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run time almost 43 minutes

A woman has broken into Rachel Adam’s home and plans to rob the place. Rachel comes home unexpectedly and the two get into a conversation and Rachel suggests that the woman keeps her all tied up once she explains that she is a bondage model. Rachel explains different types of bondage and what it is like being a bondage model. The robber asks what type of clothing people like to see the women in and then she goes to get some of those clothing, one thing being part of an Ultra Girl spandex outfit and the tallest platform heels ever. Rachel strips nude and gets hinged cuffs on her ankles. Then Rachel gets into the blue and red shiny number and the robber starts putting tons of speaker wire all over the home owners body (most leg rope tying NOT shown). Once she is tightly tied with her ankles crossed to assure she can not stand up and leave she is given a red leather blindfold. She struggles around on the floor blindfolded with her mouth stuffed and wrapped for a while before the woman returns and removed that blindfold and wraps her eyes with the vetwrap used over her mouth. She is tightly hogtied and crotch roped and struggles on the floor while the woman robs her home.

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run time 40 minutes

Three well dressed women have just robbed a bank. They are celebrating the win when two of them ( JJ and Emily Addams) turn against the other ( Zoey Ziptie). Zoey gets boxtied, frogtied and harness gagged. Then she gets blindfolded with a scarf.  Next JJ turns on Emily in the same fashion and she gets boxtied, ballgagged and her legs tied up. She is also blindfolded. Unfortunately she doesn’t get to celebrate for long because the master mind man (Tony) behind it all comes in and turns on JJ. He elbow ties her, stuffs her mouth and wraps her head with tape. He hogties JJ, then Emily and then Zoey. Then he blindfolds JJ and leaves them all hogtied, gagged and blindfolded on the floor and takes off with the cash.


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35 minutes

Rachel Adams had been under a great deal of stress and she needed to get out of her house for a while to clear her head. Her trusted neighbor JJ thought it would be helpful for her to spend some time bound and in her care. Submissive Rachel agrees to it. She is cuffed in front and on her ankles while still in the jean skirt, tank top and platform heels she showed up in. After some time like that she is let out and escorted to a wall where she spreads her legs and puts her arms up high and is subjected to a search. She is cuffed up again and waits for JJ to return with her new outfit, orange leggings and crop top that say inmate and sky high ankle breaker clear heels. She is pushed and pulled around  by JJ  in those heels before a posture collar goes on her neck and cuffs above the knee, at the ankles around her waist, a ballgag in her mouth that can barely open with that posture collar on and a blindfold, her wrists have been cuffed in front and her biceps are bound. She is helped to the floor. Her collar is attached to her thigh cuffs and her ankles are pulled up with a chain from behind. She surrenders to the situation and remains in bondage on the floor for a while.

To be continued with a rope clip-


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run time almost 37 minutes

Cherry takes ballet class and loves to wear pantyhose there. She ordered an open box product online and didn’t realize she was going to receive high end hosiery with runs in them. She decides to make the best of the situation and enjoy herself. She puts a pair of glossy pantyhose on, makes a hat out of pantyhose, a  little chest harness, she stretches and caresses her silky body. She pulls a stocking cap down over her face and puts on a big white ballgag. This first part is about 15 minutes.

JJ arrives and just begins to tie her up in a pretzel form with the remaining hosiery. Her mouth is stuffed with a silky scarf that is put into a stocking and into her mouth, the ends are used to keep it in her mouth. More hosiery goes over her head and around her face. Her arms are tied up over her head and she is put into a hogtie. Now she is making more strained noises but really enjoying it. She struggles before stretching the stockings and getting out of the hogtie and into a pretzel shape, struggling a little while before coming undone with a tiny bit of help.