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2nd update of the week

This was a custom clip

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run time over 40 minutes

Caroline comes home tipsy from the bar and finds her roommate in the living room. The roommate is laughing at Caroline’s micro-dress. Caroline talks about how she met a man that was buying her drinks but he said she talked too much and needed to be gagged. Caroline doesn’t know her roomy is into bondage but she sure is. The pretty drunk girl gets talked into plenty of gags as she grinds around dancing to imaginary  music. She is even convinced to strip from her dress and being hogtied tightly on the floor even, once her roomy demonstrates that she will even gag  herself-

1st update of the week

this was a custom

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run time about 10 minutes

Most of the tying is not done on screen

Caroline and JJ are looking for some information on a man….They happen to find it, but he is on their trail.  He catches them and ties them up and gags them. He makes the mistake of leaving the two alone. JJ manages to get to her feet to grab scissor and Caroline cuts her wrists. The two pull the gags off but decide they need to get the hell out of there and fast. They don’t waste time untying their leg ropes or upper arm ropes. They hop out of the building partially tied.

1st update of the week

This was a custom clip, interested in one?

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run time over 34 minutes

Caroline comes home and finds a strange woman on her sofa. She is told that her daughter has been kidnapped and she must do what she is told. She needs to go get rope, a bag full of jewels and to undress to her underwear. She does as she is told. Next she is told to tie up her legs which look fantastic in silk stockings. The intruder tells Caroline that she has been watching her for a while and that she has been wanting to tie her up. Caroline gets her legs tied up neatly and then her arms are heavily tied, mouth stuffed with white fabric, scarf wrapped around her head. She is crotch roped and hogtied, including her toes. Then she gets layers of vetwrap added to her gag and finally a scarf added to that. She is left hogtied and hopeless wondering what will happen to her and her daughter. The woman has admitted to recording her with a go-pro camera. When the struggling ends the camera cuts to Caroline getting up to read a note which says, “your child is safe with the babysitter!”

3rd update of the week

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run time 28 minutes

Rachel is led to the post. Her arms have been taped up into a reverse prayer and she is gagged with pink panties and a mens tie. She is taped to the post with more clear tape and then her head is taped back which is even more uncomfortable for her than the reverse prayer, soon a black cleave is added to that and silver duct tape is added. Now it is time to change the gag. Her enormous silk scarf is balled up and stuffed in her mouth, clear tape wrapped around her head. After some struggling with her head able to move around now it is time to tape her head back to the post with the gray tape. Now she is completely vulnerable and moaning at the post…

Footage at the end of the scarf coming out of her mouth

2nd update of the week

This was a custom video

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run time 20 minutes

JJ was fired from her job for being emotionally unstable. She is about to lose her apartment, desperate to keep it she comes up with an idea thanks to some recent horrifying news stories. She runs an ad to rent out her place. She looks to see the facebook accounts that match the names of the people emailing her. She picks two very different looking women to come over to see it. She has no intention of renting the apartment to them….she wants to sell them into sex slavery for a pile of cash to keep her apartment. The first woman arrives (a svelt Caroline Pierce) a well dressed banker. She likes what she sees but then is troubled by a ballgag on the buffet but it is too late the woman grabs her and makes her helpless. She winds up taped to a chair and dazed, then ballgagged. The next girl arrives a young tan blond (Adara Jordin). She gets the ballgag off but then is soon made helpless too. Then the nightmare continues with nipple clamps, being knocked out and having their hands used to touch themselves. They are left alone. Caroline is able to free her hands from the tape but of course she is caught….

to be continued.

Last update of the week

Shot POV mostly back in 2010, continued years later with a clip called

It took me a long time to find you again…

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run time 20 minutes

Caroline is drunk in a hotel in Vegas. Her friends left her. A seemingly nice girl offers her help and brings her back to her hotel room. Caroline tells her how kind she is, just as her face is met with a sleepy towel. She goes out, she slinks to the in he pretty atin dress….She wakes up afraid and the girl just talks to her sweetly about how pretty she is, covers her mouth with her hand, gropes her and strokes her satin covered body. She is tied at the wrists and ankles and knocked out over and over. Eventually the rag is shoved in her mouth and her head is wrapped with electrical tape. Her head is soon tied off by  the neck to the desk….

This might have been my first time playing extra creepy, but Caroline just makes me want to be a weirdo!!! It was shot mostly POV back in 2010, not much rope, but Caroline sure is a convincing damsel. This is different than most of my clips but it is the number one clip that I don’t have posted here that members ask me about. I just found the footage 🙂




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Some sample photos from recent clip updates that have already been posted to borntobebound. Remember I don’t set lights up for images…..I shoot for the videos which you know is how I make my living so the photos aren’t the best, but hey they are better than nothing I suppose….

Rachel Adams, Terra Mizu, Sarah Brooke, Monica Jade, Sass, Simone, Scarlet Morgan, Renee aka Mizz Shutters, Caroline Pierce, myself- JJ Plush, Amanda Fox

This was a custom video, interested in one?  jj at

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run time 22 minutes

JJ and Caroline compliment each other on your sexy outfits , perfume , etc. ( Since there is a fetish convention in town ,you are wearing your black latex catsuit ). You tell Chris (Caroline’s boyfriend) to make himself comfortable while you and Caroline go to the kitchen to pour drinks. You and Caroline deviously add a little something “extra” to Chris’ drink . Caroline asks ” Is that’s the stuff you got from Elaine ?” and ,  “Are you are sure this is safe ? ”  JJ tells Caroline , ” he’ll be fine , its just gonna make him REAL sleepy “. JJ and Caroline return with the drinks.  A little more small talk and soon Chris begins to feel the effects of the drink . Camera shows close ups of Caroline and JJ , POV , talking to Chris and asking questions as if taunting : ” Is something wrong , Chris ?”  ” How are you feeling ? ” . ” Getting Dizzy ? ” ” What’s the matter , Can’t move ?”  Caroline then says very seductively ” Ssshhhhh , its just something to make you all sleeeeepy ” . JJ seductively confirms ” that’s right , All Sleeeeepy ! ” Caroline now moves in close ( POV as if doing an eye check ) and saying with a very soft voice ” sshhh , just relax and let the drug work ” .  JJ now excuses herself & tells Caroline to “keep an eye on him til he’s completely out” . Caroline continues to verbally sooth Chris POV telling him in a soft voice  “I’m sorry we had to drug you , sweetie” . ” It’s just something we like to do ” . ” Don’t worry , it’ll wear off in a few hours” . JJ now enters with a cloth and chloroform bottle in hand . JJ asks Caroline ” Remember this ” ? Caroline sees it and says  “OMG JJ , he’s pretty well out of it , I don’t think he needs to be CHLOROFORMED !”  JJ then says , ” He’s not going to be” ! Caroline gets in a quick “WHAT THE F”!! ? as JJ grabs hold , clamping the towel over her mouth & nose . ( Caroline does a sexy protesting through the cloth , glassy-eyed , slow pass-out , but not completely out ! ) JJ now mockingly asks the almost unconscious Caroline ” Did you really think I wasn’t gonna knock YOU out TOO? Good girl”  as Caroline weakly moans . JJ now cuffs Caroline and ball gags her. JJ now looks into the camera POV as if talking to Chris – ” And how are YOU doing ? Can you hear me ? Are you startin to wake up” ? ” Wanna try a little of this ? (simulated chloroforming Chris , POV)  ” Hmmm , good, I think you’re still pretty well out of it !”       JJ now makes a (simulated) kinky phone call to Renee …….. :       ” Oh Hi Renee , OMG , Everything is going PERFECTLY ! …..Yep , I got BOTH of ’em ! ……..  Yep ,sweet Caroline ! Uh – huh . And her boyfriend !…. OH , don’t worry !, ….. Oh, I know, SHE”S THE DOCTOR ! ….. No …..Would you believe I’m almost OUT of CHLOROFORM ! I know ! ,  Elaine likes them UNCONSCIOUS for the WHOLE trip !  Just tell her we’re gonna need to shoot their butts full of Demerol ! Oh , and don’t forget Syringes ! OK , Bye .”……  Caroline now begins to moan and squirm . JJ slowly chloroforms her again as Caroline does another sexy “pass-out” . The doorbell rings and JJ goes to answer . (off camera) we hear JJ say  ” Hi Renee , Hello Elaine  , come in and meet our sleepy little slaves ” ! They realize they have forgotten the drugs and leave JJ to regag Caroline’s mouth with stuffing and tape and then a stocking cap and more tape she struggles helplessly on the couch hogcuffed until she finally she is knocked back out again.

Most of you know I don’t do vibrator clips on my own. This was a custom for the lovely Caroline

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run time 31 minutes

Caroline and JJ are chatting. Caroline really loves to be tied up and her man isn’t that great at it. She is hoping that JJ can tie her up for him. He calls and is running late and not going to be around for a while so the pair get to have more fun. Caroline enjoys herself more and more as the ropes go on. She is gagged, she struggles. JJ notices the vibrator near the couch and uses it on her once she has a stocking cap over her head. The fun isn’t over once she has an orgasm. She gets hogtied, duct tape goes over her gagged and nylon hooded face and then layers of vetwrap are added. The pantyhose clad rope slut enjoys her hogtie just as much as her bound orgasm.

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run time 26 minutes

Caroline and JJ are both realtors that are supposed to be showing a house at about the same time. They have both brought pies. JJ asks Caroline to show her around. When Caroline declares that she is sure her clients are going to buy the house JJ decides to go to pretty drastic measures to make sure Caroline doesn’t get the sale. Once in a back bedroom she is tied up and gagged. JJ leaves her there to show the home. It turns out the clients do want the home! As they go over some numbers JJ adds more rope to Caroline’s crazy amazing body. She changes out the gag, cutting Caroline’s own panties off her head and using those. She eventually puts a stocking over her head and then panties over that! She is slid over to a corner and hogtied. JJ leaves to finalize the deal, she comes back and quickly opens the door to show the bedroom and tells the client that it is the smallest room in the house and there are much better things to take another look at. She returns in such great spirits having sold the home. She brings up both pies and decides to humiliate her competition even further by throwing the pies in her face! The tied up realtor can’t do anything aside from lay there humiliated and helpless.

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