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run time over 29 minutes

This is a custom in the style of gotcuffs. It has been available over there for months but I am going to continue to post the customs I appear in over here for those of you that might be interested.

6ft tall Sky is a prisoner wearing an orange jumpsuit and cuffed behind the back with socks and sandals on (about 3 minutes). She needs to go to court so it is time to get into some appropriate clothes to see the judge. She is taken to another room and undresses and then puts on dress clothes including a satin blouse and black thigh high stockings. Once dressed she gets a waist chain with hands to the side and her ankles shackled. Sadly court reveals that she is now condemned to many years in prison. It is time to strip again and get searched. She squats and coughs and lifts her tongue and shows the soles of her feet. From there she has to walk naked to her cell carrying the jumpsuit, boxes, tank top and white socks. Once dressed she nervously walks the room and crosses and uncrossed her legs showing off her bright white socks (about 5 minutes) with hands now cuffed in front.

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run time over 26 minutes

Sky received a text from her married lover to meet him at his boat and to have the drink he left there for her, only the drink was prepared by his angry wife. Leggy and lovely shy Sky gets all tied up in speaker wire and a white ballgag. She gets some spankings. Then she gets a panty gag and vetpwrap and later fabric pulled over her mouth. She struggles in some basic bondage, she gets tied into a ball and JJ wanders off promising to come back with her husband so they can talk it out.

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Run time: 15:54

Sky liked the look of the metal mittens and gets to try them out

New local, tall and lovely Sky

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run time over 30 minutes

Getting to know leggy and lovely spanking lover Sky. Sky is sooo shy and quiet, at least right now in the getting to know her phase. She ballgags herself and gets tied up and crotch roped while standing in 5″ heels. She never ever wears heels so this may have been the most challenging part for her….so next visit expect some high heel training to happen.

After the ballgag, nipple clamps and crotch rope sky gets to the floor and her shoes are removed. She is tied frog style and then struggles before I put 2 socks in her mouth and use microfoam tape over those. Her legs are tied together and her long arms are moving all around so I pull them over to the side to get them out of her way. A pair of panties goes over her head and then she struggles around on the carpet.

At the end I show her unwrapping her gag