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run time 39 minutes

Rachel Adams is now seated on the couch with wrists cuffed behind her back. A  hood goes over her face. She is still comfortable with her decision to spend her time away from home bound at her neighbors house. Now she is wearing 6″ strappy heels. Her body is all tied up (leg rope ties not shown). Once she is fully bound she struggles for a bit before JJ decides that Rachel still has a little too much movement left, so she pulls her body so that she is laying on one side and pulls her chest down to her knees and her legs back and up so her pretty feet are in the air. She is then tied off to the ceiling so she can’t roll at all. She twitches and sways and remains that way.

This is only day one of her visit, what on earth will the next few days be like.


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35 minutes

Rachel Adams had been under a great deal of stress and she needed to get out of her house for a while to clear her head. Her trusted neighbor JJ thought it would be helpful for her to spend some time bound and in her care. Submissive Rachel agrees to it. She is cuffed in front and on her ankles while still in the jean skirt, tank top and platform heels she showed up in. After some time like that she is let out and escorted to a wall where she spreads her legs and puts her arms up high and is subjected to a search. She is cuffed up again and waits for JJ to return with her new outfit, orange leggings and crop top that say inmate and sky high ankle breaker clear heels. She is pushed and pulled around  by JJ  in those heels before a posture collar goes on her neck and cuffs above the knee, at the ankles around her waist, a ballgag in her mouth that can barely open with that posture collar on and a blindfold, her wrists have been cuffed in front and her biceps are bound. She is helped to the floor. Her collar is attached to her thigh cuffs and her ankles are pulled up with a chain from behind. She surrenders to the situation and remains in bondage on the floor for a while.

To be continued with a rope clip-


This is from earlier this year when I was struggling with camera settings. What you see in the preview images is what you get in the clip…

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run time 29 minutes

Rachel Adams bullied JJ relentlessly when they were young. JJ was never able to move past it and she decides to get a little revenge… Rachel is led through the home on a leash with a cleave gag, she is ballgagged, a crotch rope goes on. Her elbows are bound together. She struggles around on the floor barefoot but she is moving too much so JJ puts her in a balltie and then after a while lets her out and puts a sponge in her mouth. Her face is wrapped with tape and she is hogtied.  JJ isn’t done yet, after some time a stocking cap goes over her head and JJs black belt goes around her mouth.

This was a fun custom for Rachel 🙂

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run time 50 minutes

Neighborhood sleuth Rachel Adams decides to sneak around at a neighbors house that she suspects is a thief. She finds herself in a bind when the woman sees her on camera. Rachel endures a strappado with a ballgag, the womans panties stuffed in her mouth with a cleave gag and then vetwrap, a bandana stuffed in her mouth with it wrapped in tape. She is frogtied and struggles on the floor but the homeowner doesn’t like how much she is moving around so she attaches a rope from the ceiling and purple stretch fabric has been wrapped around the tape gag. What will happen next?

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run time 49 minutes

A catsuited,  nylon and leather masked intruder ( Rachel Adams) overpowers a homeowner ( JJ Plush) and stuffs her mouth full of 3 pairs of panties and wraps her head tightly with microfoam tape to silence her while she robs the house. Her gag was effective but her ropework not so much. The homeowner frantically works to escape and when she does she see that the masked intruder has left her special bottom behind.

The homeowner finds the intruder and she soon finds herself being all tied up, with a ballgag over her nylon hood. This intruder has a lot of energy and isn’t slowing down despite all of the tight ropes. Her hood and mask are removed, the ballgag goes back on and then a leather blindfold goes over her eyes. Next a rope is added to attach her to the ceiling above. She can still move around a bit but she certainly can’t escape.

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run time 52 minutes

Rachel Adams has an assignment. She needs to hypnotize fellow agent JJ into becoming more dominant and taking charge. Rachel succeeds and now JJ is in charge. Rachel needs to submit. She is stretched, her pants are removed, her heels get taller. She licks JJ heels, follows her around the room, gets tied up very tightly with speaker wire (leg tying NOT shown). She is wearing a posture collar and a harness gag goes over her head. She struggles in a reverse prayer on the floor for a while and then a sponge is stuffed in her mouth and clear tape is wrapped around her head. Next a leather blindfold is added to her pretty little face and she is left there in that ball.

My apologies for the block/ grainy film quality

There will be a few more older edits with it, but going forward everything will look great

Many thanks to Ryan from Downstudios for solving the problem for me 🙂

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run time 1 hr 15 minutes

Cutie pie Rachel Adams has been now been JJs hosiery clad captive for a year. Rachel has decided to try to trick JJ into believing that she doesn’t want to leave her on their one year anniversary, so JJ cuts Rachel a little slack…. Rachel escapes the room while JJ is out getting things for their special day. While she is gone Rachel tries to make her escape from the house which she is locked inside of.  She frantically goes looking for her belongings and the key to get out.

JJ returns in a change of clothes to find Rachel missing from the room. She sets out to find her but at this time Rachel is hiding, jumps her and subdues her. JJ then is cuffed up, but not well enough… She is able to get free and chase after Rachel. A struggle ensues and JJ wins. Rachel has changed into a leotard and black pantyhose by this point and she is cuffed up and gagged.

JJ moves her to the basement where she is bound in leather straps and blindfolded and tethered to the bed just wearing black pantyhose. Then she puts on full bottom panties and thigh high stockings. She is put in a cage while cuffed and leg shackled before being brought back to the bed. She changes into glossy white pantyhose and is tied with rope. She can move around a but but she is chained to the bed so she can’t get up and leave. What will happen next

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full clip,  run time over 43 minutes

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no set up and very little tying

run time over 17 minutes

 Rachel Adams is desperate to find her missing partner and she knows exactly the woman who can help. Rachel agrees to to do all of the things this woman asks of her, all of the things her partner had to do. She believes she is up for the task. She hands herself over to JJ to do as she pleases. Rachel is given a pvc outfit and sky high clear heels and told to put on makeup,  curl her hair and lube up her legs. Once dressed her mouth is stuffed with a large bandana and she forces herself to let go and to be manhandled and led around quickly in the skyscraper heels and gag. More rope and a leash goes on the pretty girl and she hops around in the heels. The gag is removed and then placed back in her mouth, black clingy wrap goes around her head. She has been crotch roped and gets to the floor. She mmmphs about on the floor with layers of white rope wrapped around her pretty figure. She is eventually hogtied and completely helpless on the floor….but when will she get to see her beloved partner.

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run time 19 minutes and 30 seconds

Ms Rachel Adams is brought in with some tape on her hands and a gag. She stands tall looking incredible in those jeans while she gets all taped up. Her mouth is stuffed and wrapped with electrical tape and then a stretchy denim cleave goes on. She plops down on the couch and looses her shoes so her sheer black pantyhose feet are exposed. Nipple clamps go on and she struggles around and then winds up on the floor where the clamps are removed and her big gag is adjusted before being tightly hogtaped with tape from ankles to her pretty mouth. Another stretchy denim piece of fabric is used to blindfold her so she won’t know what is coming next…

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18 minutes

Rachel Adams is dressed up for a company Christmas party but she isn’t going to a party, she is being confronted about signing a NDA. She absolutely refuses not to sign, but they keep coming back at her removing and reapplying the gag, adding more ropes. She won’t budge, so they blindfold her hogtied, shut the lights off and say they will be back in the morning.