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18 minutes

Rachel Adams is dressed up for a company Christmas party but she isn’t going to a party, she is being confronted about signing a NDA. She absolutely refuses not to sign, but they keep coming back at her removing and reapplying the gag, adding more ropes. She won’t budge, so they blindfold her hogtied, shut the lights off and say they will be back in the morning.

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run time over 50 minutes

Rachel visits Tony for some metal bondage

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run time over 25 minutes

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Tony ties Rachel in her pretty dusty rose lingerie set to a rattan chair

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run time 33 minutes

When Rachel posted to Craigslist that she was selling some of her girdle collection she never could have imagined what might happen. When she is off to work one day a woman appears at the door and says she is there to pick up the lingerie. Rachel is irritable and says that she was supposed to come tomorrow and to wait at the bottom of the steps. The woman does not wait and follows Rachel into the room with her things. She quickly complies with what the woman tells her to do and she strips out of her work apparel. Much to the womans delight Rachel is in a vintage long leg panty girdle and fully fashioned silky stockings with a garter belt underneath!! Rachel is told to put on a pair of pantyhose and the woman cuts the crotch out of another creating a top for her. It is not over yet, a large stocking is used to bring her arms very close together and then lots of tape goes on the woman. She is also told to get back into her tall heels. She struggles ballgagged on the little couch while the woman checks the place out. When she realizes she can walk she get up and heads towards the door where she is met by the crazed woman. Next her legs are hobbled even more and she gets up on the desk kicking her heels off. Nipple clamps are added and the woman pulls on them with her stocking clad feet. Her mouth is stuffed with panties and her head is wrapped with tape and another stocking goes over her head. She is hogtaped, ankles to chest and then hair to feet. She groans in misery on the desk while the woman takes off with photos of her like that, plenty or girdles and all kinds of cash and jewelry.

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run time almost 27 minutes

JJ is an x bounty hunter that longs to be catburlgar Rachel Adams partner.  Rachel sent her to a special location, JJ wasn’t sure what to expect but Ultra Girl, a look a like to Rachel Adams appears and JJ decides to get to work subduing her and tying her up. Ultra Girls mouth is stuffed and head wrapped with tape. She struggles too much, so JJ binds her elbows and her arms to her body and adds a crotch rope and then she hogties her tightly. Ultra Girl had removed her belt before stretching out when she came into the room so she had no powers, more tape is added to her gag. She gets nowhere trying to get out of the ropes. JJ decides to give Ultra Girl a bit of a break, she releases the hogtie rope before leaving. Ultra Girl twists and turns and rolls across the room to where her belt is. She tries to grab it on the couch. JJ is long gone by then and hopeful that she has now proven herself to Ms Adams and that they can indeed be real partners in crime.

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run time almost 33 minutes

Rachel Adam keeps a little secret from her good friend JJ Plush. She loves to be tied up. JJ has agreed to hang out with Rachel that night but Rachel also has her dom over. JJ shows up dressed in pvc and thigh high boots and is delighted to see her  friend in skimpy fetish attire all tied up. She was hoping that Rachel would attend a fetish party downtown that night and it sure looks like she will! JJ watches Rachel get her collar attached to the bedpost. She removes her dress and the play partner gets to work tying JJ up too. They sit on the chairs and kiss and giggle before being ballgagged, gagged kissing, walking around the room bound and then finally they get hogtied on the floor next to each other, Rachel still in a reverse prayer tie and JJ with elbows bound. After a while they are let out of the hogties and Rachels dom tells her she can remain at home and clean up the messes while he takes JJ out to the fetish party.

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run time 44 minutes

JJ is about to leave for a fundraiser when an irate woman comes in reading one of her articles out loud. JJ tries to tell her to make an appointment and come back another day but the woman isn’t having it. She is accusing JJ and another writer of destroying her life. She gets to work tying JJ to a chair and stuffing her mouth with the newspaper. She even writes liar on her forehead. She makes JJ call her partner and summon her back before the gag goes in and when she arrives she also finds herself being bound to a chair. Her mouth is also stuffed with newspaper.  JJ is behind the desk as the mad woman ties her partner she is busy untying herself and grabbing a roll of tape from her desk. She crawls under the desk and grabs Rachel Adams by the arms and starts to tape her up as Cherry starts to untie herself. Rachel gets a lot of that packing tape around her body and many pieces of tiny newspaper stuffed into her cheeks. Rachel is taped to the chair until the two women decide to get her hogtape her on the desk. She won’t be able to escape these bindings the way the writers did. What will become of her?

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run time over 49 minutes

Rachel Adams was indeed borntobebound!! Watch her get all types of gags, a reverse prayer, a toe tie and a tight hogtie with chains onto the ottoman.

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run time 47 minutes

Rachel Adams hands herself over. She longs to be in chastity,  blind and kept bound. After a short talk with her new mistress she disrobes and heads to a cell to get into chastity and make herself blind. JJ enters and feels her up a bit before taking her into the main room where she is leash let, flogged and put into a strict armbinder. She stands in her posture collar and bindings and then is hogtied on the floor with leather. She writhes around in bliss enjoying being totally helpless.

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run time 50 minutes and 44 seconds

Sexy cop Rachel Adams is looking for a masked mad woman in a fluffy vest, unfortunately the mad woman finds her first. She is stripped, her hands tied behind her back and then she is rolled around into some saran wrap (not all wrapping shown). Next she is standing and tied off above. Her body is taped up, her mouth stuffed with a ball. Only her beautiful eyes and her barefeet are left exposed. She is taken to the ground. She rolls and mmphs about. The mad woman doesn’t like it, so she covers up her eyes and then slides her body into a body bag and  straps it up. Only her nose is exposed. After some time a man arrives and drags her away….