but she is actually being committed to the hospital….  She cheerfully signs papers, slips into her new wardrobe- very shiny pantyhose, a little tank top and some black heels. Next a leather belt with pink handcuffs is wrapped around her and some leg irons. After a bit they leave the room together and we see Ariel being transported in a wheelchair. She is harness gagged and put into an uncomfortable strappado position. Next it is time for the tall lovely girl to get straitjacketed and a scary hood is pulled out. She doesn’t like the look of it and she says that she doesn’t want to wear it but it goes on anyway for a bit. It isn’t a great fit so it is soon removed and her mouth is stuffed and a little piece of microfoam tape is used to seal them in and a harness muzzle gag goes on her. She is roped to the bed for a bit before it is time for transport again….

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run time 52 minutes

Rachel Adams has an assignment. She needs to hypnotize fellow agent JJ into becoming more dominant and taking charge. Rachel succeeds and now JJ is in charge. Rachel needs to submit. She is stretched, her pants are removed, her heels get taller. She licks JJ heels, follows her around the room, gets tied up very tightly with speaker wire (leg tying NOT shown). She is wearing a posture collar and a harness gag goes over her head. She struggles in a reverse prayer on the floor for a while and then a sponge is stuffed in her mouth and clear tape is wrapped around her head. Next a leather blindfold is added to her pretty little face and she is left there in that ball.

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 run time 43 minutes

Bratty beauty Je C finds herself in a harness gag in a pup cage struggling around in open toed heels and a catsuit. JJ approaches and has her get out. She gets spankings leaning over the couch and spankings over the knee. Then she gets a pretty nasty cleave gag and a very basic but very tight hogtie. Then she appears tied in an unusual way to a swivel office chair with her legs spread and hands tied to the arms. Her hands are wrapped in saran wrap and duct taped. She gets a panty gag and clear tape for a while and struggles around. Then a hitachi comes out and she is teased with it before her face gets saran wrapped and taped up so she just can’t see what is going to happen. The hitachi comes back into play and is held in place with ropes that happen to already be in place.

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Run time: 15:54

Sky liked the look of the metal mittens and gets to try them out

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run time almost 40 minutes

Dakkota is having the worst day ever and has gotten into trouble with two men that claim to be cops (clip soon to be on gotcuffs if it is not now). They are done with her for a while and leave her for their lady friend JJ. JJ has Dakkota change into an outfit more to her liking. She uses layers of vetwrap and then tape to secure the womans upper body. She cleave gags her with a bandana and then vetwrap. She has her pace around in her new outfit and high heels. She sits her down on the couch and then frogtapes her so she is helpless. She removes the gag, stuffs her mouth and then puts tape on her face before adding a harness muzzle gag. She struggles on the ground and then she takes that gag off and stuffs her mouth with a scarf and wraps her face in more tape and then puts a stocking cap on her face and hogtapes her with a nylon hood on her head. She rolls around helplessly on the floor before JJ asks her which cop she would like to come back to continue her punishment…

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run time 5 minutes and 44 seconds

Just a short struggling clip in a very big harness gag, posey straitjacket, denim leggings and ballet boots from Spain many moons ago.

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run time 47 minutes

Rachel Adams hands herself over. She longs to be in chastity,  blind and kept bound. After a short talk with her new mistress she disrobes and heads to a cell to get into chastity and make herself blind. JJ enters and feels her up a bit before taking her into the main room where she is leash let, flogged and put into a strict armbinder. She stands in her posture collar and bindings and then is hogtied on the floor with leather. She writhes around in bliss enjoying being totally helpless.

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run time 44 minutes and 26 seconds

Ms Adams wants to wear black out lenses, be led around and then tightly tied with speaker wire.  She gets her way. JJ leads her around first calmly earning Rachels trust and then throwing her around a bit while blind and wearing 5″ heels. Her legs are tied with plenty of speaker wire, elbows tied and arms cinched to her body. She is given a pair of scissors to hold in her mouth and JJ lubes her legs up with coconut oil to make them shine as though she had hosiery on. She moves to the ground and gets an enormous red harness gag and then a tight hogtie with her hair braided back in it. She spends time struggling still blind in that hogtie.

Gotta be honest as a rope switch those contacts absolutely freak me out. I don’t think I could ever wear them!!

Candace is  brand new to bondage and to bondage modeling

As I put the chest ropes on she told me that she had a rare heart condition and to not put anything tight across her chest. I was absolutely stunned because this is something that should have been discussed ahead of time. We got through it and she is going to discuss this type of thing with her doctor. On another note that costume belongs to me if anyone has any ideas for it.

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run time over 37 minutes

 Supercandace isn’t feeling so super. A woman has her cuffed overhead with a spreader bar on her ankles. She twists around and lifts herself off of the ground but she can’t escape. A woman comes in and renders her helpless and seats her in a chair. Ropes lift her legs off of the floor and is wrapped around her waist. Her little ballgag is removed and some tape is wrapped as a cleave. After some struggling she is rendered helpless again and walked into another room and led to a post where she is tied more and tethered to it for a bit before being places on a table and hogtied in a harness gag. She is left drooling on the floor.

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run time 36 minutes

Oh my god that thigh rope was the killer and everything else was tolerable. I should post the photo of the bruise I took days after….

written by Eric: It has been a few years since I have tied JJ, so to get back in the groove, I do a quick hogtie in the basement. We chat as I bind her, but just because we are chatting and laughing does not mean that the ropes are not tight. In fact, the ropes are tight, the gag is tight and JJ’s tits are bound and clamped, and I even manage to tie her big toes. Not a lot of movement after I put her in this tie, as she really could not move. I also left in the footage after I release JJ and remove her gag.