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Bonus clip apology for the late clip update gifted from my fella Tony from girlfriendbound. For those of you interested there is also a new bonus clip in the btbb men section. If you’d like to purchase it individually you can do so at the girlfriendbound clip store soon


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run time 15 minutes and 20 seconds

A powerful business lady Scarlett Morgan needs to not be as in charge for a little while and visits a local dungeon for stress relief. She gets some leather bondage- an armbinder and leather body harness ,an enormous ring gag, a metal posture collar and her arms are pulled up a little behind her while wearing killer heels that are strapped onto her and hurting her far more than the bondage and gag.  Oh if her coworkers could see her now…

1st update of the week

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full clip, run time 18 minutes

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shorter version, run time 8 minutes

Scarlet opened her neighbors package, she thought it was her own. She wanted to drop if off and apologize. The condo is open so she comes right in. The home owner is expecting a man named Joel who is bringing in a little brunette that she is supposed to keep tied up while he figures out what to do with her. The woman doesn’t understand why Joel isn’t with the brunette and why she is saying she has her mail- so she gets to work tying her up while the neighbor tries to explain herself, bewildered that the woman has no idea who she is. The ropes go on and a gimp mask is shoved in the mouth, tape wrapped around her head. She is sweating and confused and left to struggle more until the woman comes back, adds more ropes and finally hogties her after more gray tape and more electrical tape have gone on. Finally she gets a hold of Joel who tells her she must really have her neighbor all tied up….now what do they do with her?


This is a clip Tony/ gotcuffs/my spouse made for his girlfriendbound clips4sale site and He gave it to me to use here…

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run time 11 minutes

Scarlet and Mia play two prostitutes in a corrupt town. They have to pay the sheriff 10 percent of earnings each week and in exchange they don’t get arrested. They missed their last payment so now Scarlet is made an example of in front of Mia who ultimately gets her mouth stuffed wsith panties & hogtied.

2nd update of the week

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run time 19 minutes

 Scarlet is dressed in satin pjs, nylons and satin gloves. She is waiting for her young lover to come home from work. He calls and tells her he won’t be there for a while. She takes her gloves off and sits down on the bed when two women barge in. The younger woman is his girlfriend, the older woman is his sister. They aren’t happy with the 25 year old taking on a milfy cougar as a lover. They want to scare her away. They have her at gunpoint. Amanda removes her scarf and they tie Scarlet to the bed post with it. They tie her up, stuff one of her long gloves in her mouth and wrap her head in. She was spewing things like Amanda must not be a good lover, they aren’t in love they are just using one another and the women had heard enough. They leave her for a bit, slipping and sliding in satin. They come back and hogtie her, they leave her again and once they come back they notice that she has been picking at the knots so they tape up her pretty little hands.  Then they take her other glove and tie it tightly around her eyes so she can’t see anymore. They tell her once her lover comes home and finds her she needs to end it immediately…

Bonus photos!

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171 photos

Sample photos from images included in the zipfile above.

The clips that coordinate with these images have already been posted here at

Mizz Amanda Marie, Simone, Freshie Juice aka Sonya, Rachel, Je C, Scarlet Morgan

2nd update of the week

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run time 31 minutes

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run time less than 15 minutes

JJ zips Scarlet into her wedding dress. This will be her third marriage- third one is a charm!!! She tries on two pairs of heels and then asks JJ if her rope bag is in the car- yes of course! The bride to be wants some rope bondage and not a night at the bar. JJ ties her up, puts a big white on white gag in her mouth. She adds lots of ropes to her arms, a crotch rope is added over her sheer light blue panties and pantyhose. She drools all over after a while. She gets to the floor, the ballgag is removed and her face is wiped with rose colored satin panties which are shoved in her mouth. Her head is wrapped tightly with vetwrap. She soon gets hogtied, her shoes removed and her feet tied. She gets to relax for a bit before her big day…..




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162 photos in the zip file

Some sample photos from recent clip updates that have already been posted to borntobebound. Remember I don’t set lights up for images…..I shoot for the videos which you know is how I make my living so the photos aren’t the best, but hey they are better than nothing I suppose….

Rachel Adams, Terra Mizu, Sarah Brooke, Monica Jade, Sass, Simone, Scarlet Morgan, Renee aka Mizz Shutters, Caroline Pierce, myself- JJ Plush, Amanda Fox

3rd update of the week

Bad guy Steve Villa!!! I love working with him!!!



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run time 18 minutes

A man has JJ tied up in her attic space. He stuffs her mouth with two pairs of panties and wraps stretchy fabric around her head so tightly her eyes water. Her noises are muffled and she is hard to understand.  Her nosy neighbor Scarlet sees the door open and decided to wander in. She finds JJ tied up upstairs. She has been day drinking as she often does. She thinks JJ is kinky and playing a bondage game. She wants to play too. The man comes in and sees the woman and he introduces herself as JJs boyfriend. Scalet thinks JJs boyfriend is someone else but she still isn’t understanding what is happening. The bored house wife wants some action. JJ tries to tell her that he is robbing her, JJ pleads for Scarlet to untie her but Scarlet keeps saying she will make JJ a drink when they are done.  She just is not understanding all of the gag talk. The man ties her wrists, stuffs her mouth, wraps her head with tape and she is in heaven. He puts rope on JJs elbows and chest (off screen) and lets the ladies struggle there. He decides to remove the stretchy fabric from JJ and wraps tape tightly around her head, keeping those two pairs of panties in her mouth. Scarlet is still clueless. Then he hogties JJ very tightly. Her big boobs are off the ground, she can’t even lay her head down. He puts a tight crotch rope on the intoxicated neighbor and hogties her. As JJ cries out in despair and disbelief the bored housewife grinds on the rope to get off while that man robs her of her things.  * We remove our gags at the end and talk to the camera

1st update of the week

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run time 17 minutes

Scarlet is taking over JJs life. She just moved right in taking over her friends and customers out of the blue. JJ tries to get a ticket to the autoshow premiere night, everyone will be there and she attends every year but she’s been told it is too late and there will be no special exceptions for her. Used to getting her way she breaks, and goes right into the home of Scarlet who was walking towards the door, all dressed up to meet friends before dinner and then attend the event. JJ pushes her onto the couch, and wrestles around with her to get her tied up. Scarlet thinks this is absolute madness and makes some snarky remarks which just makes JJ more upset. She gets her all tied up, shoves a doily, a thong and a small pair of bikini panties into Scarlet’s mouth which seems to set her straight. She wraps her head tightly with microfoam tape and then takes off to find the ticket. When she returns with it she finds Scarlet trying to dial her phone, so she decides to stomp on it with her high heel, which just breaks the heel. Now the crazed woman is even more upset. She puts the phone in her rope gag and removes Scarlet’s heels which are thankfully a good fit. She adds some stickly medical tape over that. She puts Scarlet into a hogtie and leaves her there to go home and get dressed for the event. The woman does her best to pick at the knots, she makes a little bit of progress but she can’t see back there to figure out just how she is tied so her struggle is futile. The next day a friend comes to check on her. He removes the layers of tape and she spits all 3 items out and tells her that JJ has lost her mind.


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run time over a 1/2 hour

Scarlet is bound and gagged with an enormous harness gag. She struggles on the sofa before the woman who has her tied up enters. She knows Scarlet has been saying horrible things about her and emailing horrible things about her to other ladies in the neighborhood so she wants to convince her to keep her big mouth closed.  Next she gets a sock gag with clear tape and a crotch rope and then vetwrap over it. Then a scarf is stuffed in her mouth and an ace bandage used as a cleave gag. The worst one for her. She is tied on her knees in a hogtie.  Then 2 pairs of panties, with packing tape is wrapped around her head and purple tape layered on that. She is tied in a bit of a balltie. Lastly a big colorful sock is stuffed in her mouth, microfoam tape wrapped tightly around her head. She is hogtied on the floor. She struggles not to gag on the huge sock, sometimes those throaty gagging noises coming up. Bitch is written clearly on the microfoam and clear tape wrapped around that and her eyeballs. JJ is sure the woman will keep her mouth closed from now on. She leaves her there to think about her bitchy ways. A bit later JJs husband appears and ungags the tuckered out woman.