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This was a clever custom for Jayda and Calisa and it worked out very well, aside from the fact that I shot it with an iphone pro max plus in default camera settings and Adobe hated it. Sigh.  I struggled to even make it looks this good. That problem has since been fixed at least.


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run time almost 50 minutes

Calisa Bliss and Jayda Blayze are looking spectacular in high end stockings and heels. Calisa touches on Jayda while Jayda gets tied up with a big ring gag in her mouth. Calisa gets a rope gag and she said it may have been a first for her. The two are tied in strappados shoulder to shoulder for a bit before they are re-arranged so that the more Jayda moves the tighter the crotch rope digs into Calisa. I make it worse by pulling off their heels after some time. They are truly stuck on their tiptoes.

That adventure ends but they aren’t done yet. They get hogtied knee to knee and then their gags are tied off to one another. Jayda is now in a harness gag.  They have to focus more on breathing and can’t move around much. I know this part was hard on Calisa mentally, she would much rather put on a struggling show for us then to be stuck being still. After a while I remove the rope so their gags are no longer attached and they are simply hogtied next to each other. The end.

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run time almost 37 minutes

Cherry takes ballet class and loves to wear pantyhose there. She ordered an open box product online and didn’t realize she was going to receive high end hosiery with runs in them. She decides to make the best of the situation and enjoy herself. She puts a pair of glossy pantyhose on, makes a hat out of pantyhose, a  little chest harness, she stretches and caresses her silky body. She pulls a stocking cap down over her face and puts on a big white ballgag. This first part is about 15 minutes.

JJ arrives and just begins to tie her up in a pretzel form with the remaining hosiery. Her mouth is stuffed with a silky scarf that is put into a stocking and into her mouth, the ends are used to keep it in her mouth. More hosiery goes over her head and around her face. Her arms are tied up over her head and she is put into a hogtie. Now she is making more strained noises but really enjoying it. She struggles before stretching the stockings and getting out of the hogtie and into a pretzel shape, struggling a little while before coming undone with a tiny bit of help.