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run time over 25 minutes

Lilith Lewd is a college student who is failing a class. She gets word that the professor is into women and into BDSM. Lilith appears at their meeting dressed far more professionally than usual, even wearing pantyhose and heels. She gets to work flirting with the professor who is amused at what she is hearing. She gets to work tying up the petite student who after some time can not stop herself from exclaiming that she invited the Dean to this little meeting once she realizes that this is not going to get her a good grade. The professor doesn’t want to get in trouble over this and leaves Lilith bound on the desk to head off the Dean.

By the time the professor returns Lilith has kicked off her heels and gotten her ankle rope off and was trying to open the door. Teacher bursts in and stops her in her tracks. Next she is being hogtied on the desk with a pantyhose gag in her mouth and rope around her head and then a stocking cap over her head. The Dean won’t be showing up and our adorable Lilith will not be headed to medical school next semester.

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Tightest tie I did on Alba during her stay. I think she said it felt like the tightest hogtie of her trip as well, but no worries Alba fans, I have several more Alba clips.

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run time 30 minutes and 43 seconds

Alba Zevon sweet talked JJ into loaning her a large sum of money but it becomes obvious to JJ that she had absolutely no intention of paying her back. JJ brings some muscle and the two get to work tying her up quickly and tightly. She is ballgagged before being gagged with a sponge and tape. She is crotch roped and a stocking cap goes on her head and black tape around that. Her stocking cap is tied back to her hogtie. Her chest is arched up off of the floor. She can wiggle her bare feet but she can’t do much more at all.

Now that they have her like this, what will become of her?

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run time almost 37 minutes

Cherry takes ballet class and loves to wear pantyhose there. She ordered an open box product online and didn’t realize she was going to receive high end hosiery with runs in them. She decides to make the best of the situation and enjoy herself. She puts a pair of glossy pantyhose on, makes a hat out of pantyhose, a  little chest harness, she stretches and caresses her silky body. She pulls a stocking cap down over her face and puts on a big white ballgag. This first part is about 15 minutes.

JJ arrives and just begins to tie her up in a pretzel form with the remaining hosiery. Her mouth is stuffed with a silky scarf that is put into a stocking and into her mouth, the ends are used to keep it in her mouth. More hosiery goes over her head and around her face. Her arms are tied up over her head and she is put into a hogtie. Now she is making more strained noises but really enjoying it. She struggles before stretching the stockings and getting out of the hogtie and into a pretzel shape, struggling a little while before coming undone with a tiny bit of help.

I just glanced over the site and realized that there has been a lot of sweaters and tape, so here is something a little different.

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run time over 15 minutes

Dahlia Lark with her perfect peaches and cream skin struggles sensually in a strappado wearing an armbinder and spreader bar with a harness gag for a while before I come in and remove the armbinder. Next she is shown struggling on the floor in leather straps. I put a pair of panties in her mouth, wrap her head and watch her struggle before putting the lace cap on her head and pulling her bustier to the side and watching her enjoy her bindings.

This is one of those clips that was shot when I was having some quality issues….sorry about the pixelation. There are still some clips that have it to be posted but it has been corrected on newer content

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run time 25 minutes

JJ is on the phone with a friend discussing a man that has been breaking into single ladies places, gagging them, taping them up and then encasing them in pantyhose and nylons. She hangs up the phone and a man grabs her and a cloth goes over her face. When she comes to she realizes that she has been all taped up over her big cozy sweater. The man comes at her with panties and stuffs them in her mouth. Then he ever so carefully wraps her head in tape muffling her cries for help. Socks have also been placed over her hands so there is no way she can attempt to rip the tape. After a while he returns with more stockings and puts two of them over her head and leaves her there again squirming around on the couch still gagged until she drops to the floor. A while later he returns with more hosiery is shows. She is completely encased over her cable knit turtle neck sweater and slouch socks. What will become of her??

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36 minutes

 JJ is sitting in her office when the neighbor boy comes in and asks if she has some time to play. He says he likes pantyhose and prison play. She decides to amuse him and the two head down to the basement after JJ is asked to put on a pair of white socks and leg irons. She walks the line back and forth and then goes into the jail cell. He gives her a nylon hood to wear and then has her tie her big natural boobs up. After some time she walks the line again and pulls a chair over and tries to remove her socks with her teeth so he can see her pantyhose clad feet again. She fails so his hand appears helping her. Then she puts a new stocking cap on having ripped hers with her teeth. Next she appears in the cage in a handcuff strappado.  Her neck is tied to the bars forcing her encased face to the bars. After a bit she appears in an orange jumpsuit, boobs still tied, stocking cap on walking the line until it is time to go back to the office where after a chat she appears in an elbows together hogtie on the desk.

This was a custom for Ophelia and it was pretty playful and one of the first rope clips she ever did where she had to talk so much without being gagged. Ophelia and I both got into bondage for the bondage and not the acting just about 15 years apart, lol, but by the end of her visit she was a natural 😉

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run time 38 minutes

 Ophelia enters a home to rob it and removes her impractical heels to get around better. Her sheer toe tan pantyhose stick out from the top of her jeans where her bright pink blouse is tied to show off her ass. She is met by another female intruder wearing a satin blouse, jeans and leopard heels. That woman is more persuasive and Ophelia soon finds her long lean and busty body being wrapped with rope. The two exchange a lot of banter,  the woman doing the tying is enjoying it too much to stop until Ophelia is totally tied and told to sit on the chair. She (JJ) leaves the room but is soon ushered back by yet another intruder, this one a man in a mask. Her heels are gone and she has on dark gray reinforced toe pantyhose. He begins to tie the other woman up.  Plenty of words are exchanged before he pulls big socks out of the bag and gags each one with them, wrapping their heads with tape. He then puts stocking caps over their heads and has them get to the floor where he hogties them and leaves them there after pulling their stockings caps back. They roll around without any luck getting untied. At least now they can say this mad man dragged them in with him and left them there when the owners return, lets hope they both tell police the same story.


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31 minutes and 30 seconds

Freshie struggles with cuffed ankles in a fiddle with a little silver ballgag. I come in and connect the fiddle to her ankle cuffs and her legs go straight up on the sofa. Next it is time for her to wear the metal contraption where all 4 limbs go in. She is vulnerable and adorable rolling around on the rug.  Then it is time to replace the starter ballgag with an enormous hard one, she drools immediately now hogcuffed with a spreader bar.  Next a blue ball and red tape go in and over her mouth. She gets hogcuffed a different way, a blue stocking goes over her head and the other one used to tie up her feet. After some struggling the fuzzy blue sweater goes right up over her head covering her entire face.

This was shot without a camera person, I tried my best which isn’t the best…..also if anyone likes sweater clips and would like to send another big fluffy one in another color that would be awesome. I’ll make you a video with me in it as a thanks. Mailing address found under Sessions & Wishlist

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 run time over 39 minutes

Constance is straitjacketed in a bodysuit, shiny pantyhose and open toe heels. She is a magician and usually has no problems escaping but she is having an off day and caught up in the sj.  Her roommate comes in and she removes the posey straitjacket. Constance says she has a show later that night and asks her roommate to please tie her up so she can practice. The bondage goes a little too far, with her elbows bound and then also being put into a balltie with an enormous scarf in her mouth and finally a stocking cap is put over her head. Her roommate gives her a pillow to be funny. She struggles very hard but she can not escape. After a bit the roommate re-enters and takes the hood off and scarf out of her mouth and tosses her a pair of scissors and tells her to get out that way, but to be careful not to cut herself getting out.

My first and only clip with her, see much more of her at my good friends site, or buy this clip at my clips4sale studio 8358


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run time 32 minutes

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end part

German all natural beauty Muriel entertains me by putting stockings on with a garter belt and then gets into pantyhose and a pantyhose shirt. I have her gag herself with a bit gag with her pantyhose clad hands and I get to work taping her up with black tape. She gets a nylon hood and then a ballgag with that and nipple clamps over her hosiery clad body. She struggles about before I put her into a ball taping. I adjust her nipple clamps and add tape to her face and pull the stocking hood and tape up her little hands and then draw on her face. I spank her a bit and manhandle her and leave her making delightful little noises on the floor…