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run time almost 43 minutes

A woman has broken into Rachel Adam’s home and plans to rob the place. Rachel comes home unexpectedly and the two get into a conversation and Rachel suggests that the woman keeps her all tied up once she explains that she is a bondage model. Rachel explains different types of bondage and what it is like being a bondage model. The robber asks what type of clothing people like to see the women in and then she goes to get some of those clothing, one thing being part of an Ultra Girl spandex outfit and the tallest platform heels ever. Rachel strips nude and gets hinged cuffs on her ankles. Then Rachel gets into the blue and red shiny number and the robber starts putting tons of speaker wire all over the home owners body (most leg rope tying NOT shown). Once she is tightly tied with her ankles crossed to assure she can not stand up and leave she is given a red leather blindfold. She struggles around on the floor blindfolded with her mouth stuffed and wrapped for a while before the woman returns and removed that blindfold and wraps her eyes with the vetwrap used over her mouth. She is tightly hogtied and crotch roped and struggles on the floor while the woman robs her home.

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run time 28 minutes

Izzie wearing a tight pvc dress and sky high heels. She comes to JJ looking for her missing partner. Izzie is a cop. JJ tells her she will have to go through what her partner went through. Izzie is hesitant and excited at the same time. She submits and is placed on the ground where her lovely body is stretched into a hogtie position and balltie without any bindings. Then she is manhandled and led while blindfold in sky high heels around the room.  Izzie is spun in circles to disorient her and to see just how willing she is to submit. Now it is time for the real deal, her wrists are tied and then she is shown in many leg ropes on the sofa (leg tying not shown). A crotch rope is added, rope around the heels is added. Her arms are tied up with lots or rope and she struggles while seated on the sofa and then on the floor. Next pink lips go into her mouth for a humiliating little gag and she is hogtied. She talks to herself trying to remain optimistic that she will make it out of this.