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run time 15 minutes bondage, few minutes of chatting after that

We begin with Natalie in satin and pantyhose while harness gagged and elbow tied being led around in the hot Florida sun  (3 minutes and 30 seconds) by a crotch rope with her elbows together. Next she is brought inside the home drooling through that pretty harness gag. She gets hogtied on a coffee table with breast bondage. The harness gag comes off and panties go into her pretty mouth and vetwrap goes around her head. Her pantyhose clad toes are tied with a cute little toe ring on underneath. A stocking cap goes over head. Once that is all complete I roll her onto her side.

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run time over 15 minutes

Sexy Slyyy has a special relationship with JJs husband and JJ has had enough so she tricks Slyyy into coming over believing that she will be seeing hubby. JJ thought she would feel better taking out some of her frustration on Slyyy. The clip begins with her cuffed laying backwards over the chair all cuffed up in a ballgag. Slyyy is let up and her mouth is stuffed with panties and her head is wrapped in vetwrap. Her elbows get cuffed with hinged cuffs. Her forearms are cuffed with hinged cuffs and she is hogcuffed and her top is pulled up. The wrap comes off but the panties stay in and a stocking cap goes over her pretty face. Her heels came off long ago and shes been rolling around on the floor with her mini skirt pulled up and reinforced toe pantyhose on.

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run time 44 minutes

Cherry Busom loathes her not much older step monster JJ Plush. Cherry and her daddy have always had issues but this broad isn’t going to get the money that is rightfully hers. She summons JJ over to call a truce, the dumb broad falls for it and is happy to come over and bond with the step daughter who is just a few years younger than she is. Cherry isn’t there for chit chat or making up for lost time. Cherry is determined to get JJ out of her life forever. A chloro rag comes out, some cruel shit talking, lots of duct tape bondage on a chair with a ballgag, then on the floor frogtaped with a satin scarf stuffed in her mouth and microfoam around her head. The ordeal is not over yet and JJ finds herself on a daybed taped up with Cherry’s pantyhose clad feet and a dildo in her face. More humiliation, more being knocked out and some nipple clamps. Cherry leaves JJ there and JJ frantically goes about getting out of there. She knows her life depends on it. What will happen next??

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run time almost 40 minutes

Dakkota is having the worst day ever and has gotten into trouble with two men that claim to be cops (clip soon to be on gotcuffs if it is not now). They are done with her for a while and leave her for their lady friend JJ. JJ has Dakkota change into an outfit more to her liking. She uses layers of vetwrap and then tape to secure the womans upper body. She cleave gags her with a bandana and then vetwrap. She has her pace around in her new outfit and high heels. She sits her down on the couch and then frogtapes her so she is helpless. She removes the gag, stuffs her mouth and then puts tape on her face before adding a harness muzzle gag. She struggles on the ground and then she takes that gag off and stuffs her mouth with a scarf and wraps her face in more tape and then puts a stocking cap on her face and hogtapes her with a nylon hood on her head. She rolls around helplessly on the floor before JJ asks her which cop she would like to come back to continue her punishment…

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run time 33 minutes

When Rachel posted to Craigslist that she was selling some of her girdle collection she never could have imagined what might happen. When she is off to work one day a woman appears at the door and says she is there to pick up the lingerie. Rachel is irritable and says that she was supposed to come tomorrow and to wait at the bottom of the steps. The woman does not wait and follows Rachel into the room with her things. She quickly complies with what the woman tells her to do and she strips out of her work apparel. Much to the womans delight Rachel is in a vintage long leg panty girdle and fully fashioned silky stockings with a garter belt underneath!! Rachel is told to put on a pair of pantyhose and the woman cuts the crotch out of another creating a top for her. It is not over yet, a large stocking is used to bring her arms very close together and then lots of tape goes on the woman. She is also told to get back into her tall heels. She struggles ballgagged on the little couch while the woman checks the place out. When she realizes she can walk she get up and heads towards the door where she is met by the crazed woman. Next her legs are hobbled even more and she gets up on the desk kicking her heels off. Nipple clamps are added and the woman pulls on them with her stocking clad feet. Her mouth is stuffed with panties and her head is wrapped with tape and another stocking goes over her head. She is hogtaped, ankles to chest and then hair to feet. She groans in misery on the desk while the woman takes off with photos of her like that, plenty or girdles and all kinds of cash and jewelry.

sorry about the yellow tinge, I’ll fix the lighting in there for future content.

A self gag custom. I’ll be spending A LOT of time alone in December. Feel free to keep me busy with these types of customs 😉

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run time over 10 minutes

I’m a criminal and preparing to rob a home, two pairs of panties go into my mouth to assure I stay quiet, a stocking over the head to hide my identity and tight fighting gloves to not leave any trace of myself behind. I return and show off some jewelry I took. I gag myself with a bandana and wrap more microfoam around my head and then add the gloves and stocking cap to finish it all off.

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run time 48 minutes

Rachel Adams is on the phone with a friend when she sees a stranger appear on her ring camera. She goes to the door but the woman overpowers her and gets her tied up in her foyer. The woman is the ex of Rachels new man. She is ballgagged and nipple clamped before those are removed and she is hogtied on the floor while the woman checks out her place. Next her mouth is stuffed and head wrapped with duct tape for a bit before the woman returns. Then she is leash led over to her little yoga tripod. The woman adds more rope, including a crotch rope and gets her hogtied on the floor again. Then she decides to attach Rachel to the tripod, arching her up and making it impossible to roll around. She gets a nylon over her head and then more tape around her face and the nipple clamps back on and is left in misery wondering what this jealous bitch will do next.

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36 minutes

 JJ is sitting in her office when the neighbor boy comes in and asks if she has some time to play. He says he likes pantyhose and prison play. She decides to amuse him and the two head down to the basement after JJ is asked to put on a pair of white socks and leg irons. She walks the line back and forth and then goes into the jail cell. He gives her a nylon hood to wear and then has her tie her big natural boobs up. After some time she walks the line again and pulls a chair over and tries to remove her socks with her teeth so he can see her pantyhose clad feet again. She fails so his hand appears helping her. Then she puts a new stocking cap on having ripped hers with her teeth. Next she appears in the cage in a handcuff strappado.  Her neck is tied to the bars forcing her encased face to the bars. After a bit she appears in an orange jumpsuit, boobs still tied, stocking cap on walking the line until it is time to go back to the office where after a chat she appears in an elbows together hogtie on the desk.

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run time over 46 minutes

JJs little brother was dating Izzie, they had a bad breakup and now $3500 is missing from brother Jamie’s bank account. JJ decides to invite Izzie over for a girls night but she plans to get to the bottom of this missing money. Before Izzie knows what is happening she is tied up with her pantyhose clad feet out and different things and wraps are being stuffed into her mouth and wrapped around her head. JJ demands for her to admit that she took the cash but she refuses to admit it. She claims she loves him and wants to get back with him. More punishment and humiliation finally ending with her hogtied on the floor with a stocking cap over her head. At that point JJ gets a text from her brother saying that the bank made a mistake and his account has been credited.

He has no idea what big siss has done to the love of his life, oops, she meant well…

This was a custom for Ophelia and it was pretty playful and one of the first rope clips she ever did where she had to talk so much without being gagged. Ophelia and I both got into bondage for the bondage and not the acting just about 15 years apart, lol, but by the end of her visit she was a natural 😉

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run time 38 minutes

 Ophelia enters a home to rob it and removes her impractical heels to get around better. Her sheer toe tan pantyhose stick out from the top of her jeans where her bright pink blouse is tied to show off her ass. She is met by another female intruder wearing a satin blouse, jeans and leopard heels. That woman is more persuasive and Ophelia soon finds her long lean and busty body being wrapped with rope. The two exchange a lot of banter,  the woman doing the tying is enjoying it too much to stop until Ophelia is totally tied and told to sit on the chair. She (JJ) leaves the room but is soon ushered back by yet another intruder, this one a man in a mask. Her heels are gone and she has on dark gray reinforced toe pantyhose. He begins to tie the other woman up.  Plenty of words are exchanged before he pulls big socks out of the bag and gags each one with them, wrapping their heads with tape. He then puts stocking caps over their heads and has them get to the floor where he hogties them and leaves them there after pulling their stockings caps back. They roll around without any luck getting untied. At least now they can say this mad man dragged them in with him and left them there when the owners return, lets hope they both tell police the same story.