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full clip, run time 26 minutes and 55 seconds

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struggling scenes, 10 minutes

Beautiful Ophelia paces in leg irons and a gas mask in latex and then I remove the mask showing a little ballgag. The straitjacket comes off and nipple clamps go on. A strap goes on one leg frog tie style. Her mouth is stuffed with a scarf and wrapped and then she struggles on the couch before getting to the ground where the other leg is frogtied and she struggles more. Then she is hogtied with a strap and black tape goes on the gag, plus she gets  a posture collar. After some struggling I come back and blindfold her and she struggles more.

Little chat at the end, this was her first time in latex

This was a series of videos started years ago. If you’d like to find more of them type in the creepy couple or the kinky couple in the search area

This one is shot differently because we used Dixie’s man to film and acknowledged him in the film

3rd update of the week

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run time 20 minutes

The creepy couple ran out of their clip money and decided to go at it again. They’ve had JJ kidnapped for YEARS now and they put up an ad for another woman that would like to be tied up and make some money making a video. When she arrived they get right to business. They don’t chat anything over with her. They grab her by the hair and bring her into the room. They get to work tying her up and feeling her up. They stuff her mouth with a ballgag and crotch rope her. They bring in their long time captive JJ and just tie her hands in front. She tries to warn the other woman that these people are dangerous through her ballgag. She pleads with the camera man to please let them go as well. She says her family has money and will gladly pay him a lot to do the right thing. He is not so smart, or nice so he continues to film the strange situation happening in front of him…The gags are swapped out to mouth stuffing and tape and Scarlet is hogtied and JJ is semi balltied with hands in front. They struggle helplessly with everyone watching before the the situation gets even more strange when a black scarf is roped over JJ’s face and the gag is taken out of Scarlets mouth. The film cuts with her pleading to be let go…

     3rd update of the week

This was a custom video- interested in one?

The idea came from a clip I shot with Caroline Pierce & Nyxon in October of 2014 called Ghost story turned horror story for the 2 ladies

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run time 36 minutes

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run time over 27 minutes

Adara is on the phone at her new job telling her friend how great the pay is and how easy the work is. She said that girls keep quiting because they believe the place to be haunted. She accuses them of being on drugs. She hangs up and gets to work and then the room gets hazy. She looks to see where it is coming from but she soon slumps over in her chair and a figure in a pumpkin mask appears and starts to stroke her body and hair all over. Next thing Adara knows she is tied up in a freezing basement without her glasses. She doesn’t understand what is happening but the figure appears again and pulls her arms up higher above her head and then ballgags her. She is groped over and over and played with, eventually her skirt is zipped off of her, her sweater cut from her body and her little panties which are used to stuff her mouth. Her head is wrapped in tape. Her nipples are pegged as well as her pussy. She struggles unable to free herself until the figure comes and removes the clamps from her vagina and the rope from above. She puts her hands behind her head and uses the rope as a leash to lead her into another area for the next adventure. She is forced to suck on a big cock, she is hit in the face when it. When she refuses she is reminded of the severity of the situation when a knife is pulled on her. Next her hands are duct tape and she is leaned over the table and banged, and then banged from behind with her knees rubbing on the cement. The figure hasn’t said a word, she just lets out an usual laugh knowing that Adara is miserable down on her knees. Next she is standing in rope and being hit with a flogger in her tits, her ass, her thighs and her barefeet. She tries to fall away from the figure but she winds up being hogtied on the bench. Black tape is added to the duct tape that is being used to keep her panties in her mouth. The flogger is used more and the figure moves away as Adara struggles helplessly on the bench, but the haze and strange lighting comes back as does the figure who pets her body a lot more before disappearing and suddenly Adara is out again. She comes to naked at her desk. She reaches for her glasses, she sees the rope marks on her arms. She grabs her phone and sees that only 5 minute have gone by….She calls her boss, says she has to quit and is leaving right now as she puts on her blazer, grabs her purse and makes a run for it. The figure never said a word the entire time…

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run time over 15 minutes

JJ’s stepkid Riley is a real loser. She just can’t stay out of trouble and she happens to be dressed in white stockings and a mini skirt midwinter for no good reason. JJ and Riley’s dad have just bought a big eye sore of a home in town and they  plan to spend a lot renovating it making everyone in the neighborhood happy, raising property values. They own a few companies and are having a party on the gutted first floor. JJ has Riley tied up in a bedroom upstairs so she doesn’t get in the way and humiliate them. JJ is hoping to get a grant to fix up a building of theirs on the main road and hoping that buying the eye sore home and fixing it up will help get them get the grant for their business. She doesn’t want anyone to know about the messed up step daughter. She doesn’t think that will help them get the grant or rub elbows with the right people. The problem is Riley keeps making noise, so JJ has to keep leaving the party to try to quiet the girl down. She stuffs satin panties in her mouth, she wraps her head with tons of saran wrap. She has her hanging in some form of ancient Chinese torture (strappado) but she still won’t simmer down. Eventually Riley gets out of the strappado but is caught before she can make it down the stairs. She is sat back down in the closet. Black tape is added to the saran wrap to be sure that she can’t spit those panties out of her mouth. She is tied in a little ball in the closet, but she keeps slamming her heels on the wood floor so they are finally removed.  Riley slides down to the floor and struggles about trying to call for help and get out of her binds but no luck she is just stuck in the closet until the step-monster decides to let her out…

*There is probably a minute or so of us chatting at the end included in that 15 minutes, this was actually shot last night.