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run time over 25 minutes, footage of the gag coming off included

Amanda Marie is at home in bed in satin pajamas enjoying a pile of her hosiery. Her hardworking girlfriend comes in and notices that all of these have terrible runs in them which means Amanda has not been taking care of her things at all. She gets tied up with the pantyhose and stockings as a punishment. She is spanked over her satin pjs and then over the pantyhose underneath. She has to gag herself with hosiery and layers upon layers of pantyhose are used to keep them in her mouth as time goes on as well as clear tape. She is tickled on her feet in a hogtie and left to struggle, eventually being thrown a pair of scissors she is able to cut the hogtie. She gets up and hops out of the scene.

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run time 12 minutes

Amanda Marie is sleeping when a cat burglar played by Adara Jordin breaks in and starts going through her drawers. Luckily Amanda has been prepared for such an event and surprises Adara when she rolls out of bed ready to defend herself. She make Adara handcuff herself behind the back before hogcuffing her on the bed. She calls the police and tells them no hurry she has things under control. She teases Adara and brings out a head cage and attaches Adara to the bed post with the cuffs and head cage. After taunting Adara some more she gets back in bed and tries to get some sleep before the cops arrive.

2nd update of the week

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run time 19 minutes

 Scarlet is dressed in satin pjs, nylons and satin gloves. She is waiting for her young lover to come home from work. He calls and tells her he won’t be there for a while. She takes her gloves off and sits down on the bed when two women barge in. The younger woman is his girlfriend, the older woman is his sister. They aren’t happy with the 25 year old taking on a milfy cougar as a lover. They want to scare her away. They have her at gunpoint. Amanda removes her scarf and they tie Scarlet to the bed post with it. They tie her up, stuff one of her long gloves in her mouth and wrap her head in. She was spewing things like Amanda must not be a good lover, they aren’t in love they are just using one another and the women had heard enough. They leave her for a bit, slipping and sliding in satin. They come back and hogtie her, they leave her again and once they come back they notice that she has been picking at the knots so they tape up her pretty little hands.  Then they take her other glove and tie it tightly around her eyes so she can’t see anymore. They tell her once her lover comes home and finds her she needs to end it immediately…