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run time over 26 minutes

Sky received a text from her married lover to meet him at his boat and to have the drink he left there for her, only the drink was prepared by his angry wife. Leggy and lovely shy Sky gets all tied up in speaker wire and a white ballgag. She gets some spankings. Then she gets a panty gag and vetpwrap and later fabric pulled over her mouth. She struggles in some basic bondage, she gets tied into a ball and JJ wanders off promising to come back with her husband so they can talk it out.

2nd update of the week

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run time 25 minutes

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run time 6 minutes 30 seconds

Simone is an ity bitty young playful girl. While her boss and coworkers are out she decides to take some sexy selfies. The older woman coworker comes in and is being a little flirty and asks if she’d like to be tied up. She wants to get the girl fired for the naughty selfies so she thinks tying her up will make her stay put until the boss comes back. She gets to work with some speaker wire she found in the office. She first gags her with her scarf and the young girl tries to take some selfies while in bondage. When the jealous woman appears she takes that gag off and stuffs her mouth with some panties and wraps her head with speaker wire. It becomes obvious that she could spit them out so clear tape is added. Then the girl is hogtied and struggles around helplessly on the floor realizing that the coworker sees her as competition. Finally the boss comes in. He sees Simone all tied up, he removes the gag just as JJ reappears. JJ explains that the girl was taking selfies while on the clock but the boss doesn’t care about that….he cares that JJ was crazy enough to tie Simone up. He fires JJ and begs Simone not to tell anyone about what happened. She agreed as long as he gives her that promotion that JJ was after….